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Broad Street Journal Asks “Will A Half-Completed Destiny Give Mr. Lynch A Feeling Of Vindication…?”

An Uncertain Destiny

By Patrick Hoyos – Published: April 24, 2007

We are now into the final week of the CWC nightmare, with only the two semis to go (on Tuesday in Jamaica and Wednesday in St. Lucia) and, finally, the final, here on Saturday, 28 April, and co-incidentally, Heroes’ Day in Barbados.

Unfortunately, I doubt whether any modern day heroes will emerge out of the fiasco of this world cup tournament, except of course for the team that wins.

On Tuesday night I saw a news clip in which Barbados’ tourism minister Noel Lynch said that the same Destiny was filling up fast and should reach 50% to 60% occupancy, but I’m not sure if he meant for the last week only, or if that was his new projection for overall bookings during the total rental period of about three weeks.

I thought I heard Mr. Lynch say previously that the ship would be 80% to 90% full, then revise the projection to 40%, so while the higher the percentage the better for us, I guess I will just have to wait for the next projection, as Mr. Lynch really keeps me guessing.

In fact, with so many details about the Carnival Destiny’s revenues still weighing on my mind, the only clear vision I have is that which the government hoped for – a ship overflowing with smiling, happy tourists coming to and going from the games of the world cup. I think they should have chartered the Carnival Fantasy instead.

Another thing I thought I heard Mr. Lynch say (although I might have mis-heard) was that with a 50% to 60% occupancy rate on the Destiny, “We will have the last laugh”.

If I did not hear correctly, let me apologise up front; but if he did say that, I wonder on whom he would have that last laugh. Would it be on those who have openly questioned the cost of chartering so expensive and large a ship at the taxpayers’ expense, and the attendant cost of promoting it overseas by officials of the Barbados Tourism Authority? When were we told that such a massive cost would be undertaken over and above the huge cost of completely rebuilding Kensington Oval and all the additional costs to do with temporary stands, entertaining officials and security for the Barbados matches?

Will a half-completed Destiny give Mr. Lynch a feeling of vindication, an “I told you so!” moment that will nullify any criticism of its chartering?

… continue reading this article at The Broad Street Journal (link here)


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Barbados Auditor General Launches Website (wink, wink)


Hi There Folks!

I’m Toothless, the official auditor puppy of Barbados. My master, Mr. Leigh Trotman, is the Auditor General Of Barbados.

My master does a really good job working for the Government of Barbados, but he is always VERY BUSY having dinners at the Bridgetown Hilton and lunches at The Savannah Hotel. That’s why he doesn’t have a website, so I thought I would help out and make one for him.

I have even posted my 2006 Annual Report at the new website…

Barbados Auditor General.wordpress.com

I hope the Auditor General of Barbados doesn’t get angry at me that I grabbed that name from WordPress. I guess he could petition WordPress to take it down or something, but then it would be a really big story and highlight the fact that he doesn’t even have a website!

But I promise… when the Auditor General of Barbados puts up a website and posts the current and historical annual reports, I’ll take mine down!

Woof woof!




Official Auditor Puppy of Barbados


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Karel Feels Guilty Over The Akon Incident And Her Post

Karel McIntosh Deletes Her Post About Akon And The 15 Year Old Girl

“I’ve deleted the post about the indecent dance between Akon and the 15-year-old girl, which has garnered this site at least 4,840 hits in just one week. Now one would think that I’d be ecstatic over this jump in readership. I’m not. This was really an experiment that proves to me that people will always have a hunger for gossip, and I’m not judging that…”

…Karel McIntosh of Caribbean Public Relations Blog (link here)

Hmmm…. I could get to like this girl.

Especially that she wrote…

In the new media environment, I like being one of the guys as opposed to the big, corporate giant who is trying to win you over with high tech stuff. It’s kind of like choosing the guy who makes you laugh over the one who can give you the Mercedes Benz and the diamond ring, if you know what I mean. Though I won’t quarrel over getting a Toyota Hilux truck or the new Mazda 323, which is what I really want!

Hmmmm…. I’m not the guy with the Mercedes.

Wonder if I can make her laugh?




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