Former Minister Elizabeth Thompson predicts Donville Inniss defeat and BLP Government

UPDATED: Friday, February 22, 2013 2am

Minister of Pornography  Health Donville Inniss was re-elected. Obviously the goat vote opposition wasn’t enough to unseat the porn profiteer.

Elizabeth Liz Thompson Barbados

“At the minute, I’m predicting a BLP Government”

Friday, February 22, 2013 @ 12:01am

We just saw former Barbados BLP Minister of Government Liz Thompson on CBC tely predict that in St. James South Donville Inniss will lose to Sandra Husbands – and the BLP will form the next government.

Will porn industry profiteer Pornville Donville Inniss retain his seat?

Let’s see what happens!


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21 responses to “Former Minister Elizabeth Thompson predicts Donville Inniss defeat and BLP Government

  1. Well Well

    Too damn cocky and arrogant, chase her back to England.

  2. 249

    She lives in new York

  3. 249

    And works for the united nations . What a joke

  4. Well Well

    She was born in England……….Yeah, she who did not want to see Bajans who live and work overseas get any housing benefits if they needed it. Joke is right.She was born in England.

  5. judyjudy

    They do say what goes around comes around. I pray daily for this to be so in her case .

  6. 32

    she was a Minister who delighted in racist comments…gtf out of here!

  7. 103

    She is racist ? ! Isn’t her sister in law White

  8. BFP

    hi 103

    Yes Liz Thompson is a rabid racist and she makes no apologies for it. If her sisterinlaw is white at least Liz’s brother isn’t racist.

  9. Bajantodebone

    Usual hot air from Liz “DO NOTHING” Thompson. Donville had the last laugh

  10. judyjudy

    How can you work for the United Nations and be a racist. Bit of a contradiction. Does Ban Ki Moon know ?

  11. 189

    it’s a pity that she could not predict her own defeat and the sacking that she was given by Owning After(owen arthur)

  12. 103

    If these comments are correct it is so wrong that age is employed by the UN. What about that you tube video re Goddard. Surely that was enough to ensure non employment for a supposed equal opportunity employer such as the UN

  13. 32

    judyjudy when the evidence of Liz’s racism is on YouTube and that isn’t enough for Moon and the UN doesn’t it occur to you that its a fix? All of it is a sham with hypocritical rules.

  14. 103

    Sad bit true Anonymous. THey have shafted the people of Haiti . They give them cholera and then wash their hands of them . Truly shocking . The UN is a waste of our money . Highly paid ineffective diplomats

  15. Rendered Assistance

    Liz is a fat fool, that’s why Owen fired her. He used to refer to her as that air head frizzle fowl.

  16. 32

    when you read Liz’s garbage on FB it seems that she believes nobody knows whats going on or happened and will accept her version without question. Fat fool.

  17. Bussa Goddard

    No fan of Liz but I remember the interaction with Richard Goddard which led to the charge of her being a racist. Goddard made an implicitly racist comment (implicit but not dog whistle implicit – the average educated black person would have picked it up). Liz’s reaction was explicitly race-based but no question it was provoked by a racist comment from Goddard – The same Goddard that had a rant against the popular reference to the Emanicpation Statue as “Bussa”.

  18. 32

    Bussa Goddard, please produce the evidence or stf up….Liz littered the place with her racist evidence and everybody can listen to or read it…the Goddard incident was one of many for her. Goddard’s Bussa rant? Show us or gtf off the blog.

  19. 127

    She’s definitely racist

  20. Anonymous

    So long as she deludes herself her life will go on. Has a loving and fasiuthful husband as and as charmed life. Whasrpt erkse casn va woman wasn’t ?

  21. Anonymous

    Faithful husband ? Don’t make me laugh