Should Barbados Allow Declared Nazis To Immigrate To Our Country?


What If They Agree To Live By Our Laws – Despite The Published Beliefs, Values And Goals Of Their Group?

Both the American and British Nazi movements exist today as any quick internet search will confirm. Spain and Italy also have “fascist” parties that are Nazi cousins.

Any quick internet search will also confirm that contemporary Nazis maintain the belief system and goals that drove the Germans during the first half of the 20th century and culminated in a world war.

These Nazi beliefs and goals have not changed, and include…

– A desire to dispose of democracy after imposing their belief and political system upon a country.

– A desire to dominate worldwide.

– Superiority of race, culture and religion.

For a minority of contemporary Nazis, the use of violence to obtain political domination is a given. A small number of modern Nazis have been arrested for using violence in furtherance of their agenda. The primary targets have been Jews and non-whites – including their cultural centers such as synagogues and black-congregation churches.

Once again though, the vast majority of contemporary Nazis live lawfully within their own country and do not use violence or break any laws – despite maintaining a value and belief system that is dedicated to overthrowing democracy and imposing their system and beliefs upon us all.

Presumably as seen throughout history, the contemporary Nazis’ reluctance to use violence to dominate the politics and culture of a country would change if their numbers began to grow to a significant proportion of that society.

So… the question for discussion today is…

Should Barbados allow persons who subscribe to nazi beliefs and values to immigrate to our country – assuming that such immigrants have never personally used violence to impose their beliefs upon others?

There is a point to this discussion, and regular readers of Barbados Free Press will pick up on it right away.



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34 responses to “Should Barbados Allow Declared Nazis To Immigrate To Our Country?

  1. True Native

    Well, heck, we allow Muslims to come here, don’t we? And most of them appear to be peaceful. It is how the young ones are being taught in some of their schools to kill the “infidels” (Jews and Christians) that bothers me. Then again, how can Immigration authorities distinguish between peaceful Muslims and radical ones?

  2. True Native

    Oh shucks – I forgot! John would say that the way Immigration officers would be able to distinguish between good Muslims and “baddies” is through Perception!!

  3. Anonymous

    Aww what the hell…let them in: we already have a Nazi Party here
    – it poses under the guise of “the Barbados Labour Party”

  4. OurFuture?

    Experts expect temperatures to keep rising
    Published by NATION newsp. on: 4/25/07.

    HEATED CONDITIONS across Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean are about to intensify.

    That’s according to findings of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report presented Monday via a tele-Press conference at the Barbados Central Bank.

    Via the link-up broadcast live from Guyana, chief meteorologist of the Belize National Meteorology Service, Carlos Fuller, said computer projections showed that temperatures would continue to rise by one degree Celsius every ten years, even if the region stabilised its emissions to the 2000 level.

    Fuller, also president of the Regional Observation Poll, said the last 12 years had been the warmest in history.

    “Weather that would have produced more cold days and cold nights has become less frequent.
    Hot days and hot nights and heat waves have become more frequent,” he added.

    Meanwhile, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda were fingered by the report as three countries which would face serious problems with water availability in the future.

    Senior advisor to the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, Dr Ulric Trotz, said observational records had suggested that rainfall in the region was on the decline.

    Impact on water supplies

    “Any reduction in rainfall will have serious impacts on water supplies in island economies,” he said, explaining that low rainfall would lead to a reduction in the water that could be harvested and prolong the drought.

    Trotz, also review editor of the IPCC report, warned that heated conditions and reduced rainfall would have an impact on subsistence and commercial agriculture on the small island states of the Caribbean.

    He said projections were that agriculture would be on the decrease, with that in St Kitts becoming non-viable by the quarter of the century, and that in St Vincent and the Grenadines experiencing a 20 per cent decrease in productivity.

  5. John

    Now, now True Native.

    All I said was that I do not perceive Julian Hunte to be stupid.

  6. True Native

    Okay, John. I agree. Stupid is what he is not! Mad? Yes, definitely!

  7. Justice

    Relax, BFP. If you are aware of someting most of us are not, then you should alert us of the danger, if not ,you may be shouting fire in a crowded theatre. The obvious answer to your question is- of course not- but then again we should not let in psycopaths of any sort.

  8. Yardbroom

    During the 1960s I was stationed in Berlin with the British Military Forces at Spandau Barracks, next door to the famous Spandau Prison where Rudolph Hess, Hitler’s deputy was imprisoned. There would often be heated debates as to if the cost of keeping him there was justified, he was the only prisoner in a large prison. The French, American, Russian and British military took turns in guarding him.

    The justification was that Nazi ideology was so abhorent to normally accepted civilised behaviour that no cost was too great, and an example had to be set to those of like mind.

    For those who are still uncertain I would invite them to attend a Nazi rally, particularly in what was once East Germany it is a rude awakening.

  9. John

    … to some extent, we are all mad!!

  10. PC?-notME!

    “The justification was that Nazi ideology was so abhorent to normally accepted civilised behaviour, that no cost was too great”

    – and a single bullet, costing less that 50 cents would have saved them millions.
    Ah what fools the Politically Correct are!

    I’m just sorry that the cost of keeping alive one Nazi twit didn’t bankrupt the entire economy of Europe (since “no cost was too great” – brave talk!)
    Think that woulda taught them a lesson in the futility of PC? I very much doubt it.

    PC people are a strange lot, and don’t see things thru normal economic terms
    …like how We Bajan Taxpayers are paying at least 30 dollars per day per criminal, to keep alive all the social garbage in our local Death Row,
    yet Alair The Rom.Cath., A.I. Twit will drag a Judge out of his home on a Sunday morning to “save someone’s precious life!”
    when in fact the SOB woulda probably be GLAD to dead,
    and Alair went and mess it up fuh de man!
    Oh what a riot Amnesty International are!

  11. David

    I met this man some years ago. He is a holocaust survivor- you can see his tatoo if you care to visit this site at youtube. It’s a 25 min video, and the volume is variable. Again, I know him…it happened. It can happen again, and it is happening today.

  12. John

    April 25th, 2007 at 3:13 pm

    Stalin’s position getting up to the end of the war was that the Allies should shoot 50,000 Wermacht officers. That way, there was no way Germany could again pose a threat to peace again.

    (Russia lost 20,000,000 people fighting Germany)

    Roosevelt thought he was joking and suggested only 49,000 should be shot.

    Churchill got very upset and said he would rather be shot himself than be a party to this. He prevailed.

    …. so yes, Hess could very well have been in the 50,000 Stalin proposed should be shot, and millions of dollars could have been saved … if only the Allies had followed Stalin’s proposal.

    …. but then what would have been the point of fighting the second world war?

  13. Anonymous

    – to get all the gold reserves out of the Bank of England’s vault, and into Ft.Knox?

  14. J. Payne

    Barbados need not worry about water… There is always desalinisation. Jowever, Barbados may have signed the last deal all wrong though. The government should have included a “transfer of technology” (as in know-how) so that Barbadians could run their own system or have the know-how of how to create another Desalinisation plant whenever it was going to be needed and be able to market the technology in other countries too.. Middle East Countries are rushing to buy Desalinisation plants and Barbados could have been bidding and selling these plants to Mid East countries if the Government of the day had the foresight to equip Bar-bajans with the tools to go global with the technology. Ionics (the company that built the Desal. plant in Barbados) is now owned by the GE/NBC conglomerate so there is NO WAY— they will sell that information to the Barbados government now for them to become a competitor.

  15. Conserve

    I have a friend who has two 800 gal. black plastic tanks set up to receive and store most of the rainwater runoff from his roof.
    he has the system set up to flush toilets and water the garden.

    On the other side of the house, he has another two such 800 gal. tanks to receive and store municipal water supply from BWA,
    and that stuff goes to kitchen sink and showers.
    Water shortage doesn’t affect him easily, not with that kinda gallonage!

    – if each and every Bajan house had just one 800 gal. tank for collecting/storing rainwater, to be used for misc (non-potable) chores, it would be a tremendous national advantage.


    How do you think it was done in the old days?
    Almost every house had a water catchment system of some sort,
    becoz BWA and pressurized piped water supply simply wasn’t around(not until circa 1865,and then only in Bridgetown)
    – so your water storage was up to you the individual householder, and your roof or your nearby pond was your best bet.

    Things sho’ have come a long way, and we have given over our individual water responsibilities to BWA, and forgotten the simplest of technologies, right on our roof.

    Every shower of rain, hundreds of gallons that simply gush off your roof..and runs off to nowhere particular.
    You have NO idea how much runs off your roof and is wasted.
    Do something about that wastage,I challenge you.

  16. Sundowner

    OK if you can afford a 800 gallon tank, or maybe this lovely government would like to subsidise them……….

  17. Rumplestilskin

    “The justification was that Nazi ideology was so abhorent to normally accepted civilised behaviour, that no cost was too great”

    Hmmmm……… for thought that.

    I note reading a 2004 article in the Guardian online about Brown Brothers Harriman, Fritz Thyssen and one Prescott Bush…..

    There was no evidence to support that BBH supported Nazi ideology.

    You do not know just how ‘topical’ your article is.

    You have no idea….

  18. Conserve

    I can’t afford an 800 gallon tank ‘just’ to hold water the substance of life itself, but I can afford an air-conditioned car, a 26 inch TV(costs approx. what a tank does)
    a pair of new Timberland boots, a cool Casio watch, but that 800 gal. tank is just too much,man!

    I thought it would/SHOULD cost about $ 49.95 – if that!
    – after all it’s just to hold water, my private water big ting.

    Oh ye of twisted priorities. ‘May your well dry up?’
    No, I shouldn’t be so harsh on a fool, especially when in future times of drastic drought(20-30 yrs, time,when the weather has REALLY changed!)
    he comes over to my place, completely out of water, with an empty 1 gal. Clorox bottle in his hand, begging me for water…awwwww..

  19. Sundowner

    Lucky you! a 500 gallon tank cost us just under $400. A basic white covered bucket cost nearly $20.00! Where do you shop?!
    We thought it very neccessary to buy a water tank, but we couldn’t afford anything larger than that, its a lot of money out of a basic wage! We collect a lot of water and store in buckets and other containers to recycle for the garden, and because we lose the water so often in this area.
    By the way the airconditioning in the 10 year old car is an open window, the 14″ TV is some Eastern block name, had my watch for years, Timex I think, don’t wear Timberland or other overpriced named brands, only fools do that!

  20. David

    I have 3 x 1000 gal tanks that are postioned to receive water from the roof if and when the time is necessary. We need to think about the future years.

    During the holocaust 1942-1945 there was great anger towards Franklin D Roosevelt, then President of the USA, because he did not intervene quickly enough to prevent the holocaust. Many said the entry was only made after the Battle of Britain was to all intents and purposes over, and that America’s entry was as a result of Pearl Harbour, rather than care for humanity.

    Be that as it may, and remembering the dozens of millions of Jews, Christians, gypsies, homosexuals and others killed in that time, we continue to today see Darfur, which is a present day holocaust, largely stalemated, and calls emanating for help from the people of this area, yet no solution.

    Barbarism and humanity are today virtually synonymous. We aren’t as smart as we think we are.

    What can a Bajan do? Mr. Hackett?

  21. itsjustme

    I am perhaps not that quite dedicated a reader of BFP…what are thry getting at in this article?

  22. John

    The USA would probably not have been involved in the European war were it not for Hitler declaring war on the US!! There was no reason and popular opinion was for keeping out of Europe. Feelings in the US at the time were Isolationist.

    Prior to Pearl Harbour, Roosevelt was accused of taking the US into the European war and was widely viewed as Churchill’s willing ally.

    Lend Lease, the Repeal of the Neutrality Act, Conscription were all used by his opponents to win political points in an attempt to defeat him in the 1940 Presidential elections, but he won.

    Once Hitler declared war on the US after Pearl Harbour, American policy placed beating Hitler above beating the Japanese and Roosevelt could act as he had wanted to since the outbreak of hostilities.

    American resources were mostly directed toward helping the British and the Russians. The Pacific theatre received fewer resources because Hitler was viewed as the real threat.

  23. David

    Maybe its just a perception among Jews, gyposies and homosexuals then. He knew about the reports that millions were being gased, he was being petitioned; he did nothing. Many would have been saved.

    That is the gisdt of what I am saying. We know about Darfur, but we aren’t managing to galvanise any solution.

    What can we do about present day Darfur, John? Stay on the fence?

  24. J. Payne

    Hitler came close to taking over the world hence the US had to stop him. With the take over of France and the Netherlands a number of islands in the Caribbean would technically become German outposts. (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Aruba, Bonare, Curacao, Saba, Sint Maarten, etc.) If Hitler had succeeded in taking over Britain, then Barbados would have become a territory of Germany as well… since the Government in Britain would have been replaced with all German military persons. In the eyes of the USA with that much land at that time in the Western Hemisphere gone to the enemy the United States had—- to win against Germany no matter what. The USA would have been surrounded. From the Caribbean territories of the Netherlands, Britain and France, in the Caribbean. To Newfoundland and Saint-Pierre and Miquelon off the coast of Maine or Bermuda just off the coast of Washington D.C. almost every point in the USA would be within striking distance from some part of Germany.

  25. John


    I understand perfectly what you are saying. I sought to put another view of Roosevelt and his involvement in the war. I had never even heard the remarks you made about Roosevelt prior to reading them here.

    Many do nothing. Until it gets to their turn. It is just human nature. Then it is usually too late.

    I hear of Darfur yet look at the press, noone is really championing the cause. So it passes me by.

    Humans just do not know the meaning of the word humane. They just get on with their business and forget the other guy.

    I do too.

    I have done nothing, or said nothing about Darfur. I have not even googled it like I would any other subject I want to know more about.

    Maybe I just don’t want to know about it, life is full enough and tough enough already.

    A sad reflection on myself when I don’t even dig to see what is happening to the other guy.

    I will start to look more than I am now. I don’t know what help that will be, but at least I will look.

  26. David

    Hi John

    Yes, it happened, and it was ignored. A huge loss of humanity. They waited an awful long time in Bosnia too. Rwanda was over a million. Did you read about the trials? They were killing manually so many people with machetes that at the end of the day some were let free, because the executioners physically couldn’t lift their hands to chop any more.

    I’m sorry, not trying to be argumentative. Roosevelt had a long term in office, in not an easy time.

    I look at the world, see the many threads. It’s hard to weave the tapestry and to understand. So much good, and yet there is more to the story.

    Maybe I look too hard?

  27. John

    I never imagined how large the Sudan was until I looked!!

    Darfur seems to be one of many provinces in it.

    I do not understand why the Sudanese Government would be seeking to kill its own people.



    The Sudanese government is seeking to kill it’s own citizens, but only those who are not Muslims… primarily Christians and indigenous religions. Muslims are 70% of the population, and as everywhere that Muslims are in the majority, there is little tolerance for other religions.

    BFP Robert

  28. Equals

    Slavery has been going on in Sudan for more than 6000 years. Abduction of children to be house servants and protitutes draws from the pool in the region. It has been going on for a long time. Formerly the Christians were the ones, but in the last few years the black southern Muslim villages have been targeted due to the fact that the other pool was either exhausted or fled too far away. The government at Khartoum is Muslim, and they prevent externals from interfering. The African Union is standing by Sudan saying it is an internal matter, whch is why things are presently stalemated. Meanwhile food and water aid to the camps is ongooing from all over the world.

    By the way I am not a racist to my knowledge by writing these things.

    Older men and women were killed, they are too fixed to be subjugated successfully.

    Try some google searches by keying in words and phrases- like Darfur, slavery, aduction, castration, genital mutilation, child labour, and more. You’ll be surprised how well documented it is. I’ll try and go back to my original research on this, which was some 3 years ago. People have done theses on this topic and have written books. Yet it continues, I don’t understand why.

    Try googling child labour + footballs +clothes + shoes. There’s lots to read- it’s really wide spread if you factor in child sweat shops as slavery. Some of the pics of the kids seems to have them about 5-6 years old, trying to work for a living.

    “genocide”, “massacre”, “holocaust”, “2007”.

    Mauritania is another country the same as Sudan that I haven’t closely checked up on yet. Surprisingly this country that also engages in slavery, like Saudi Arabia also does engage in child slavery from abducted children, has good diplomatic ties with the west.

  29. laughing barbadian

    why not why the heck not we have muslims here we have other radicals here i dont see why we shouldnt

  30. Straight talk

    While you’re googling to get up to speed on what is happening in the real world, just check out oil-rich Nigeria, a country we Bajans are supposedly being offered free land, courtesy of our ambassadors, if we care to emigrate.
    Their people’s plight is desperate, under a corrupt defacto dictatorship alternating between Christian and Muslim control, elected by a shambolic voting system.
    If God is love, we are overdue a new prophet.
    We need one now, before his world is destroyed by bigoted religious factions.

  31. laughing barbadian

    very true straight talk very true

  32. Rumplestilskin

    ” Surprisingly this country that also engages in slavery, like Saudi Arabia also does engage in child slavery from abducted children, has good diplomatic ties with the west”

    Many abhorrent regimes have had ties with the ‘west’.

    Can you say ‘jump’? If they answer ‘how high’, then they qualify to be listed ‘good ‘un’.

    The sooner we accept countries that work towards the good of all citizens then the sooner we reduce (no, not eliminate, too much to hope for) disgusting situations as described above.

    The problem is that even if a newly elected (or appointed) government challenged the status quo, such also puts ‘big business’ in jeopardy e.g. pay in and conditions in sweat shops rising will result in rising costs, less profits etc…..

    So, who is at fault?

    The companies supporting these regimes by their placement of factories? The consumers who buy these goods nevertheless? UN for not intervening militarily and imposing a voting system?

    Difficult, but if one has to pick the main issue, its greed.

  33. Bussa Goddard

    “Should Barbados allow persons who subscribe to nazi beliefs and values to immigrate to our country – assuming that such immigrants have never personally used violence to impose their beliefs upon others?”
    “There is a point to this discussion, and regular readers of Barbados Free Press will pick up on it right away.”

    Perhaps you could elaborate on this point. I have noted before that there is a tendency for many of your posters to be “reverse PC” and anti-Islamic scribes. I hope to dear heaven that you are not setting the tone at the top by drawing a parallel between Islam and Nazism. I accept that Islam (as has occurred historically with Christianity) is currently beset by (sometimes violent extremism), but Nazism is a political philosophy, not a religion. Its parallel (an albeit a tame one) would have to be a movement like Al-Qaeda. If you have information that Al-Qaeda operatives are entering our country, please report this directly to the relevant authorities. But if you are suggesting that Muslims should not be entering this country because they are likely to be Al-Qaeda types, someone is likely to posit that we should not let white people into the country because they could be Nazis. Now you wouldn’t want that would you?
    If I have misread the object of your article. please accept my apologies, but please elaborate on its meaning.