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Should Barbados Allow Declared Nazis To Immigrate To Our Country?


What If They Agree To Live By Our Laws – Despite The Published Beliefs, Values And Goals Of Their Group?

Both the American and British Nazi movements exist today as any quick internet search will confirm. Spain and Italy also have “fascist” parties that are Nazi cousins.

Any quick internet search will also confirm that contemporary Nazis maintain the belief system and goals that drove the Germans during the first half of the 20th century and culminated in a world war.

These Nazi beliefs and goals have not changed, and include…

– A desire to dispose of democracy after imposing their belief and political system upon a country.

– A desire to dominate worldwide.

– Superiority of race, culture and religion.

For a minority of contemporary Nazis, the use of violence to obtain political domination is a given. A small number of modern Nazis have been arrested for using violence in furtherance of their agenda. The primary targets have been Jews and non-whites – including their cultural centers such as synagogues and black-congregation churches.

Once again though, the vast majority of contemporary Nazis live lawfully within their own country and do not use violence or break any laws – despite maintaining a value and belief system that is dedicated to overthrowing democracy and imposing their system and beliefs upon us all.

Presumably as seen throughout history, the contemporary Nazis’ reluctance to use violence to dominate the politics and culture of a country would change if their numbers began to grow to a significant proportion of that society.

So… the question for discussion today is…

Should Barbados allow persons who subscribe to nazi beliefs and values to immigrate to our country – assuming that such immigrants have never personally used violence to impose their beliefs upon others?

There is a point to this discussion, and regular readers of Barbados Free Press will pick up on it right away.



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Barbados Police Seeking One Of Their Own


Does Anyone Know Why The RBPF Are Looking For Sgt. David Greenidge?

Is the Sergeant absent without leave… or is it something more?

The Administration of the Royal Barbados Police Force is seeking to contact Sergeant Dave Greenidge urgently.

His last known address was Kewland, St. Thomas.

Sergeant Greenidge is asked to call Assistant Commissioner Management Services, Mr. Oral Williams at telephone number 430-7115 or Senior Superintendent Don Nicholls, Head of the Human Resources Department at telephone number 430-7660 or 430-7130.

This story was totally copied from Ian Bourne at Bajan Reporter.

When we scoop a story or even a story idea from another source, we always credit the source…



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Summing Up Cricket World Cup In Barbados

As the 2007 Cricket World Cup (CWC) event draws to a close, with the hosting of the final in Barbados on 28th April, it is perhaps now time to analyse in-depth, exactly what economic benefits it has brought to the nine hosting countries.

Much discussion has taken place concerning legacy benefits and infrastructural improvements.

But in the case of Barbados, many projects slated to be ready for the event, simply have not been completed in time to capitalise on anticipated additional visitor numbers.

The widening of the main highway, the rebuilding of Barbados’s second most popular attraction, Oistins Fish Fry, and a new vendors area within walking distance of Kensington Oval, Baxter’s Road are just three examples.

Yes! We now have a new stadium capable of holding 28,000 people, but with thousands of seats totally exposed to the elements and no lighting, it is difficult to envisage what it will be used for to justify the cost of construction.

During the recent West Indies versus England game, I witnessed literally hundreds of fans leave the ground after midday because they could not find shade, even after paying up to US$100 per ticket.

And that’s with about 23,000 of the 28,000 seats being filled.

Many simply will not be prepared to endure the same unrelenting sun for a five day test series.

And what of the anticipated visitor arrival numbers!

As recently as just three weeks ago, Barbadian Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch was predicting ’90,000’ long stay visitors for the week of the final plus another ’75,000 cruise ship passengers’.

Chief Executive Officer of Barbados Port Inc, Everton Walters, whilst addressing the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association in December ‘estimated about 700 yachts would dock in Barbadian waters’.

Up until this week Freida Nicholls, head of marketing and public relations at the port, said ’30 yachts had been cleared at Willoughby Fort since April 11th and more were expected this week’.

The Government borrowed US$15 million to charter cruise ship Carnival Destiny for a nineteen day period, but has struggled to fill the ship as a floating hotel, while land based accommodation providers have endured one of the worse winter seasons on record.

In an attempt to reduce the massive chartering losses, the Barbados Tourism Authority has been offering Caribbean people, cabins on the Destiny for as little as US$170 per night for two persons.

Of course, any informed tourism player, knew these very speculative figures of ’90,000’ long stay visitors and ’75,000 cruise ship passengers’ were totally unrealistic and some of us have been saying so for months.

But the media and the general public seem to have blinded by the rhetoric and not stopped to question, that even filling all our various land based accommodation options, Barbados is only actually capable of housing about 17,000 persons.

Over the next few weeks, I am sure much finger-pointing will be going on to see exactly what the negative financial implications are.

Let us hope we can learn from our mistakes.

Adrian Loveridge


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Travel To The USA? For Many Around The World It Is Not Worth The Trouble


Thanks to reader A for sending us the below article – which reminds us that many world travelers avoid the USA entirely because it is perceived as unfriendly.

I agree. I get secondary searched every time I arrive at the border even though I have been attending school in the USA for almost five years.

I love America and Americans for many reasons, but I hate the goons at their border.

From TravelMole…

Why aren’t international tourists coming to America?

If you thought of crime…or terrorism…think again.

“Travelers are more afraid of US government officials than the threat of terrorism or crime,” says Geoff Freeman, executive director of the Discover America Partnership. He added:

“Whether it’s reality or not doesn’t matter,” he says. “We have a problem on our hands.”

A Discover America survey has found that by a margin of more than two to one, the US ranked first among 10 destinations that included Africa and the Middle East as the most unfriendly to international travelers.

More than half of those polled said immigration officials are rude, and that the US government does not want their travel business.

Almost two-third came up with a concern that might surprise Americans — foreign tourists were worried they will be detained for hours because of a simple mistake or a misstatement at a US airport…

… continue reading this article at TravelMole (link here)


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