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Barbados Election Results 2013

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2:14am DLP – Democratic Labour Party retains government

DLP – 16 seats    BLP – 14 seats  * Recounts possible in some areas

Independent candidates a washout. Voters return the DLP/BLP single party government to office. More to come!

VERY CLOSE ELECTION – One contest decided by 10 votes!

We’ve already said that it doesn’t really matter who wins this election because with only two corrupt political parties to choose between: Bajans have already lost.

Obviously memories of the BLP’s legendary corruption under Owen Arthur are still in the public consciousness – while the realisation of DLP corruption has not quite sunk in.

We know where this election takes us…  Nowhere

Results by Constituency (Compiled February 22, 2013 at 2:30pm Bridgetown)

St. Peter

BLP – Owen Arthur WINNER (3665 votes)   DLP – Haynesley Benn (1982 votes)   NBKA – Lynroy Scantlebury (72 votes)

St. Michael South

DLP – Freundel Stuart WINNER (2524 votes)    BLP – Noel Lynch  (1385 votes)  PDC – Alex Mitchell (9 votes) Continue reading


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Former Minister Elizabeth Thompson predicts Donville Inniss defeat and BLP Government

UPDATED: Friday, February 22, 2013 2am

Minister of Pornography  Health Donville Inniss was re-elected. Obviously the goat vote opposition wasn’t enough to unseat the porn profiteer.

Elizabeth Liz Thompson Barbados

“At the minute, I’m predicting a BLP Government”

Friday, February 22, 2013 @ 12:01am

We just saw former Barbados BLP Minister of Government Liz Thompson on CBC tely predict that in St. James South Donville Inniss will lose to Sandra Husbands – and the BLP will form the next government.

Will porn industry profiteer Pornville Donville Inniss retain his seat?

Let’s see what happens!


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