Cash for votes scandal in Barbados election: BLP, DLP… or both?

Barbados Election Corruption

Voter arrested for photographing ballot – only one caught of many!

Did the voter support the DLP or BLP candidate?

by Passin Thru

Why photograph your ballot? To prove your vote so you can receive payment!

Police made an arrest today after a voter was seen about noon using a cell phone to photograph their marked ballot while voting. This arrest absolutely proves that the rumours of the past three elections are true: people are being paid for their votes. But this was only voter arrested and obviously this was not the only person bribed to vote. How much were they paid? Who paid them? How many other voters were paid for their vote?

The practice of paying for votes strikes right at the heart of our democracy. This person should be jailed for the full six months penalty and all inquiries should be made with the party and candidate supported by the arrested voter. The voter’s jail sentence should be doubled if he or she doesn’t tell the name of the person who paid them for their vote.

The results in that constituency  should be nullified and a new election should be held.

Biscuits and Tinned Beef

In ‘de good ol day’ candidates would drive through the village handing out tinned beef, biscuits and rum. The corruption is a little more sophisticated these days with voters required to document their vote via cell phone camera. That was the rumour and now we know it is for truth.

Was the voter putting his mark on the DLP or BLP? Bajans deserve to know!

Arrested for photographing ballot

One person is in police custody following an incident in a polling booth where the individual reportedly took a cell phone picture of the ballot after it was marked with an x for one of the candidates contesting the 2013 general election.

The incident occurred after allegations surfaced that some individuals were paying Barbadians for their vote in the 2013 election.

CBC understands that the incident occurred just after midday and that the individual is likely to be charged with breaching the requirement of secrecy in an election.

Legal officials have told CBC that the penalty for such an offence on summary conviction is six months in jail.

… thanks to the CBC for the news story and the photo!

Also see CBC’s Cash for Votes


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34 responses to “Cash for votes scandal in Barbados election: BLP, DLP… or both?


    This is what it has come down
    Along with the nasty comments coming from the platform. this practice of buying and selling votes is an indication that the Education System in Barbados has failed Big time

  2. RIchard

    Has anyone think ,that the cell phone user can be using a flash light from he or/she phone ? Come on arrest the those clowns from Gliceo ,and also Donville Inniss.Come on

  3. francis

    It is poor for both political parties to continue doing such thing.They both are resposible for such act.And it is time that the educated people of barbados realise that they are nathing else but political blood sharks.This election was not a fare election due to the fact that alot of negative stratagies were used by both parties just to gain the peoples votes and i saw that in the 2008 election and here it happen again.


  4. Well Well

    The days of buying votes with corned beef, biscuits and rum was started by the likes of the Mottleys and Adamses decades ago, due to the corned beef and biscuit mentality of Bajans in the Bushall and other depressed areas in the island, the electorate is still stuck with the likes of mia mottley decades later. Due to the increasinly high stakes now involved (people could go to jail for their illegal activities over the years) they have graduated to using house, land and very large cash amounts of 35,000 and over to buy people’s votes. I sincerely hope no taxpayers money was involved in the vote purchasing.

  5. Well Well

    Now we know if you have the money, you can purchase political office in Bim. The price we pay for modern times.

  6. 197

    I heard $ 100 bills was floating around in St. James, sorry the Police didn’t arrest them when they turned up on the sceen. Where all this money come from ?

  7. Well Well

    If you ask the people in St. James nicely, they will tell you.

  8. 205

    “Where all this money come from ?”
    Indians and private sector bodies.

  9. 305

    Don’t forget all the promises of public jobs and taxpayers money for doing absolutely nothing!

  10. St George's Dragon

    The going rate in Brittons Hill was apparently $100 for a BLP vote and $200 for a DLP one. You had to vote first, then claim your money, so the story about the cellphone photo makes sense.
    Interestingly, because you mark your voting paper with a pencil, the clever people will have gone equipped with an eraser and been paid for voting for both parties!


    only slaves can be bought , what are you?Think before you vote

  12. Well Well

    I am hearing about the person who got arrested for selling the vote, where is the arrest for the candidate who bought the vote, his or her face should be in the newspapers.

  13. barbadostripadvisor

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  14. concerned voter

    Your vote wasn’t confidential anyway! The voting slip had a preprinted number on it that corresponded to the number on the stub. The officials then wrote your ID number on the stub – without your permission. Not that hard to match stub, to voting slip. So if someone got arrested for taking a photo of their vote, then all the electoral staff should be arrested for the same offense!

  15. Cows fly

    The BlP was passing offering 200 in St James, and other places where races were close. I heard more of the BLP buying votes but would not be surprised if both parties did. This is wrong and now that it has begun likely to never stop.

  16. Not Happy

    Concerned voter, agree with that one, nothing anonymous about the voting system here.
    I was told to leave my bag & phone on the table by an official while I voted my partner voted later in the day, with rucksack on his back & phone on a belt clip, same place, if people were checked for phones maybe it wouldn’t happen. Not that his phone has a camera anyway but you can’t tell that.
    Sugar Hill St Joseph, plenty people being paid for votes by the B’s not sure about the D’s. Sad situation all round.

  17. 186

    Its not in the laws of barbados

  18. 186

    The person was not caught disclosing his information to anyone and its his constitutional right to vote for anyone. Also its the same thing that politician get on the platform during the campgain making promises if they are elected.

  19. just want to know

    All of the politicians are guilty. In St. Philip & St. Michael for sure, the money was brought & given to the Councils to distribute to the people for their votes. Some had fridges, stoves, & beds. some of the money was taxpayers money, some was from private entities, so when the P. M. start talking about action against perpetrators start with his own first. Start with the plank in your own eye, before you take the speck out of some one else eye. and another thing how come a box of votes were found, and brought long after the other boxes were counted. Where did that one get too, and who had it? Only God know’s how many other boxes went that way.

  20. Rastaman

    @Just want to know: I hear there is a court case coming.

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  22. 32

    I laugh when I hear people talk about corruption and making Mia the next Leader of whatever, right now its the Opposition…she is a 3rd generation corrupt family…her grandfather made an art form of corruption and thievishness, her parents rarely, if ever, paid their bills and Mia has snuffled up to the trough and guzzled many many times.

  23. 193

    I bet he supported dlp.

  24. perry

    Don’t blame the BLP alone although they were also selling votes in St. George south by a former Attorney General and MP and the candidate. The DLP was also selling votes in St. James South, so it looks as though both parties are guilty of this evil practice. The candidates should be fined as well.

  25. Mark Fenty

    The issue of vote buying by politicians in Barbados, isn’t some novel phenomenon; it has been taking place in Barbados for several decades now. I’m sure some here remembered the days when the then BLP Minister of Tourism Aaron Trust, used to buy his votes from the constituents of: Bank Hall, Bush Hall, Station Hill, and Dean Village just to name a few.

  26. just want to know

    Mark Fenty, why didn’t the P.M. arrest the person who he said ” he saw with His own eyes buying his vote ” I think he had a policeman in the vicinity with Him, it was a good time to make an example, but maybe it was one of his own , and he had to make sure it wasn’t, before he said or did anything? What about St. Lucy the dlp man was there, and talking to the electorate before they voted, what message was he giving. There was a lot of misconduct on both sides. I don’t really care what happened50 years ago, we are more of an enlightened and educated people, and should do better. Don’t blame just one side, both are guilty.

  27. Mark Fenty

    @ Just want to know
    To be quite honest with you, I’ve always held a pathological hatred for the BLP, because I’m well convinced that they have always represented the interest of the upper-classes in Barbados . And finally, what does enlightenment and academics have to do with one’s moral compass?

  28. Mark Fenty

    @ Just Want to know
    It is quite difficult to convince me that academics and a mind impregnated with intellectual luminosity, has any bearing on one’s moral outlook. You could have two sublings that has been raised in the same home, under the same social conditions with two diametrical moral worldviews.

  29. Mark Fenty

    @ Just Want to know
    I haven’t as yet read any study which indicates the being educated increases one’s moral. It is absurd to think that just because Barbadians are thought of as the best educated amongst the Caribbean people, that somehow this added to our moral compass.

  30. just want to know

    you as well seem to be morally deficient, because if education can’t increase your morality, we might as well give up our free education system, and as the PM said go back to the cane fields.

  31. Mark Fenty

    @Just want to know
    Let me first establish this fact before I penetrate any further into the concept of morality as viewed in the western societie. Now, the concept of morality as as viewed within the western societies is predicated upon the Judea Christian Ethics. In other words, our understand of right and wrong is grounded on the Ten Commandments of the Hebrew Scripture, and for the most part, we are socially conditioned from birth to view our conduct through this medium. Now, some Historians has founded in they examination of primitive cultures, that some way along the line of their developmental process, that many of them had engaged in the practice of Human- Sacrifice. So what is my point? My point is, the concept of morality differs from culture to culture, and these moral practices are inculcated through the process of cultural socialization.

  32. Mark Fenty

    @ Just want to know
    Now how can an educational system such as Russia’s increase the kind of morality you and I has been taught from birth? A country that continues to suppress the rights of women and relegated them to a position serviture. A country that continues to deny the woman the most fundamental of rights, the right to vote. A country that continues to curtail the woman right to achieve academic excellence, the medium through which you say provides one moral outlook. Now tell me where in the Russian educational system does it teaches the kind of morality you and I have been accustomed to ? And how can a educational system that is grounded in a secular curriculum provide the kind of Morality that has been inculcated upon you and I from our birth.I do agree however, that a educational system such as our in Barbados, that has been interlaced with some form of Christian values, can provide the right kind of moral practices. And by the way, I’m not yet 50, as a matter of fact, I am merely 47 years of age. Now, the incident that I’ve made reference to earlier with respect to Tourism Minister Aaron Trust, occured some way between 1982 or probably 1983, but I stand corrected sir.

  33. 109

    @Just want to know
    Let’s me make this finally point with respect to your perspective on “education” and “morality”. If education increases morals as you so vehemently contends, then tell me how would you define: Neitzchi, Marx, Darwin, Jasper, Sartre, and Schopenhauer, who were well educated men of a very rarest intellects? These six men obviously lacked the kind of morality that is relative to western society, the knid of morality that was impressed upon you and I as children. Now, judging from these six men,we can obviously see that education has had no meaningful impact on they moral outlook. Quite frankly, I believe that education has had the opposite effect on these six great men of intellects, moral worldviews. Certainly, the study of evolution produces the wrong kind of morals, because it is diametrically in oppose to the religious values that produces the right kind of morality directionality for civil society.

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