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Crazy Canadian ice fishers need a week in Barbados!

One of our Bajan ex-pat readers in Manitoba Province, Canada sent us the above YouTube video of some folks fishing on the ice. Brrrrrrrr!

These crazy Canadians need a week on the beach… and what’s with the flag chairs?  🙂


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Tsunami building? Taan Abed just might win Christ Church West

taan abed Barbados

When Taan Abed announced his candidacy as an independent, Barbados Free Press said…

“Barbados Free Press is declaring our support for Independent candidate Taan Abed. He’s a good man made better because now he is free of a complacent, arrogant and corrupt party system.”

… from BFP’s Taan Abed declares: Independent candidate Christ Church West.

We covered the rise and fall of Taan Abed as a DLP candidate who did well, but not well enough in 2008 to unseat the incumbent Dr. William Duguid in Christ Church West. With Duguid’s announcement last year that he would not seek reelection many assumed that Abed would not only continue as the DLP candidate in Christ Church West, but that he would handily win against any new BLP replacement for Duguid.

Those expectations collapsed when the DLP Executive overruled the riding membership, fired Taan Abed and anointed lawyer Verla DePeiza as the DLP candidate for Christ Church West. The riding association was furious as Abed had just won the nomination over DePeiza – with Abed slaughtering the upstart 86 votes to 5!

Now we have seen with our own eyes that the DePeiza campaign is short of workers and volunteers – with help being bused in by the DLP brass who are more than a little embarrassed at what is happening. That undemocratic heavy hand by the DLP executive backfired.

Folks… we’ll have more on this developing situation, but some very well known people are talking that Taan Abed just might do it.

This should be interesting!

Taan Abed website

Taan Abed Facebook


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