Tragedy At Joes River – Six Dead In Barbados Tour Bus Crash


UPDATED: July 31, 2007 – Sixth Victim Identified 

Our Condolences To Families And Friends

The Barbados Advocate has a story online. Nothing on the Nation News yet that we can see…

From the Barbados Advocate…

A FULL investigation will be launched into the crash that claimed the lives of six Barbadians yesterday along Joe’s River, St. Joseph, as they made their way to the Party Monarch Finals at the East Coast Road.

Just after 11 o’clock yesterday (Sunday) morning, the lives of three men and three women were cut short when the 40-seater vehicle carrying patrons who purchased an all-inclusive package from Mount Gay Distilleries, for the much anticipated and high-paced Party Monarch Finals was involved in an accident which saw an additional 37 persons seeking medical attention at the Accident and Emergency Department of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH).

Five of the deceased include Adrian Franklin of Lot No.2 Oughterson Park, St. Philip; Lorie Marshall of Parks Road, St. Joseph; Nancy Griffith of Gooding Alley, Church Street, St. Peter; Kenrick Harewood of Stadium Road, Bush Hall, St. Michael, and Morton Brathwaite of Sayers Court, Christ Church. The identity of sixth fatality is Deborah Murray. (Article here: Sixth Crash Victim Identified)

… continue reading this article at the Barbados Advocate (link here)


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116 responses to “Tragedy At Joes River – Six Dead In Barbados Tour Bus Crash

  1. jamaicangirl2007

    My condolences…….

  2. nath

    very sad…my sympathies are with the families of the victims

  3. God Bless David (Not Thompson or Commissiong!)

    What a tragedy…my deepest sympathies to the families.

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  5. I hear it went up to nine now, but while sad is national mourning required? It seems I may even know one of those whose names were called…

  6. Nation News has all its stories online focussed on the event today

  7. crossroads

    my deepest sympathies to all the families

  8. The People’s Democratic Congress expresses profound sorrow at the loss of those lives as well as express sysmpathy with those who have been injured as a result of this a most horrific and tragic accident to have happened in St. Joseph yesterday. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families and love ones and friends of the deceased and the injured, in these moments of grief and sadness. Certainly, our country, at this time of the celebration of our annnual Crop Over Festival, could not have been any greater hurt and thrown into such a state of mourning by the sheer magnitude of the effects of this tradegy. In such circumstances, we therefore call upon the government to fittingly declare a National Day of thanks giving for these persons whom we have come to love and cherish so much and for so long. Peace be with and amongst all of us!!

  9. Yardbroom

    Deepest sympathy to families and friends of those involved in this tragedy.

  10. Thomas Moore

    It was indeed a very sad event, my sympathy to the families and friends of those who lost their lives.
    A heartfelt thanks to all those first responders and persons who assisted in the rescue efforts.
    It was also good to hear that there will be a full investigation into this matter.
    This incident also brings into focus the need for a fully functioning department to oversee all vehicles on our roads , particularly those involved in the transporting of large groups (tour buses, coaches etc).

  11. ??

    What a tragedy, hartfelt condolences to all concerned.

    A note to Thomas, as far as I am aware there is a department that deals with roadworthiness of such vehicles… I may be wrong but I think buses need to be inspected yearly.. A full investigation is needed so this type of tragedy does not recur. A very sad day for Barbados

  12. ??

    Plese excuse typo in previous post

  13. Wishing in Vain

    Ministry of Transport and Works at the Pine requires a yearly check before renewing.

  14. jinx

    Sometime ago, the Nation Newspaper printed a letter by one St.Joseph resident who was protesting the then proposed tourist development plan in Bathsheba.
    Alternately the writer suggested that the representative for the area Dale Marshall could instead, use the same funds to repair and make safe the roads in and around the Bathsheba area. (The Nation omitted that part).

    As frequent visitor to that part of the island i can tell you that there have been numerous accidents in that area. It can be a “treacherous stretch” for those unfamiliar with the steep bends , sharp corners and unevenness of the roads.
    I dare say that “something” might now been done about this!

    My deepest condolences to the friends and families
    of loved ones lost yesterday.

  15. Lady Anon

    According to the news, the number who died still stands at 6.

  16. cat eyes

    Each time I hear a report re the accident or read a story I get teary-eyed. It is incredibly sad. I read a report of one mother who was relieved that her son was spared. I happen to know he is her only child. I hope she remembers to sing the praises of the Creator every day she sees her boy. My condolences to the relatives and friends of those who were taken and pray God gives them the strength needed to live through the crazy days ahead and the quiet moments of memories that will stay with them the rest of their lives.

  17. cat eyes

    Thomas the others are correct. The licensing authority is in place to inspect vehicles. But you as the owner have the responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is well maintained. The state has a responsibility it is true, but the citizen also has responsibilities.

    With regard to the road, Jinx during a previous administration there was a proposal to construct an alternate to that horrible stretch which would go straight accross. It was abandoned after the change and there are plans to refurbish the same area. Nonesense. That piece needs to shortcircuited as originally planned. I suppose it will be done now.

  18. laughing barbadian

    my sincere condolonces to those involved and all will be in my prayers

  19. Wishing in Vain

    same here my sincere condolonces to those involved

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  21. sick and fed up sylvan

    why did they allow the party to go on? they, i mean the NCF or the prime minister who is the minister for culture, should have postponed or cancelled it. it was a national tragedy. the first time in 62 years that a traffic accident kill so many people. but the fete went on. where was joe atherley? he is up front in every thing with crop over. he is a reverend so he should understand tragedy from the point of view of the people it affects. he could have called ian estwick and tell him that out of respect for the families to call off the show until some time. it seems barbados is jinxed because of this government. everything bad is happening this year. world cup was a failure which cost this country millions when it could be spent to fix the hospital and other things. grief hit the man who fly in God’s face by saying he was going to move heaven and earth. his daughter was taken. now this accident. it seems a bad omen is over Barbados. the BLP has led Barbados on a path of godlessness. God does not sleep.

  22. irene sandiford-garner

    Sick and Fed Up, you need to pray. Calm down and pray unceasingly, sincerely and passionately for our people. It is therapeutic and gives a fresh, optimistic perspective.

  23. Stephanie Alleyne

    I am very distrubed about all of this. Condolences and the deep sense of loss I feel right now cannot be expressed adequately with words but I know my prayers and our prayers collectively go out to the family, friends and associates of those individuals lost in yesterdays tragedy.

    I am disappointed that the show went on yesterday, Ian, Al and others at the NCF should not have hesitated to pull the plug, there is no excuse that is plausible for allowing it to continue…it would be interesting to see what they say in the Press Conference.

    It brings back painful memories of the death of that young man on Foreday Morning (not Jason the other young man, the name is slipping me right now). I was right there on the spot and the party continued after a brief pause. How can someone continue to wine and grine after a life is snatched away in their midst…are we so hung up on the party or the money to be made that we try to justify our actions…a life as insignificant as it may be to you is a life nonetheless…sigh

    I am not here to preach to anyone but as I write this comment my heart is heavy because those individuals are connected to all of us in someway even if we don’t recognize it…how many signs does God have to send us before we realise that our chances are running out?

  24. The majority of ppl on board were from Lucky Horseshoe, many of them are on the B wards at QEH, so I did know one of the staff members but she is no longer with us, wow. This is so sad and strange…

  25. anon

    all buses should now be compelled to have seat belts for all passenger seats

  26. Hants

    Sick and fed up, if the show was cancelled it would likely have created a serious traffic problem and caused problems for Ambulances heading from the crash site to the QEH.

    Pray for those affected by this tragedy and thank God there were many survivors.

    Barbados is still a blessed Nation

  27. bcc

    Irene are you the candidate for St. Andrew? If you are best wishes. I look forward to you defeating Payne the clown. I hear rumours they are gunning(pun intended) for you in Scotland District. Be strong and be careful.
    My deep sympathies to families of dead and injured. Truly a sad situation. It was also anniversary of Hot Pot disaster where six young footballers drowned. Barbados cannot afford to lose its young like this.

  28. Wishing in Vain

    Sick and fed up sylvan, As sad a day as it was yesterday and I grieve with those families that loss loved ones or are hurting in hospital.
    The reality is that Barbados is living in a party and feel good mentality that is, if there is a pending problem or issue throw a fete the idiots will forget about the ills and all is well.
    Surely Mottley as (lord help us) acting PM should have had the b_ lls to make the call to abandon the party atmosphere and ask for some sober thinking at this trying time but instead she proceeded with her wukup party, I would not be at all surprised to learn that she eventually made her appearence at Farley Hill later in the evening.
    This accident that took 6 lives deserved a more caring approach and consideration but obviously party comes first to this lot.

  29. Wishing in Vain

    irene sandiford-garner
    Good comments and may the lord be with you to, as you go about your task of bringing law and some order back to this island of ours.
    I sincerely wish you the best of luck in the upcoming elections and may you be one of many that will represent the people under the DLP banner and hopefully be one that will finally represent the parish of St.Andrew with honesty and sincerity and give them the representation they truely deserve.
    Well done to you and the rest of your team of quality persons giving themselves up for election.
    We need you and team more now than ever before please give it your best shot and remove these vultures from office ASAP.

  30. Canadian Straight talk

    where are u finding all this criticism??? The response was prompt… the island is in mourning… what more do you want???
    Where were you???

  31. Canadian Straight talk

    …it has been established that cancelling the show would have been a logistical nightmare… yet we still find time for all this criticism…

    I want to express my condolences to the families and thanks to the emergency personel and general public who were there to assist…

  32. Straight talk

    Someone using my handle again?
    The two comments above are not mine!


    Hi Straight Talk

    We see that so we have changed their handle to “Canadian Straight Talk” reflecting where their IP is from.

    Hopefully this was a coincidence as CST has never posted here before (we think).

    Than you for letting us know.


  33. This Island

    A logistical nightmare maybe but I believe it was in poor taste to continue. The police must surely have had an evacuation plan in place incase something goes wrong at the actual event. However, we must respect those in power so if they believe this was the best option I will just shut my mouth.

    I am from St. Joseph and while I do not know what triggered this accident I do know that many cars run off on the winding turns just before you get to the building this bus ran into. Additioanlly may vehicles also run into this building. We need some kind of buffer especailly as the road turns sharply and if you dont manage the turn you go straight into the building. The road on the previous turns is also usually slippery from what seems to be an underground stream. If Mr. Dale Marshall would look into what can be done I am sure it would be appreciated by many. I especially worry for those who dont know to expect a slippery road there even when it is not raining. Also about 3 turns before a telephone post has been placed right where cars usually run off and I am sure someone will run off and kill them self on this post -please Mr. Marshall can you see about having this post relocated also?

    I feel terrible I never mentioned these problems before.

    Condolences to all the victims, their friends and family who are battling through this tragedy.

  34. BFP

    Hi Straight Talk

    We see that so we have changed their handle to “Canadian Straight Talk” reflecting where their IP is from.

    Hopefully this was a coincidence as CST has never posted here before (we think).

    Than you for letting us know.


  35. Straight(er) talk

    I agree with the idea of making these roads safer… I believe it would be a real insult to those who have suffered yesterday (i.e.ALL BARBADIANS) to not make every effort to correct these wrongs if any good is to come of this tragic situation…

  36. Straight(er) talk

    sorry “Straight Talk”… that handle was default on my page.. just left it…

  37. Bad corner, always!

    That corner is a tricky one.

    The tendency is to come down that slope just a little too fast for the awkward way in which that corner is sloped.

    Many times I’ve had to break harder than I thought, in order to avoid calamity.
    Someone mentioned taking the road straight thru rather than the present silly situation that circumnavigates the old Joe’s River factory.
    In time it’ll happen but we gotta move Ms.Musgrave/her house first.

    I just came back from the site.
    lady slippers and other footwear still there,
    along with bits of bus (including an entire wing mirror
    -perhaps broken off when it flopped on its side?)

    Speaking of flopped on its side,
    you’ll notice 2 prominent and fresh scars across that nasty bend,
    pointing straight at the impact area!
    (I sent BFP three pix, one clearly showing these scars)

    What dug those long straight scars?
    My bet is that the bus was already on its side for the length of those scars(about 20-25 ft.long?)
    when it hit Braddam! into the corner of the olf factory bldg.

    What actually dug the scars?
    the protruding axle-ends of the front and back axles as it dragged along its side.

    Think about it… you approach that corner a lil too fast (or a lil too heavily-laden),
    wrap the wheel to mek the corner
    and she pitches over onto the right side of the vehicle, and slides…straight into the wall!

    Those who live (if they still have memory thereof) may be questioned if they have any recollection of sliding on the side
    for about 2 quick seconds before the big bang that brought their holiday to an abrupt end.

    Not good.
    God be with them all, the living and the dead.

  38. Adrian Trotman

    Good afternoon,

    First I would like to start off by sending my condolences and deepest sympathy to all of the friends and family members who are in mourning because of this tragic accident

    Morton Brathwaite (the driver) was my uncle. I am devastated because of what happened yesterday. If there is any additional details please feel free to post them.

  39. turks and caicos islands

    may god be with you all …….we will have you in our prayers…be strong …………..LOVE ALWAYS>>>>>

  40. Bad corner, always!

    Strangely, the picture shown above does not show any evidence of my earlier theory regarding a slide on its side, so I could be entirely wrong.
    IF that bus had done as I postulated, we wouldn’t be reading the signage on its side, now!

    So what DID happen?
    Were the two clear scars across the bend from some other mishap?

    Or if from yesterday’s vehicle,
    what part of the bus could have drawn those lines?
    Was it dragging bits (broken axle hanging down?) to make those scars.?

    An erect bus standing on four tyres cannot makes scars of that magnitude jes’ so!
    The scars I saw were made by something very strong and definite,
    grinding its way across the roadway at some speed!

    Was the picture above taken after the bus was brought back up, rightside-up?
    Did it ever fall over on a side?

    On TV last night, it appeared(appeared!) to be lying on its side.
    It also appeared to be lying in a ravine of sorts.
    I was amazed when I got to the site this morning, to see where the bus came to rest, on reasonably flat ground, certainly not in a ravine of any sort.

    Did anyone here see the bus in its crashed position?

  41. Wishing in Vain

    Adrian Trotman
    You have my deepest sympathy at this very sad time your life and so to the others who have also suffered losses as result of this accident.

  42. D. Longman

    My condolences to all. But at the same time why should have the show been called off. Remember, in death there is life. Life continues,everyone still had to go to work today. A moment silence was taken during the show. Would there have been a need to stop the show if the accident was un related? What about other shows and events that happened that day, should they have stopped. Let’s not loose sight or focus. Lots of time and investment was made into the show. Circle of life, they say. Fo some it is sad for others; make merry.

  43. Nonsense

    Dem shud be going to CHURCH bajans doing dum bess to forget GOD

  44. John

    Really sad. A horrible tragedy.

    My sympathy for the bereaved families.

    It has been described as the worst accident in Barbados’ history. It probably is but there was another horrific accident in St. Peter a while ago.

    There is a memorial plaque in All Saint’s Church for the victims of the accident in the 1930’s or 40’s when a lorry went into Lancaster Gully.

    The name of the stretch of road where the tragedy unfolded is I believe Joy Road. I believe the name comes from a very early family with the surname Joy, or possibly Jay, 1650’s or thereabouts.

    There is quite a bit of history associated with this family and its Quaker beliefs.

    If anything the accident has made me sit up and take note of just how tenuous life really is.

    We have such a short time to do what we were put here to do.

  45. crossroads

    Assuming no one here was on the bus its hard to say what could and should have happened. As I understand the breaks on the bus seemed to fail long before they reached the corner of impact.

  46. Caan Understand

    I knew that somebody like you, Nonsense would come on and make make such a remark.

    My condolences to the other families who have lost their loved ones.

    Nonsense, would you have offered prayer and support if they had actually been on the way to church?

  47. Thistle


    The terrible lorry accident at Lancaster was in 1945. Then, in 1955 or ’56, another lorry ploughed through the guard wall over Lancaster gully and the entire cab hung, suspended, over the gully, while the flatbed tray behind kept it balanced. I was staying with family at Lancaster (Cassava) Factory at the time and I took several pictures of the accident. No one was hurt, as the driver broke the back window of the cab and scrambled out into the flatbed. I would imagine he did so with the speed of Superman!

  48. Anonymous

    God is an invention to prevent Man from thinking that HE’s at the top of the computer’s Directory Structure(which he is).
    But Man’s head gets too big, and a device must be conjured up to keep the haughty bastard in check.

    And so we invent an imaginary Upper Level Structure (beyond Desktop)
    to which we should bow and scrape, lest our heads get too big.
    It works to keep most people in abeyance, but lately people aren’t falling for the old trick.

    Funny things..religions.

  49. This Island

    I have a question. I just came back on the website after posting this morning and the handle “Thistle” came up as the Name under leave a reply but this is not my posting name and no one else has used my computer. Maybe this is what happened with straight talk too?

  50. Yardbroom

    At a time like this when brightly burning lights have suddenly been extinguished, we owe it to those we know, and those we do not know, to restrain ourselves from rancour and conflict of opinions if only in their memory. Not to speak of reasons of conflict – is not to forget them – but to pay respect awhile, by restraint, and giving all of our thoughts and prayers to others whose pain we can only imagine.

  51. Scotland Yardie

    Condolences to those affected.

    God sees all.

  52. Bad corner, always!

    I am now reliably informed that the bus was upright upon impact, so the earlier theory re. it sliding on its side seems to be null and void, as substantiated by signage on its right side still clearly legible.(pic above)

    A friend suggested that the two awful scars in the bend may well have happened when the wreck was being removed, dragging its bits behind it,
    (then to be discovered that maybe they shouldn’t scar the road all the way to Bridgetown)

    While at the scene, a local (St.Joseph)lady said that the guy who survived relatively intact
    (he spoke to the media) was right up there in front with the driver(who died).
    If she’s right, about being on the correct side of the bus….wow!
    Were these people wearing their seat-belts?

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  54. irene sandiford-garner

    That tragedy will definitely cast a shadow on the celebrations for many.
    Yes bcc, I am the candidate. Thanks to you and Wishing In Vain for the kind words. I have been posting some pretty acid pieces for awhile and those who know my writing style from my column would have picked up who I was. However, since the “gunning incident” (which is no rumour, ’tis true) I have decided to “out” myself. Till the police advance their investigations, which will be soon, I cannot speak too much about it. Suffice to say it was not one of the most pleasant experiences in my life. I had a scrape during the Grenada invasion with an m16 in my face but that was in broad daylight with witnesses and I wasn’t too phased. This one was done under cover of darkness and posed a threat to my boys. That was not smart. That action has served to strengthen my resolve. I am an exceedingly combatitive individual who does not and will not run for cover when faced with challenges. Resilient, resolute and frighteningly focused, even in the midst of chaos. That’s what I am.
    So, as Sir Elton John would say, the B**** is Back. My voice will now be indentifiable and louder than ever.

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  56. Zulu

    You have removed my suspicion of wondering if ********* was you, but I am convinced. Now is not the time to “out” yourself. That would be playing into the hands of the “enemy”. That is what they require of you and they would have won.
    Not now, keep the pressure on. Sad to learn of your plight and something like that could be rather unnerving.
    I am sure that quite a few ppl are praying for you and your family.
    Looking forward to more robust postings from….


  57. Wishing in Vain

    irene sandiford-garner
    I was not aware of your incident I am sorry to hear of this.
    I trust no one was hurt in the event.
    All power to you as you press ahead in your effort to represent the people of St.Andrew they are long over due for a representive that is willing to speak on their behalf, unlike what they selected some time ago who has said and done nothing in all the time that he has collected taxpayers money.

  58. Wishing in Vain

    Is it not a sad state of affairs when people are prepared to ask the question if a gov’t minister can take money to issue Taxi, ZM, Hired car and ZR permits is it likely that he is taking money for vehicles to quietly pass their inspections as well ?
    Now when our thoughts are routed in this manner can we really put or have any trust in our elected officials or have we seen so much of their corrupt efforts that we are led to question their every action for fear that there is money attached to their action.

  59. jinx

    In light of this tragedy, there is yet another disaster waiting to happen in that parish. There is a sickeningly steep incline called Round House Hill,
    situated just as you pass the New Edgewater Hotel going towards the Soup Bowl . Before, this hill was in a chaotic state of disrepair, even on foot…. but now …. they have paved the road over and is as smooth as an ice skating ring.
    I suppose at the end of the day though drivers should ensure brakes are in proper working order but what good are brakes if your tires have nothing to grip??

  60. unrighteous

    I agree with you D. Longman about not calling off the show. Yes, the tragedy occurred en route to the show but it did not happen at the actual show of itself. I believe the minute of silence (though ignored by some insensitive people) was enough.

    When all is said and done…. the show must go on. The Crop Over season must go on.

    My deepest sympathy goes out to the families and friends involved.

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  62. Drifter

    God bless all the families in mourning today!!!

    The photographer needed a sense of respect, taking pictures of dead people, would the paper have published them, did the public need to see the actual bodies. I am glad they were deleted, what sort of excuse is ” I am just doing my job.”

  63. D. Longman

    Why do we fear the truth…

  64. Wishing in Vain

    While listening to Brass Tacks a short while ago and learnt that none of the private ambulance services were called or requested to make themselves available for this emergency this was stated by the managing director from one of the private services availble to the ministry of health this is quite mind boggling when you also heard from Dr Brian Charles that the last injured passenger was sent to the hospital well after 5.0 pm that evening.
    Surely if they had access to the services of a private ambulance service why were they not used to assist in getting the injured to the hospital in a more timely manner, as opposed to leaving them on the ground in the sun while awaiting transport to the hospital.
    Why have not heard a word from our loafer Jerome Walcott on this event?

  65. D. Longman

    Really Drifter… News reporting is a job just like any. And if dead people make the news then so it is. It happens all over the world. Taking pictures is not disrespectful. It is recording an event. I see it being practiced at funerals now-a-days. It is what the pictures are used for that makes them disresctful. All the images recorded would not have been published in the newspaper but they would have been kept as a record. The act of the deletion of the pictures was a violation of the photographer’s right and destruction of his property. I will bet you that images of the crash and bodies will surface on the internet soon if not already…

  66. joe bloggs

    d longman…just because it happens all over the world does not make it right. Have you not noticed that Bajans have a morbid fascination with death and carnage. I was involved in an accident a couple of years ago and experienced this very thing….when being loaded into the ambulance, there were droves of aggressive and nosy Bajans preventing the ambulance people to close the door of the ambulance and get me to the hospital. It is a sick habit of many Bajans to follow any tragedy – JUST to see other people in pain or sorrow. What business is it of anyone’s to HAVE to see the pictures of the bodies? That is crossing the line! It is not his right to take pictures! It has nothing to do with violation of rights! What a crock. I am very glad that the police prevented this from showing up on the front page of the nation – though I’m sure they would have sold more papers! I think I’ve hit the nail on the head there.

  67. unrighteous

    Once again D. Longman, we think alike. My sentiments precisely.

    A photographer takes photos – that IS his job… It’s what he is paid to do.

    It’s not like he was the average Joe passing on the street with his cell phone who just decided to take a photo of the gory scene. And I am almost certain that there were lots more average Joes with cellphones on the scene with ill-intent in mind, who the police did not scope out, than the innocent professional photographers, who were simply doing their jobs.

    Yes, it is a tragic event but we must be able to put our emotions on hold for just a moment and deal with matters in a rational and realistic manner.

  68. unrighteous

    Please believe me when I say that the Nation WOULD NOT HAVE published photos of the dead bodies!!!!!

  69. Jason

    The Nation probably would not have published photos of the dead bodies, but that is a call for the Nation to make. What other photos were erased?

    If some cop tries to rip the camera from my neck I’d spit in his face. It would be my last memory for a while but you can’t let these powerdrunk thugs get away with it.

    BFP has used the word correctly. THUGS

  70. D. Longman

    Thanks for the support “unrighteous”.

    Joe Bloggs… Do not misquote me or get bent out of shape. My concern is what is right for people to do. Taking a picture is like having an everlasting look. In other words it would be no different from you and I having a look which will remain in our memories for our conscious lives. All that photographer did was made his memory lividly real with a recorded image. As he said, he was doing his job and he didn’t break any laws by taking a picture. You are assuming the images would have been published. He was taken advantage of because he was diligent. If he had taken a few quick shots and left no one would have notice. If he had a tele-photo lens, no one would have notice. He was raped of his lifelihood. The deletion of those photographs should have only been done through a court decision. We do not live in a society of JUDGE DRED with the combine powers of police, judge, jury and executioner. We have a system of judicial process. Think with your heads ladies and gentlemen not with your emotions…

  71. Littleboy

    If a cop of the rank of “senior superintendant” can behave in that manner, what kind of example is being set for those of lower rank?
    A photographer, just like a cop, has a job to do.
    I am tired of the manhandling of people at the hands of police thugs. The DPP also has a job to do now!!!
    Sadly, like in the past, an out of court settlement will be made and the cop gets to keep his job, while being “transferred” to another department.
    This is “normal” practise.

  72. John

    July 30th, 2007 at 6:29 pm

    The terrible lorry accident at Lancaster was in 1945. Then, in 1955 or ‘56, another lorry ploughed through the guard wall over Lancaster gully and the entire cab hung, suspended, over the gully, while the flatbed tray behind kept it balanced. I was staying with family at Lancaster (Cassava) Factory at the time and I took several pictures of the accident. No one was hurt, as the driver broke the back window of the cab and scrambled out into the flatbed. I would imagine he did so with the speed of Superman!

    Thanks for the info Thistle on the date of the tragic accident at Lancaster Gully.

    I heard that the lorry had gone to St. Philip with some people to cut grass. The accident happened on its return.

    Is there any truth to this? Do you remember any facts surrounding this accident which may have been passed on?

    It would be interesting to research the Advocate Archives for info on the two accidents but they are no longer easily available … a pity.

  73. Thistle


    About two years ago I was lucky enough to be able to research some old Advocate newspapers at the Public Library on the microfilm aparatus (which was a pain in the neck!), but I don’t know if this service is still available. As regards the 1945 lorry accident, I was just a young child at the time and only remember hearing my parents discussing it, but what I do know is that Mrs. Ben (“Sister”) Moore (of Chatterbox restaurant fame), whose husband was Manager of the Cassava Factory at Lancaster, was the first person to scramble her way down into the gully to try and render what first aid she could. I think she managed to help a number of people, but in those days such acts were not publicised and she would not have wanted her picture in the newspapers under the caption “heroine” for publicity purposes, anyhow. Incidentally, and just by the way, I think she was founder, or co-founder of the Blind & Deaf Association. She had a project going called The Mile of Pennies for that Association. Her name is never mentioned in connection with that Association nowadays. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it! Forgive me for rambling. If I can find out more about that 1945 accident, I’ll let you know.

  74. John

    Thanks Thistle.

    Sometimes it is good to stand still and stop and stare at some of the wonderful people who made Barbados.

    The newspapers, archives, talking with people who know are all ways of glimpsing the past of what has been a wonderful country.

    I think the Public Library is still closed. The Advocate has/had a treasure in its archives. A pity it is owned and controlled by foreign interests.

  75. ???

    I was one of the fortunate survivors of the crash…and I can say that it honestly was the worst few moments of my life…i am glad to be alive but saddened terribly at the loss. The trip started out quite joyously, with us ‘attempting’ to sing and ‘horse’ around to make the joruney lighter, i would never have imagined this outcome. The driver, was not driving fast AT ALL, he was going very slowly indeed, too slow for some of the patrons on board with me, they started to playfully nag him along the ABC Highway about it, but he kept his focus on the road, never paying us much attention seemingly…we were just an annoying bunch or party-goers i suppose to him…we all know how hyper-Bajans can get especially when food and fun is at hand. I thank all for their prayers and kind thoughts, i’m accustomed reading the site and felt compelled to respond to let those concerned persons know that we the victims hear your prayers and sentiments and thank you.


  76. ***

    As to the photographer who came to the scene and had his photos deleted, yes, we live in a free society, but rushing to a scene still frantic with injured and marred by death to take photos in front of the injured laying feet away from dead comrades in a mangled bus is somewhat cruel…intentionally or not…the officer may have been overtaken at this time with emotion and done what he did…but, I didn’t think the time was appropriate…perhaps after the rush and panic subsided yes, but death scene photos are tasteless..and in any event not publishable material.

  77. ***

    How can you be so clinical? Yes he has a job to do, but imagine any of your relatives, shattered in a bus, and some photographer climbing up the side of the wreckage and snapping shots while you painfully identify the mangled remains…seriously think of that for a moment…your child, wife/husband, sibling, parent or friend lying dead and broken and a camera flash going off behind you as you grieve? How does his/her job seem to you at that point? That is what is disrespectful and sends police officers and some family into a frenzy with photographers…they can be too aggressive and anxious for these tragic shots it comes over like scavengers, virtual hyenas just waiting to pounce on death relishing in it…

  78. ???

    My earlier response refers. The crash was indeed very tragic, and should have been observed with more solemnity by patrons at the Party Monarch (reports i’ve read suggest there was an air of disrepsect and irreverence) nonetheless, the show couldn’t be cancelled. With such disrespectful and irreverent persons in such a large crowd, cancelling the show that they went to for $40 would’ve caused a mass riot and more lives would be lost, unfortunately that is the sad and deplorable power money and revelry has on the world…six die en route to a show and it goes on and a moment of silence is too much to observe for some…if the tables were turned i wonder how they would enjoy the feast handed to them? Unless it hits home for some, it doesn’t exist..

  79. joe bloggs

    This is not a question of taking pictures for historical record or to create an “everlasting look”. Firstly, inappropriatly taken pictures almost always end up in the wrong hands and cause harm to the subject. Think death photos of Princess Diana, think sex photos Paris Hilton?? I will never forget when the local newspapers published that picture of the little girl found dead in a well (Thelia Snagg I think her name was) That was SO unnecessary. And what about emotions? Secondly, this is ALL about emotions. What do you think any photographer is invoking when he takes a picture. It is meant to beg an emotional response. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be interested in viewing them. The question is: where do we draw the line? Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should. Put yourself in the families shoes, having someone snapping away at your dead mother, brother, sister. Come on, don’t hide behind the whole “he was doing his job” thing. He should have known better – some things should just be off limits…period.


    BFP Replies…

    Let us all welcome Police Commissioner Dottin and Senior Superintendent Broomes: the new editors of your daily newspaper.

  80. Straight talk

    I don’t want no Superintendent Broomes telling me how to live my life,
    I just want him to uphold the law.

    I don’t want no Reverend Atherley imposing his version of the law on me,
    I just want him to tell me how to live my life.

    Funny old world isn’t it?

  81. Jason

    It is a funny old world Straight Talk. I want Broomes to uphold the law too, but especially I want him to obey the law and not make it up like HE and what HE says is the law!

  82. Wishing in Vain
    Over at Barbados Underground they have raised the fact that our beloved BLP have neglected to make any mention on either of their websites of expressing sympathy to the familes of the ones involved in the Joe’s river accident.
    Sad but true.

  83. John

    The thing with photos is that they can remove the need for excessive words of explanation.

    The Nation or anyone who published photos of the victims and their families in their moment of anguish would be out of order in my way of thinking.

    But the moment of carnage and death is over, passed forever. Now the issues of insurance, responsibility, negligence, blame etc. etc. come to the fore. These issues will haunt us and will not pass in a moment.

    There are coroner’s inquiries, at the moment 6 of them, insurance investigations, up to 44, lawsuits, an unknown amount, payouts, etc. that will now take place over a period of time.

    A picture could shorten the real suffering that will now ensue by minimising the requirement for too much talking.

    I have heard of a coroner’s enquiry 10 years after the event into the death of two children.

    The family had grieved, moved on and come to terms with their loss as far as possible. Raking up the past only gave that family more grief and pain and raised the horrible incident again in their minds.

    My feeling is that the Police should have been photographing the scene specifically for this purpose. If they weren’t, to destroy pictures of the scene could be a source of regret in times to come, … when the real suffering takes place.

    I know the processes which follow such a tragedy cannot be rushed. But at the same time, it would be criminal to draw them out for wont of evidence, …. from any source.

    I know the Police will not permit grass to grow under their feet in their investigations. I know the call for witnesses is a must.

    Just as those who could responded to the call to donate blood on Sunday, those who were there need to come forward with whatever they saw and not rely on someone else to do it for them, or simply decide to get on with their lives because they were lucky.

    It is time to get involved if you are involved and make the period of suffering as short as possible for those who are left to mourn their losses, and those who have to live with life altering injuries.

    Remember the dead, help the living and make sure nothing like this will ever happen again.

  84. Anonymous

    Funny……was’nt it the Police who leaked the photos of Tone’s murder??

  85. Anonymous

    For photographs to exist now, all it would have taken is the officer in charge of the scene to enlist the photographer and instruct him/her what was to be photographed.

    I am sure the photographer would have agreed and acted under the direction of the Police until the official Police photographer arrived and brought his/her training to bear in recording the scene.

    I understand that the photographer might be reluctant because he might foresee some delay in getting back his camera which may be his livelihood but it just seems to me that a magical moment of cooperation between the Police and the public may have been lost.

    Everybody could have benefitted, …. and there would be a visual trail for investigators to follow in the days/months/years to follow.

    Surely there must be some sort of policy the Police follow in enlisting the help of the public at a scene of any emergency. They will not immediately have all the resources they need …. and the public can help, …. and willingly too.

  86. John

    Sorry, that last Anonymous about Police/Public cooperation was me.

    Had a power glitch and the computer forgot who I was.

  87. Backra johnny

    My deepest sympathies for the families of lost loved ones from this terrible tragedy ….

  88. No - Name

    Fellow Bloggers,
    About half an hour ago I learnt of another tragedy. I was told that three people died in another accident in St.Peter.
    My sympathy to the relatives and friends of the lost ones.Don’t have the details as yet.

  89. No - Name

    seems as though the accident involved a mini bus and a van….

  90. Stacey

    We all need to say a prayer, not only for ourselves but for those that suffered as a result of the deaths over the last couple of days. So much death and destruction, we need to sit and reflect on what is important and love like there is no tomorrow. Stop with the gossiping and the back stabbing and live like there is no tomorrow because for some there is no tomorrow but we have today to pray. Unceasingly………………………….

  91. Stacey

    My deepest and heartfelt condolences to the families affected. Noone can imagine your pain and noone may be able to relate but we feel it like it was family. All bajans are family! We are a godfearing nation, I totally disagreed by a comment that was made saying that the government has us in a bad situation. That is utter rubbish, when something is destined we can’t change the hands of fate. Everyone has their views of what the driver should have done and what should have happened. More than regular, we pretend to have power over situations where we have no say. There is nothing that anyone could have done, it could have happened to any of us. Regardless of if we were going to church or East Coast Road. We can’t say that Bajans should be at church, it could hvae happened to anyone. Stop placing judgement where we do not have the power to. It is sickening….we all have to die. We have no control

  92. Maat

    It is unfortunate that it is tragedies like this that invokes our spiritual memory. We suddenly re-member that we are all of one nature, being or essence. The pain and anguish that us who are not ‘family members’ of those involved feels, is an indication of our spiritual bond and this has nothing to do with religion. The realisation of our indivi- sible-duality (flesh and spirit) comes to the fore in times such as these and it gives us back that moment of humanity when we realise that it is natural to care about others even if they are strangers.


  93. anon

    We need to push too make it mandatory for all buses to have seat belts. We also need cops on the road to stop and check on cars to see if seat belts are being used. when last have you heard about someone being fined for not using a seat belt in a car

  94. Renze

    10 persons in 4 days is truly a tragedy by any measure. At this time I send out my condolences to the families and friends of those who died as well as speedy recovery wishes to those who were in the accidents but have survivied. Let us not speculate on what happened, whose fault it was or any such stuff especially the person who talk about they should have been at church.

  95. Farmer


  96. Lady Anon

    Luckily…it is just a rumour. No such accident took place according to the police.

  97. D. Longman

    Anon… You may not hear of it but people do get fine for not wearing their seat belts. I’ve witness it myself in court, plus I have seen people being reported for it. Question for you. You said it should be made mandatory to have seat belts in the buses. Does this mean we won’t have standing passengers any longer? Effectively we will resort to the “ZR” style vehicle for public transport. Well not me and those vehicles. My name ain’t just a name…

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  99. Yardbroom

    I was moved by the fortitude expressed by the DLP candidate for St.Andrew Irene Sandiford-Garner. Her allegation of sinister goings-on during the election campaign, should not be taken lightly, and gives us reasons for concern.

    We should at times reflect, on what is asked of those who seek to represent us in Barbados, where there is a tradition of democracy. It is true a candidate offers him/herself to serve, but nevertheless we should be concious of the sacrifice candidates have to make. It is not only a matter of personal safety – regrettably so – but the mental impact this has on a candidate’s family and friends, should not be minimized.

    As the election draws near and positions become more rigid and defined, we should spare a thought for those who seek change in our name. Although the ultimate gift to them will be your vote, until then, it would be remiss of us not to offer them moral support in their endeavours.

    We will have no quarter offered by those in Government, neither should we expect it, however the Prime Minister’s warning that ” he will fight to the death ” to retain power, should not be taken lightly. I would simply say that the opposition – DLP – should not seek also to fight to the “death”, but seek to fight to the “end”, from which victorious, a new “life” will be born, with it will come regeneration and hope for the future. A future of prosperity, honesty, integrity and free of the perception of corruption with which we have been bedeviled.

    This regeneration should also be a new dawn for the citizens of Barbados, who in the last decade or more have been “invisible people ” in the eyes of this Government, consequently their wish for a more equitable country has been denied.

    We often ask of them who seek to represent us many a sacrifice, but they should know we do not make light of that, but there are few more noble causes, than to do good for your fellow citizens.

    The Government has the option – as is their right – when to call the general election, but the advantage of that option, diminishes as the prescribed full term draws near.

    “Fear” is the key in this Government, fear to call an election, because the omens are not good.

    Fear in being dispatched from office, power and authority has its attractions.

    Fear of what will be found out, for loss of power and authority often slackens the tongues of those who previously cowered in fear. So Irene Sandiford-Garner and other candidates, be strong and of great courage, the history of Barbados will write your names in large capitals.

  100. MAY ALL OF THEM REST IN PEACE !!!!!!!!!



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  102. bajanUSA

    My condolences to all the families but in particular the Franklin family. Although I did not know Adrian, I know of him because my brother is his sister’s God father and it’s been a long time but I remember his parents.

    May God hold the family in His Almighty arms and comfort them.

  103. My condolences to all the families but specially to the Harewood and Smith families of Fair View Christ Church. I been to school with Kenrick and was friends with him and his family. Lord you gave your son Kenrick life and now he is gone from this earthly place, forgive him and grant him eternal rest O Lord. My God the father, God Son and God the Holy Spirit give you peace in his heavenly kindom. AMEN.

    May God hold the family in His Almighty arms and comfort them.

  104. irene sandiford-garner

    I just read your contribution and I thank you. Following a chat with the police last Friday I told Barbados, via the CBC Evening News that two incidents occured – one at my home and one at my business. I checked with the police before going public.
    It was confirmed last week that it was indeed a bullet fired through my kitchen window three Sunday nights ago and last Friday morning human feaces was deposited on a newspaper on the steps of my business and smeared all over the door and railings. The sponge used to smear it was left there. The law called it crimminal damage. Usually when people deposit feaces at homes, churches and businesses (which apparently happens in Barbados with sickening regularity) they do not take the time to smear it.
    Following extensive interviews with neighbours, family etc and other investigations the police have not determined a motive re the bullet incident at my home. The feaces incident is too recent for a report yet.
    I must add here that the squad from the Northern Division and their chief were extremely professional and prompt – detectives and forensic personnel.

    Following the news item on Friday I received a call from District D station to “update me” positing the theory that it could have been a “stray bullet”. I was told that there had been reports of sounds of shots in the distance before and after my incident. I wanted to know why would my house which is located in a residential neighbourhood be the only one to receive a “stray” bullet? Was the feaces stray poop too? The officer had no answer, and I understand she would not.
    And why now? I wrote for years – even before the recent Nation column I used to write all kinds of pieces in the Nation as a staffer in the 80’s, some which would cause people to cuss me – and nothing of the sort has ever, ever happened to me or my family.
    I cannot tell you why it has happened. I cannot tell anyone what the motive is. But it happened.
    I would be lying if I said it did not have an effect; it did. Especially on the older folks – grandmas and grandads -and other family and friends who are concerned.
    But I stick by my earlier posting. I am more focused than ever. I cannot afford to be distracted.

  105. Yardbroom

    I am indeed sorry to hear of your present situation, and salute you for your clarity of thought and temperate explanation of the incidents, you and your family have encountered.

    May I say I am not alone in having concern for your situation. I have always advocated the Law as first resort and have said so repeatedly on this forum, as any other course always leads to anarchy.

    Now that the situation is in the “public domain”, I hope the Law Officers concerned will treat the matter with the diligence it deserves, and give you and your family, the protection and support decent citizens deserve.

    There is a cancer which has set root with “some” people in Barbados, good and honest women/men will have to stand proud to root it out.

    We can only hope that in the fullness of time, perpetrators of acts such as you and you family have experienced, will have no succour or support for such evil deeds.

    May you be guided by wisdom and understanding, and may a heavenly light guide your path, and protect you and your family.


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  107. Anonymous

    This is to get her frighten and not to run against the rich lawyer who has not done any thing for the good people of st andrew for years this is what dictators and there members do and we in barbados has such a goverment now but some day coming soon alleyne arthur has to call the election date and i know he dont want to do that because there is in fighting in the b.l.p and he dont know what to do because his balls are going to get squeeze real hard what he got in the house for the budget when he thought i could frighten david well that is only a tip of the is iceberg only time will tell.

  108. happy feet

    we will continue to prayer for your families

  109. RoyBoy

    Is this now another ” COLD CASE “?

  110. Jinx

    Yet another accident on this very spot yesterday afternoon .
    After a light rainfall, this is a deathtrap!

  111. nandi

    i am sorry about my cousin

  112. Jasmine

    To Adrian,
    I have been wondering whatever happened to you. Just want to see where you were

  113. richard paynter

    i wish to give my sympathies to all the deseased and injured ,at the crop over bus crash #adrian franklin was my mother’s sister’s son#a cousin,i did not know# god rest his soul#adrian’s mother surname was paynter,born in st vincent#her distant relatives was #bob paynter#,the hollywood director of photography,for #michael jackson# famous music video #thriller#omen11#superman11#and others# charlie paynter football manager for west ham in england#and edward paynter,who played cricket for england

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