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Toilet Makers’ Names Hidden From Cricket World Cup Spectators Who Need To Pee!


God Forbid That You Should Know Who Made The Toilet Where You Pee… Unless They Paid The Cricket World Cup Promotional Fee!

This just gets better and better. The best comedy writers in the world couldn’t have come up with the hilarious absurdities that are the foundation for Cricket World Cup’s… er… success?

If you want to know what really went wrong with Cricket World Cup – read this Times Online article.

Thanks so much to Moving Back To Jamaica blog for alerting us to this fabulous explanation of how cricket died…

Everything’s Banned At The Accountancy World Cup

This is a personal question, but when you visit a public convenience do you notice who made the ceramic furniture? Does your heart lift when you see “Armitage Shanks” on the cistern? Can you think about anything else for the rest of the day?

Bureaucrats at the cricket World Cup are worried that spectators will leave with only urinals on their mind, which hardly says much for their faith in the quality of the cricket. At grounds across the Caribbean, strips of black tape have appeared across the makers’ names on toilets, soap dispensers and hand dryers. Tape has also been put across fax machines, telephones and televisions. There has been so much black tape that one journalist wondered whether it was an odd way of marking the death of Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan coach.

But no. The International Cricket Council (ICC), the body that runs the game, fears that sponsors (or “official partners”) will lose out with so many other brands about to grab the attention. There may not be an “official lavatory bowl partner”, but if a product has a name on it, it must be covered over. It is a ludicrous example of the way accountants and lawyers control the game. Never mind match-fixing, cricket has a bigger problem with legal money…

… continue reading this article at Times Online (link here)


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Nation News Runs Advertisement Claiming To Cure AIDS !!!!



“A Medicine Sweeter Than Wine – An Ancient Formula That Cures Even The Deadly AIDS Virus”… from a website advertisement appearing at The Nation News website.

Barbados largest circulation newspaper is currently running an advertisement for a book that claims to give readers the knowledge to cure HIV and AIDS – all for the low low price of $24.97.

The Nation News features an advert for the book “A Medicine Sweeter Than Wine” and claims right in the advert to cure the AIDS virus. The linked website expands with stories of people being cured of HIV / AIDS.

I guess when you run a rag like The Nation News, ethics come second to the philosophy of “anything for a dollar”.

No doubt major advertisers are pleased to have their adverts right next to this one and the “make $50,000 online from home in your spare time” adverts. Shell Oil, American International University, Mangobay Resort, Island Inn and RBTT Bank are probably delighted to be in such good company!

The website “amedicinesweeterthanwine.com” was registered from Barbados in January of 2007…

Registrant: BajaBoom Multimedia

P.O Box 33T
St Thomas, West Indies 00000

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
Created on: 02-Jan-07
Expires on: 02-Jan-08
Last Updated on:

Administrative Contact:
Multimedia, BajaBoom bajaboom@gmail.com
P.O Box 33T
St Thomas, West Indies 00000

Technical Contact:
Multimedia, BajaBoom bajaboom@gmail.com
P.O Box 33T
St Thomas, West Indies 00000


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Engelbert Humperdinck Coming To Barbados For Holiday – Says Nice Things About Us


The famous singer says that Barbados has a place in his heart because the country has a special meaning for him.

He also says that the “worst holiday” he ever had was once when his favourite Barbados hotel was booked, he flew to Antigua instead. Antigua was so awful that he turned around and got on the next plane out.

Note to Auntie Moses: Engelbert is coming here for a holiday, not to perform – so don’t get too excited! 

Article link: Belfast Telegraph – My Life In Travel: Engelbert Humperdinck

Engelbert Humperdinck – Personal Website

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Barbados Tourism Minister On Cricket World Cup Disaster – “This Is Not The Time For Panic” (Government Task Force Formed To “Salvage”!)


Carnival Destiny Cruiseship Bookings “Around 40 Per Cent” !!!!!!

(Adrian Loveridge Was Correct – Minister Lynch Lied)

Cricket World Cup Trying To Buy Back Indian Tickets!

Dear Minister Lynch:

In the today’s article at The Nation News, you give as one of the reasons for the present crisis that “nobody could have predicted” the elimination of India and Pakistan from Cricket World Cup.

So we finally have confirmation from you of what we knew all along: your government’s decision to host Cricket World Cup and to pour half a billion of our tax dollars into this bread and circuses spectacle was based upon the assumption that certain sports teams would perform well.

Sir – that is gambling. A half a billion dollar gamble.

And you lost.

Trouble is, you were playing with our unborn grandchildren’s money… and probably their grandchildren’s money too.

Yours truly,


CWC Snag

The Nation News

GOVERNMENT has set up an emergency task force to respond to “serious challenges” facing the country as a result of “a sequence of events” surrounding Cricket World Cup (CWC).

This was disclosed yesterday by Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch, who “made it clear”, however, that the challenges did not result from any policy or system failures by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) administration.

He told members of the St Michael West branch of the party yesterday that while the challenges were serious, “this is not the time for panic”, but for all stakeholders to work together in the interest of the country.

Recalling the celebrations that enveloped the country the night it was announced that Barbados would be hosting the CWC final, Lynch said it was clear most Barbadians supported the region’s decision to host the cricket championship.

However, the elimination of India and Pakistan, “which nobody could have predicted”; the issue of the change of dates from April and May to the current schedule because the International Cricket Council (ICC) feared rain would disrupt the programme; the hosting of the Ashes series in Australia in December even after the region complained it would draw travellers away from the Caribbean; the poor performance of a weak West Indies team; over-priced tickets; and the removal of “things like drinks and music” from games, leaving many to feel “this event is simply not a Caribbean event”, had all contributed to the current worrying situation.

He said while hotel bookings still looked good at 68 per cent to 70 per cent, there was a lot of weakness at the luxury end. Concerning the use of the Carnival Destiny cruise ship, he said that up to the elimination of India, 80 per cent of cabins had been booked. Now, he said, bookings were around 40 per cent.

In response, he said, a task force had been formed, and just recently officials had intense discussion with CWC’s managing director Chris Dehring in Barbados.

Now, with Ireland still in the tournament, a major marketing thrust was under way there, while large Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi communities, particularly in Florida, were being targeted.

Additionally, marketing has been stepped up in England, already Barbados’ leading tourism market. Already, Lynch added, there was the possibility of charter flights from Ireland and South Africa.

One major challenge in this salvage effort, the minister explained, would be trying to get back the large number of tickets which were sold in India.

“The window is short, but we are working as much as we can,” he said, adding that because Barbados was hosting the final, the country had the opportunity to learn from those who hosted earlier games.

While speaking about tourism growth generally, he disclosed that next week Barbados would be signing another agreement with cruise company that would guarantee thousands of cruise passengers.

Additionally, he added, in June a new non-stop service between Barbados and Fort Lauderdale would be launched.

… read the original article at The Nation News (link here)


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India’s Population: 1 Billion. What Did You Think Would Happen To Cricket World Cup When India Left?


Things Change

I’ve passed through India many times in the last 20 years and as with everything, if we are exposed to something on a continual basis we seldom appreciate the changes taking place day by day. Return to a place after five years and you are amazed. Visit every other month and nothing seems out of place.

India: Poverty, crowds, cows, ancient places… or: computers, fashion, a new middle class and young people who will take down the caste system within my lifetime.

How I Love India

So much energy on so many levels. A marketer’s paradise. The world’s largest democracy. Blue, blue waters in the south. Rugged terrain to the north and ONE BILLION PEOPLE in between.

The Caribbean governments that bought into the dream of fast bucks gambled that India would make it much further at Cricket World Cup.

India didn’t.

It is always easy to gamble with other people’s money.


photo courtesy of Jorge Tutor (thanks Jorge!)


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Indian Cricket Fan – “After India’s Loss, I Would Rather Go To Thailand For Holidays Now”

We Hate To Lay On So Many Negative Vibes…

… But the world’s media is delivering a message that many Bajans have been expecting for some time.

From India Times Cricket…

Tour Operators, Hospitality Sector Take A Big Hit

KOLKOTA/NEW DELHI, March 25: For companies in travel and tourism space, their worst nightmare has just come true. They received the first jolt when India lost its match to Bangladesh. But once India lost out to Sri Lanka, cricket-crazy fans and corporates waiting for the Indian team to qualify for the Super Eight rounds have cancelled their Caribbean plans.

Around 6,000 Indians were expected to visit West Indies for World Cup and almost all bookings were for the Super Eight round. Each of these packages were priced at anything between Rs 3-5 lakh each – an amount most people reckon is not worth spending now.

“At least a dozen persons, who had booked their tickets to the Caribbean to watch India battle in the Super Eights next week have already called to cancel their trip,” travel agent Anil Punjabi said.

Sumanta Banerjee, 41, was planning to fly to the Caribbean next week to watch India play in the next round, but changed his plans immediately after India’s defeat. “I would rather go to Thailand for holidays now,” he said…

… continue reading this article at India Times Cricket (link here)


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