Barbados Spitfire pilot Phillip Leslie Irving Archer: Killed in action, June 17, 1943

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Looking for relatives – “We have information for them”

Mission: Rodeo PM.
Date: 17th June 1943.
Unit: No. 421 (RCAF) Squadron.

Type: Spitfire IX.
Serial: LZ996

Coded: AU –

Location: St. Omer, France.

Squadron Leader, Phillip Leslie Irving Archer. R.C.A.F. D.F.C. J/3508. Age 27. Killed.

Sqd/Ld Phillip Archer was shot down and killed on the morning of 17th June 1943, in combat with FW190s of JG/26 during a Rodeo in the area of St. Omer, a second aircraft from his unit 421 sqdn, Spitfire IX BS319, piloted by F/O J E McNamara was also shot down and he was also killed. Sqd/Ld Archer was possibly on his last sortie as CO of 402 sqdn before taking over 421 sqdn.

He had been wounded in action on two occasions while flying with 92 Sqdn, on the 9th July 1941 while flying a Sweep in Spitfire IIa R7195, he was wounded and the aircraft was damaged. He was soon back in action and on the 21st August 1941 during another Sweep flying Spitfire Vb W3330 he was slightly wounded in the legs during combat. (Aircraft Cat 2 and returned to service.) Phillip was credited with six confirmed aerial victories.

“We are currently seeking any living relatives for this airman as we have further information for them from an eye witness.”

…posted by the Aircrew Remembrance Society

Also see: Aces of World War II, Phillip Archer

“Born in Bridgetown, Barbados, 1917.
Son of Frederick Leslie and Millicent Beryl Archer
– of Hastings St. Michael, Barbados. R Sc.
Joined RCAF in Montreal, 6 June 1940.”


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  1. What about Paul at Horizon Helicopters? (Bros are Phil at Crucial productions & Wayne, noted polo player) I am sure there is a connection…

  2. Philip Charles Archer

    This is crazy! Namesake aside, I live just off Hastings, Ch. Ch., as does my brother Paul…our family owned many pieces of land in that area in the past.

    Paul still owns one of our original family homes in that area!

    Any further information would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Richard John Archer

    This man could have been a cousin of Keith via his grandfather George B. Archer. I know George had a brother who moved to Jamaica and another to Colorado. I think Paul has more info on George. Funnily enough, I have started to research the family tree. I think this calls for a trip to the archives. You in Phil?

  4. mike clarke

    Are any of these persons related to the Archers who lived at “Coryston” Worthing,Ch.Ch?Sonny,Jean, Daphne,Syivia ,Carmen who married Boyce,and Phyllis who was married to Clarke? two of the brothers moved to California early in the 1900

  5. John

    The mormon genealogy site ( only has records up to the late 1800’s. Using the first name Frederick these are the records found.

    No real help here. If he was born in 1917 his father would probably have been born after 1870.

    1. FREDERICK ARCHER – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 17 AUG 1821 Saint Michael, Barbados, Caribbean

    2. FREDERICK AUGUSTUS ADOLPHUS GITTENS ARCHER – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 02 APR 1864 Christ Church, Barbados, Caribbean

    3. FREDERICK ALONZO ARCHER – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 13 DEC 1864 Saint Michael, Barbados, Caribbean

    4. FREDERICK MC DONALD ARCHER – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 24 NOV 1867 Saint Lucy, Barbados, Caribbean

    5. FREDERICK ANDERSON ARCHER – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 29 JAN 1870 Christ Church, Barbados, Caribbean

    In all the site has 2,136 baptismal and marriage records for the Archer family.

    Some may be no relation, but all of the records were microfilmed from records in the Archives so you can do a fair amount ot work on the internet when you get back to the the time the Mormon records end, once you can make a connection.

  6. John

    Ellis Island is a good source for tracing ancestry.

    Here are 24 Archers who originated in Barbados and entered the US through Ellis Island, the year of entry and their ages.

    The ship’s manifest will give a next of kin in Barbados and a person to whom they were going.

    1. … Sarah Archer 1903 40
    2. Alice Louisa Archer 1903 45
    3. Ambrosine Archer 1907 27
    4. Annie E. Archer 1903 20
    5. Beryl Archer 1914 8
    6. Blanche Archer 1915 36
    7. Eloise Archer 1915 20
    8. Elsie Archer 1895 6
    9. Estelle Constance Archer 1912 33
    10. Henrietta Archer 1905 19
    11. Hilda R. Archer 1906 19
    12. Ione Archer 1906 26
    13. James Archer 1906 17
    14. James Archer 1905 28
    15. Jessie Archer 1907 34
    16. Joseph Archer 1907 25
    17. Leo B. Archer 1902 16
    18. Maria Archer 1903 25
    19. McGregory Archer 1906 1
    20. Millihant Archer 1903 20
    21. Osborne Archer 1895 7
    22. Preston Archer 1913 29
    23. Thelma Archer 1903 2
    24. Tom Archer 1904 33

  7. Really could do with finding his relatives people and if anyone can assist, it would be much appreciated.
    Of course, interested in hearing from anyone who would like a page of remembrance created to a fallen aircrew relative – from any side!
    Kelvin at the Aircrew Remembrance Society. England.

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    je sais et j’ai la preuve de l’endroit ou est tombé phillp archer en 1943

  10. 249

    I would very much like to hear from you regarding his details please? Some controversy surrounds this.
    Kind regards
    Je voudrais bien vous entendre au sujet de ses détails s’il vous plaît? Certains controverse entoure ce sujet.

  11. Joss Leclercq


    It was me who provided Marcel Wintrebert a document from P.L.I. Archer’s file in the Canadian Archives in Ottawa, which confirms that this pilot lost his life in the village of Alquines. I had found in 1994 or 1995 a register in St Omer townhall which mentioned that Archer’s body had been brought from the village of Journy, for burial in Longuenesse. Journy is the village next to Alquines. The testimony of Marcel, which I had met many years ago, was matching the Missing Research & Enquiry Service investigation which confirms the crash in the village of Alquines.

    On 14th July 2014, a plaque will be unveiled in Alquines in memory of S/L P.L.I. Archer, after a Church service.

    We’d be interested by any contact with relatives of this pilot.

  12. Please tell me more Joss, very interested and of course we could mention this on the website.