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Candidates for New Barbados Kingdom Alliance forced out of election “victimisation coming from DLP, BLP”

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No-show NBKA candidates need more courage, more doing and less talk

Last August the founder of the New Barbados Kingdom Alliance (NBKA), Lynroy Scantlebury (photo above), said his new political party would be running at least 10 candidates in the election that was then expected in November. The longer the election was held off, the more candidates the NBKA would run…

… or so Mr. Scantlebury said. Lately he was saying that the NBKA would run 15 or 17 candidates.

With deposit day come and gone, we now know how many NBKA candidates are running: One, that being Lynroy Scantlebury himself in St. Peter.

Mr. Scantlebury was recently quoted in the Barbados Advocate saying that the other candidates backed off due to “tremendous levels of victimisation coming from both parties”. That’s what he said last December too in Barbados Today’s New Party Cries foul.

That could have happened I suppose and it probably did – but just how much credibility can Scantlebury and his “party” have left after their aborted election run? Not much no matter how much “victimisation” came their way. If you want to see a real “victim” of politics, one only has to look as far as Taan Abed – the former DLP candidate who is running as an independent in Christ Church West.

Taan Abed declared his candidacy last August, and with 38% of Bajans willing to vote independent Taan has a real chance to win his seat. That would be something to shake up the old guard!

Mr. Scantlebury and his candidates need more courage, more doing and less talk.

(Photo courtesy of Barbados Today)


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