Four weeks ago this morning, Prime Minister David Thompson said goodbye

What would David say to us now, four weeks later?

On October 23, 2010 at about 2:10am, David John Howard Thompson went to be with the Lord. We said then and believe now, “It is a mercy that he had time to prepare himself, his loved ones, his friends and his beloved Barbados for his passing.”

Many folks don’t have that opportunity to prepare themselves and their loved ones – as much as one can prepare.

Death is a journey we shall all make, every one of us. Some leave suddenly during an accident or heart attack, maybe even after an argument with an old friend, or cancelling out on visiting father for the third week in a row because of work commitments.

If you knew that tomorrow was your time to leave, what would you do differently today?

We remember Prime Minister Thompson now, and we will continue to remember him and his widow Mara, their three daughters Misha, Oya  and Osa, his mum, Margaret Knight and the rest of David’s family.

It’s time for Barbados to get back to work.

The Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS) website is our face to the world on the Internet, and if you visit it today you will find that it is representative of our nation’s current upset and malaise over the passing of our Prime Minister.

According to the Government of Barbados website, David Thompson is still alive and serving as our Prime Minister.

We want our readers to understand that we are not being critical of the folks at the BGIS or their web team. We know that they are working hard to update the many Government websites to reflect our new Prime Minister and the many changes in the government.

We’re only using this as an example to say that there are many things that still need to be done as a result of the changes – and while we install the new Captain and crew, we still have to keep the good ship Barbados sailing through the storm.

We mourned our lost Prime Minister, but now…

The Lord gave Barbados time to prepare for David’s passing. We mourned and we still mourn, but we must ask ourselves as Independence Day approaches, What would David want us to do now? What would he say to us?

I think David Thompson would say something like this: “Thank you for remembering me and looking after my family – but friends, it’s time for Barbados to get to back to work.”


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8 responses to “Four weeks ago this morning, Prime Minister David Thompson said goodbye

  1. Glen C.

    What an inspirational and well written post. I’ve felt myself in a funk since PM Thompson died and I don’t know why. I didn’t know the man, he was our PM and I never met him but his young death affected me profoundly. Thank you.

    Glen C.

  2. runner

    we are in a sense of despair ,not only because of the death of a good man ( and “good” extends to every son of the soil who have served this great country including bfp’s new whipping boy..owen arthur ) but because the spin masters are working this to the very end , much to our detriment

  3. The spin masters ,ably assisted by B.F.P. new whipping boy . In almost his every move since the demise of our PM , grace and decorum seemingly were locked away in a briefcase with the list of names of the persons he wants to get even with . The whipping has only just begun .

  4. huh?

    BFP been whipping Owen $ Arthur since 2006. Nothing to do with David Thompson they whipped him too. BFP is “equal opportunity whippers”

  5. BFP, like me, the BGIS and the Government of Barbados website can’t believe David Thompson is really dead … hehehehe!!

    Seriously though, I haven’t come to terms with his death as yet! I still see him as our current Prime Minister. So I see why BGIS is a little ‘reluctant’.

  6. runner

    “new” is in current

  7. Politically Tired

    Thanks BFP great post. I miss him & like many others & will do for a long time to come. When CBC News say ‘the Prime Minister’ I look up expecting to see him, not our now PM, that mans got big shoes to fill.

  8. Lady Anon

    I too have a hard time coming to grips with the fact that Mr. Thompson has died. But let us be honest…GIS always had a problem with updating their site in a timely manner.