Barbados Election Results 2013

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2:14am DLP – Democratic Labour Party retains government

DLP – 16 seats    BLP – 14 seats  * Recounts possible in some areas

Independent candidates a washout. Voters return the DLP/BLP single party government to office. More to come!

VERY CLOSE ELECTION – One contest decided by 10 votes!

We’ve already said that it doesn’t really matter who wins this election because with only two corrupt political parties to choose between: Bajans have already lost.

Obviously memories of the BLP’s legendary corruption under Owen Arthur are still in the public consciousness – while the realisation of DLP corruption has not quite sunk in.

We know where this election takes us…  Nowhere

Results by Constituency (Compiled February 22, 2013 at 2:30pm Bridgetown)

St. Peter

BLP – Owen Arthur WINNER (3665 votes)   DLP – Haynesley Benn (1982 votes)   NBKA – Lynroy Scantlebury (72 votes)

St. Michael South

DLP – Freundel Stuart WINNER (2524 votes)    BLP – Noel Lynch  (1385 votes)  PDC – Alex Mitchell (9 votes)

Christ Church East Central

DLP – Ronald Jones  WINNER (3259 votes)   BLP – Desmond Sands (2264 votes)

Christ Church East

DLP – Denis Lowe  WINNER (3455 votes)   BLP – Wilfred Abrahams (2487 votes)

Christ Church South

DLP – John Boyce WINNER (2663 votes)   BLP – Jerome Walcott (2062 votes)  BFP – Steve Hunte (39 votes)

Christ Church West Central

DLP – Stephen Lashley WINNER (2940 votes)   BLP – Margo Durant-Callender (2112 votes)

Christ Church West

BLP – Maria Agard  WINNER (2288 votes)

Independent – Taan Abed  (303 votes)

DLP – Verla DePeiza (1777 votes)

City of Bridgetown

BLP – Jeffrey Bostic  WINNER (2012 votes)         DLP – Patrick Todd (1888 votes)

St. Andrew

BLP – George Payne  WINNER (2962 votes)   DLP – Irene Sandiford-Garner (2670 votes)

St. George South

BLP – Dwight Sutherland WINNER (3642 votes)   DLP – Esther Byer-Suckoo (2965 votes)

St. George North

BLP – Gline Clarke WINNER (3508 votes)   DLP – Jepter Ince (2391 votes)

St. James Central

BLP – Kerrie Symmonds  WINNER (2211 votes)   DLP – George Hutson (1990 votes)   BFP – Eric Marshall (46 votes)

St. John

DLP – Mara Thompson WINNER (4022 votes)   BLP – Hudson Griffith (1091 votes)

St. Joseph

BLP – Dale Marshall  WINNER (2719 votes)   DLP – Dennis Holder (2360 votes)

St. James North

BLP – Edmund Hinkson  WINNER (2558 votes)   DLP – Harry Husbands (2124 votes)

St. James South

DLP – Donville Inniss  WINNER (3326 votes)   BLP – Sandra Husbands (2556 votes)

St. Lucy

DLP – Denis Kellman  WINNER (3152 votes)   BLP – Peter Phillips (2730 votes)

St. Michael Central            

DLP – Steve Blackett WINNER    (2117 votes)  BLP – Arthur Holder    (2078 votes)

St. Michael East

BLP – Trevor Prescod  WINNER  (2452 votes)     DLP – Kenneth Best  (2333 votes)

St. Michael North East

BLP – Mia Mottley WINNER (3495 votes)   DLP – Patricia Inniss (1577 votes)

St. Michael North

BLP – Ronald Toppin WINNER  (2506 votes)   DLP – Francis Depeiza (2322 votes)   PDC – Mark Adamson (38 votes)

St. Michael North West

DLP – Chris Sinckler WINNER  (2443 votes)   BLP – Gregory Nicholls (1681 votes)

St. Michael South Central

DLP – Richard Sealy  WINNER   (2231 votes)   BLP – David Gill (1967 votes)

St. Michael South East

BLP – Santia Bradshaw WINNER (2402 votes)    DLP – Patrick Tannis (2392 votes)

St. Michael West Central

DLP – James Paul  WINNER (2239 votes)   BLP – Ian Gooding-Edghill  (2046 votes)   IND – Hermon Lowe (36 votes)  IND – Jonn Warde (68 votes)

St. Michael West

DLP – Michael Carrington WINNER (2225 votes)   BLP – Joseph Atherley (2095 votes)

St. Philip North

DLP – Michael Lashley WINNER (4053 votes)   BLP – Indar Weir (1974 votes)

St. Philip South

DLP – Adriel Brathwaite WINNER  (3514 votes)   BLP – Anthony Wood (3114 votes)

St. Philip West

DLP – David Estwick WINNER (3718 votes)   BLP – Lynette Eastmond (2305 votes)

St. Thomas

BLP – Cynthia Forde WINNER (3660 votes)   DLP – Rolerick Hinds (1919 votes)


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55 responses to “Barbados Election Results 2013

  1. John

    It would be funny if Taan Abed is the next PM!!

  2. 107

    lololol, i was just looking at the line-up with him and wondering what’s going on.

  3. John

    D’s like they slipping.

    14, 13, 12 ………

    B’s rising, 9, 12, 13 ……………………..

  4. Andrea

    time for tea break….back in 5 John. Seems like we’re the only ones awake. lol

  5. John

    14 to 14 with 2 to report.

    Any independents in those 2!!

  6. John

    Arthur Holder is a good guy!! Next time.

  7. Mellod1

    waiting for “WOODS” defeat

  8. Anonymous

    want woods to lose

  9. Please list the winning seats again by constituency names and winning party name

  10. Esther

    Thank God it is over”

  11. Esther

    Yes I wanted wood to lose too.

  12. Andrea

    @ Nick, google Barbados election results 2013…it’s all there. Followed it all night.

  13. Andrea

    what a nailbiting episode. Thank God it allllll over. Jesus, I pray that the government of Barbados would lead the country with the utmost consideration of the people. May you lead them in spirit and in truth in Jesus Name.

  14. bills will never change don’t matter the out come..waste of the public’s time

  15. Well Well

    The good news is with a 16-14 result, the opposition will be breathing down the DLPs neck, the bad news is, the same players are still involved. Many thousands were spent to buy votes and the news will flow continually on that subject.

  16. patty

    16 to 14 is a slim margin .now let us, just to prolong this soap opera picture this .one of the disgruntled members of the winning party decide to jump ship or for what ever reason ,then you have a hung house,that can create a constitutional nightmare..

  17. patty

    and i believe arthur will challenge the result so this joy may turn to sorrow soon

  18. Well Well

    Then it could not have happened to a more corrupt bunch of demons, we might actually see some of them in handcuffs because of that scenario.

  19. Bravo

    Bravo!!! the crooks Owen-Halam are out !!!
    Unfortunately Freundel is back…

  20. Paul

    It was a painfully slow process…watching your results regardless of who won. Hand counting 280,000 votes in todays tech savy modern world says a lot for how your government runs in Barbados. T’is a good thing the country has the ability to take VISA.

  21. Well Well

    Welcome to Barbados, where positive change is difficult to institute.

  22. Mike Stevenson

    Proportional representation could have given a drastically different picture. Maybe BLP should push for this?

  23. Well Well

    A coalition will reduce corruption, but I don’t beleive that’s where the oppositions’ head is at right now, I may be wrong. I hope I am. One thing is very clear, they have to work together and they have to be watched.

  24. Bajanbro

    These are not times to play the fool. We are still in Junk Bond status and the members of the last and new government let us slip into that position! Our working Government needs to not play stupid and all need to work *together* to fix this country and change the international perception of this island to begin bringing money back into Barbados.

  25. Tony

    It is very unfortunate that the DLP is returned to inflict more pain and suffering on Barbados,,, particularly the old and disabled. Arthur had a better plan.

  26. paul

    a bunch of idiots talking foolishness, with the DLP in power we are going to suffer. in 2008 they lied to us and they will do it again. they cut back on education and i can see why because most of the young people who wore their yellow shirts have only their birth certificates abunch of uneducated people. if you can let a politican buy your vote for a free concert or a case of beers. this country gone to the dogs.

  27. John

    The message from the polls to the BLP is get rid of OSA!!

    Ditch him.

    Next time if there is the slightest chance he might end up PM I am voting D again ….. unless I run myself!!

    ……. and don’t count on the two parties to work together for our benefit when it is evident they have always been working together ……. for their benefit.

  28. sith

    Tighten your belts it is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. There will be more international pressure to devalue the Barbados dollar so that it can compete and unless there is a change from a deficit spending mentality it will happen quickly.

  29. Moneybrain

    John, that last comment was PERFECTION!!!!

  30. Well Well

    I don’t know what the politivcians are celebrating , the problems have now magnified since the same old boring strategies will be used on the economy while they expect different results. I do think however that both parties are a little more than shocked at the results, they are just too embarassed right now to admit it.

  31. The Youth

    Politics in Barbados is becoming a nightmare and by the way I’m 23yrs old and politicians are really taking Barbadians for fools. Congratulations to the DLP, we’ll see how things unfold in the next two years. We the people of barbados must make a stronger stance before our country becomes like Jamaica, political wise.

  32. Well Well

    Even the very young have caught on to their shenanigans, let’s hope that they put aside their arrogance for one minute and listen.

  33. Prime Minister Stuart with a common sense approach and his cabinet and some members of the Opposition working with him, can bring this country back to a thriving economy and social justice. We all need to give him strong support now, and encouragement. When we as a country sit in harsh judgment, we manifest what we preach. Let us hold together and bring forth what we will like to see by being positive in word and deed. I voted for him and his party because I was impressed with the intelligent approach he exhibited; and I believed that the members of his government running for another term, as well as the new ones, were operating in a cooperative and respectful way with the public and the Prime Minister. I wish for our Country to be the leader in the world in areas like keeping the environment clean, getting more secondary schools to have sixth forms, teaching respect for the older people and for each other, as well as other social issues, etc. I wish for Freundel Stuart to be a successful PM, and that he will really get to show his strength and wisdom to the public as he did during the campaigning.

  34. sith

    Certainly most of us wish him well. He has a very large challenge in front of him that is very much realted to the deficit spending of the government and the resulting leakage of forgeing exchange which is happening when sources of foreign exchange are declining (tourism). Keep in mind that Merricks just recently was quoted by the Central Bank as being one of the major sources of new foreign exchange. Hard decisions to increase the value of the junk bond rated Barbados dollar will need to be taken. We are all waiting to see how the prediciment is to be resolved. Failure to resolve it weill mean more inflation and harder to come by imported goods.

  35. Rastaman

    Pray for Barbados when the youth can sell their vote for a meagre $200-250

  36. John

    “I’m not going to comment on the future leadership of the party until I’ve had a chance to consult with my colleagues in full,” he said in his concession speech at party headquarters this morning after a nail-biting national poll.


    Noble words but they expose the Right Honourable OSA as a fake.

    Who did he consult when he took over the leadership of the Party?

    The Bees should dump his @$$, …. the sooner the better!!.

  37. 90

    Keep robberies down, spend more on advertising overseas like jamaica and st lucia is doing, coming frkm a bajan-american

  38. rubes

    they have failed in their promotion of tourism, the really one and only industry.i fear for barbados

  39. Well Well

    The 16-14 lead by DLP has now been reduced by 1. So we can now be guaranteed of an interesting display going forward, DLP 15 seats, BLP 15 seats.

  40. peaches

    I think we need to give the Prime Minister and his team a chance to continue the work they started. No one is perfect and yes things will be put in place that will hurt some of us but we need to be strong as a Christian society and hold fast to our values.

  41. disenchanted

    it is very sad when a whole generation of young people don,t know they worth and have become so disenfranchise that they are willing to selling their democratic rights for $200- 250 dollars. Will this money see you pass next week or will it help your parents or bread winners of the family to retain their jobs if the government continues to point out the oppositons flaws while at the same time keeping their seats safe by choosing to do absolutely nothing. The BLP made some mistakes because they tried to do a lot. Most was successful, and a few failed, but you can only succeed by having the courage to risk failure. While the DLP keeps their heads down and hope for the best. Sometimes you have to leave your safe position inorder to achieve prosperity. I am very disappointed that our ministers after seeing the mess that CIAgo and Manley has cause in Jamaica, would now take our youth in that direction.

  42. John

    Applying Pareto to the electorate, the science of predicting elections in Barbados.

    40% of the electorate will vote B regardless and 40% will vote D. That is what makes it difficult for the Independents.

    Most of the money spent by the parties will be on this 80% providing public meetings that make them feel good and reminding them to go and vote.

    Some people refer to this 80% as sheep but make no mistake, they are a sector the parties cannot ignore as they are easy meat and allow a strong vote base to be built up.

    The parties need them to vote because if they don’t, the party cannot make up the ground from the remaining 20%.

    Under normal conditions, both parties are about equal here.

    Under normal conditions, some of the people in the remaining 20% of the electorate determine the outcome of the election.

    Part of this 20% consist of people whose vote can be bought. Assuming both parties engage equally, neither will gain an advantage.

    However, if one party does it more than the other, the election can be “bought” under normal conditions …. but remember, it will be peanuts compared with what the parties spend on the 80%!!

    You could say that all elections are bought in Barbados, but not by the actual purchase of votes!!

    It is difficult to estimate this fraction of the 20% whose votes can be bought.

    The remaining people of the 20% are who really determines the actual outcome …. under normal conditions.

    These are unreachabable by the Parties’ expenditure on Meetings, manifestos, canvassing and drive the pollsters insane!!

    They cannot be bought and actually have perfectly logical reasons for voting.

    Two of these reasons may include:

    1. The PIP (Party in Power) deserves another shot and then I will vote it out next time around. For now it will get my vote.

    2. The POOP (Party Out of Power) does not deserve consideration so I will not give it any and will not do so until further notice.

    Under normal conditions, the PIP can become the POOP in the twinkling of an eye and a poll will never pick it up.

    The only way the 80% will affect the outcome is under the abnormal condition referred to below.

    If the PIP does complete poop in its term and it smells strong enough that even the 40% that would vote for it under normal conditions can pick up the smell ………

    ….. then the PIP will become the POOP because of 80% of the population!!

    Normally however, a small section of the 20% of the electorate determine election outcomes in Barbados.

  43. Bajan Observer

    New elections will be called soon …veeery soon!! It’s too tight for Freundel, too tight!!

  44. John

    If a couple of the eager 11 were to cross the floor and vote in a no confidence motion with the Bees elections would have to call.

    But what would be the point.

    The result would be the same.

    The BLP image would still essentially be the same and the 20% would probably vote against it again … and if handled badly the 80% would probably take out the defectors too at constituency level!!

    It is more likely that we will see a few by-elections within a couple of years, perhaps sooner, and perhaps starting up Nortth as the BLP attempts to rebrand itself and OSA and the other old forks (sorry folks) consider retirement.

    If general elections were called by the Government early it would be in response to a perceived threat from the BLP as it changed its image …… but even then I think the Government would balk and make sure it had as much time to try to improve things to counteract the improved image of the BLP.

    Plus, how many of the eager 11 qualify for pensions?

    Self interest is not a factor to be taken lightly in politics.

    So, is OSA really up to pulling the old “Politrics of Inclusion” stunt again or has he had his day? This time around he is in Opposition and not in the same position to buy/give!!

    …. and to think people are shocked by the vote buying/selling practice of some members of the electorate!!

  45. D. Val

    How much longer until devaluation of the over-valued currency?

  46. The lesser of two evils

    Counterfeit bill checkers have been in Christ Church for almost 20 years now when not only were votes bought but.paid with counterfeit money.
    How is that for selling your soul!

    Its a good day when the likes of Noel Lynch are defeated but not a great one when considering OSA received so many votes?

  47. John

    The BLP has moved on or so it seems.

    So easy when democracy is practised and so much less fuss, fanfare and division.

    Ms. Mottley has a lot on her plate but so to do all the other BLP MP’s if they want to challenge the DLP next time around and keep them on their toes.

    At least they started early and moved past OSA.

    Time will tell how far they get!!

  48. Orange

    Well well well, it seems that this election should have been a hung parlimant: An unmarked box “found” in the bus… unsupervised and added into the count AFTER declaring Wood as having won…. breaking ALL procedures and known practices….
    Tell me. WHY is this not being aired and investigated?!?!!?

    From I know of the procedures with the electoral and boundaries commission, there is NO WAY that this could have happened!

  49. ok ,why was picture not taken,strange

  50. LOOK

    The S&P on July 17th downgraded Barbados to junk bond status. This was major news due to Arthur and the BLP. Immediately after announcement of the S&P downgrade Arthur went about ranting and raving “Call the election!!! Let us get this behind us [the election] and let all the fundamental decisions that must be made about the countries future be made in a period of calm and seriousness rather than in a period of electoral frenzy” . Mottley, before the July 17th S&P downgrade, speaking in the house of asssembly (June 2012) called for Prime Minister Stewart to step down or call an election, reduce the burden now so people can breath again she said.

    Arthur and those BLP folks put on a good clown show and got good laughs, “economy is a mess right now, we will fix it”. Mia Mottley fusses to the Nation News (July 2012) that government owes more than $100 million to the University of West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus and called for an “urgent” permanent solution to the mounting debt problem. Laugh. Go ahead and laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Government at moment may owe Al Barrack $77 million, a mounting debt problem that occurred because Arthur was into folly with Julie Price, had hit upon one of his drinking binges and or was sleeping but didn’t fix that problem – Al Barrack. Barrack has in his possession a court ordered judgment, Bajans must pay. Mottley herself has taken possession of property that posibly belongs to the Violet Beckles estate not her. David Thompson investigated Violet Beckles claim of which involves the BLP administration, and the National Housing Commission (NHC), a government entity. . . . . moving tax numbers from one person with deed to another person with no deed and no proof of sale. . . . massive land fraud.

    Speaking at a political meeting at the corner of Deacons Road, Owen Arthur said “the island had been humiliated by the recent S&P downgrade.” We have been reduced to junk status and someone has to be held responsible for it. He Arthur said also that the S&P downgrade report must be taken seriously, but what about Violet Beckles? That old woman has been humiliated by massive land theft and fraud perpetrated by corrupt lawyers and high authorities in Barbados. This must be taken seriously. This must be taken seriously. Someone has to be held accountable.

    The general election faced Barbarians 02/21/2013 involving both the DLP and BLP and a few independents. The election has come and gone. One party [BLP] is a winner the other party [DLP] a looser. It’s just an election. There will be others. This one is certainly a memorable one.

    Mitt Romney and the republican party [United States] were sure they could and would defeat President Obama an the Democratic Party. Romney prepared only a victory speach. He had begun preparing his inaguration and choosing his cabinet. Romney said President Obama a failure and called on the American people to fire him. Romney and the republicans are now so very embarrassed, likewise Owen Arthur and the BLP group.

    Some said President Obama’s administration was only one term. Some said also that the DLP lead by Stewart would be one term also. Laugh. Go ahead and laugh. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh.

  51. Orange

    Umm… So, why pray tell me, were there no charges laid?

  52. John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    News in Barbados can never get the Numbers of vote counted right,

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