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Gay rights, Women’s rights: Sir Ronald Sanders and President Obama did not speak the truth

UK Muslim Acid Attacks

One huge omission reduced the President’s message to soggy Pablum

by Jason

I was surprised by the lack of honesty in Ronald Sander’s new article published at Bajan Reporter. President Obama: The Man Unveiled is Sir Ronald’s assessment of the President’s Inauguration speech and a tribute to Obama’s focus upon gay and women’s rights.

The lack of honesty by both Obama and Sir Ronald is the truth that both deliberately ignored: the greatest threat to Gay/Lesbian and Women’s rights today stems from the followers of one religion: Islam.

2013: Muslim vigilante gangs patrol London streets

London: Muslim gay hate poster

London: Muslim gay hate poster

In the UK we’ve recently seen an increase in groups of young Muslim males enforcing Islamic standards upon citizens on British streets. Women with ‘immoral clothing‘ are targeted as are pedestrians carrying or drinking alcohol. The horrific Muslim acid attack on a young Victoria Secret shop girl mirrors similar attacks throughout Europe as a core of Muslims use violence to impose their beliefs upon others.

Can lynchings of gays and lesbians be far behind the acid attacks?

Hanging is the usual method of taking care of gays throughout the Middle East and Persia – although in Afghanistan they prefer to throw gays from tall buildings.

And in the midst of the ongoing Islamic-motivated violence against human rights, conspicuously absent is any kind of movement within Islam to stop those who use violence to impose Muslim beliefs and standards upon others. The Muslim patrols are a sign of things to come.

Over 90% of honour murders worldwide are performed by members of one religion: Islam. The Koran instructs men to discipline their wives with beatings. That is the instruction of Islam’s most holy scriptures.

“Against the reality of historical and current events concerning human rights for gays, lesbians and women, both Obama and Sanders are cowards who did not speak the truth.”

President Obama was silent on the role of Islam in using violence against gays, lesbians and women. Sir Ronald Sanders was equally silent.

He is the first President to identify discrimination against homosexuals and lesbians as an infringement of their rights and a wrong that cries out for correction. “Our journey is not complete”, he declared. “until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law, for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal, as well”.

Sir Ronald Sanders at The Bajan Reporter


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Wuhloss! Barbados now paying 6% to borrow money.

delisle worrell Barbados

With United States Treasury Bond yields averaging below 2% over the last 10 years and at record lows, the Central Bank of Barbados is forced to pay 6% on a new $65,000,000 Treasury Note issue. You get the feeling that Central Bank Governor Delisle Worrell is backed into a corner with his list of viable options evaporating in his hand. (Thanks to Barbados Today for the photo)

I really don’t know much about these things – but I do know this: When Barbados is forced to pay three times the going rate to borrow money, we have a problem somewhere…

Central Bank of Barbados : ISSUE OF $65,000,000 BARBADOS GOVERNMENT 6% TREASURY NOTE 2018

General Press Release ISSUE OF $65,000,000 BARBADOS GOVERNMENT 6% TREASURY NOTE 2018


Applications are invited on January 31, 2013 for subscription to this Treasury Note opening on February 01, 2013.  The Treasury Note will be issued at par with a fixed interest rate of 6%payable on January 31and July 31 of each year.  The interest due to Pensioners 60 years and over residing in Barbados will not be subject to withholding tax. Continue reading


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