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Mahogany CoConut offers some Progressive Policy Suggestions

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In recognition of the fact that the Barbados news media has declared independent candidates and independent thinking to be “nuisance value”, we’re going to publish the manifesto of the Mahogany CoConut blog.

Nope, we don’t agree with half of what they say – Not at all. Republic of Barbados? Now that would be a disaster!

But… it’s about time we heard from more than the old DLP and BLP elites.

Policy Suggestions

by Mahogany CoConut Progressive Caribbean Voice

The Mahogany Coconut Group, cannot in all honesty, endorse either the ruling Democratic  Labour Party or the Barbados Labour Party in the recently announced General Elections of February 21st. 2013. We remain steadfast in our position, that neither party has the intellectual capacity or the political will to engineer progressive socio-economic reform. However, we respect the right of the populace to vote and we will be the first to offer critical support to any party, organization or individual, who come forward with suggestions and or positions to enhance our national and Caribbean well-being. However, we are cemented in our belief, that we are governed by a very sophisticated one party state. In other words, “six of one and half dozen of the other!”

Against this background we offer some of the policies we will support in the interest of national development: Continue reading


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