Travel To The USA? For Many Around The World It Is Not Worth The Trouble


Thanks to reader A for sending us the below article – which reminds us that many world travelers avoid the USA entirely because it is perceived as unfriendly.

I agree. I get secondary searched every time I arrive at the border even though I have been attending school in the USA for almost five years.

I love America and Americans for many reasons, but I hate the goons at their border.

From TravelMole…

Why aren’t international tourists coming to America?

If you thought of crime…or terrorism…think again.

“Travelers are more afraid of US government officials than the threat of terrorism or crime,” says Geoff Freeman, executive director of the Discover America Partnership. He added:

“Whether it’s reality or not doesn’t matter,” he says. “We have a problem on our hands.”

A Discover America survey has found that by a margin of more than two to one, the US ranked first among 10 destinations that included Africa and the Middle East as the most unfriendly to international travelers.

More than half of those polled said immigration officials are rude, and that the US government does not want their travel business.

Almost two-third came up with a concern that might surprise Americans — foreign tourists were worried they will be detained for hours because of a simple mistake or a misstatement at a US airport…

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9 responses to “Travel To The USA? For Many Around The World It Is Not Worth The Trouble

  1. Original Observer


    Comment edited / removed by George.

    No folks, we are not going to allow comments from conspiracy theorists who maintain the idea that the President of the United States Of America – assisted by hundreds or thousands of other Americans – deliberately attacked America by hijacking American airliners full of American families on their way to Disneyland and flew the aircraft into the World Trade Center.

    We are not going to let idiots who believe that to post here.

    There are many other blogs where you will be more at home.

    bfp george

  2. Anonymous

    If you want conspiracy theorists, there are plenty at best and worst dott kom. It’s quite quite silly, really to even come up with the idea that Halliburton wanted Iraq’s oil SO bad that they’d devise 9/11, to EVENTUALLY get themselves into Iraq, and Lordeee! what a total Vietnam-esque MESS it is today!!
    Daily they get their asses whupped,and good, and STILL The Dumbass President Of All Time hasn’t got the message of the last U.S. by-election, from the Amerikin ppl, who firmly threw the Republikins out!

  3. TravelWhere??

    Ain’t the USA that I can’t get elsewhere.
    No, not even their over-rated over-priced medical treatment services.
    I’d just as soon take my chances in Canada, UK or even Kuba!

    I’ve travelled to the USA five or six times,already, seen many parts of their nice country and their individually very nice citizens,
    but their U.S.Federal Government is now totally screwy and paranoid, and I don’t want to go there again, until they get this whole Religious War(Crusades Two-The Sequel) over and done with, in about 100 years,
    by which time I could be a mere 146 years old and thus in poor condition to travel!

  4. anon

    when travelling to the states or within the states on an american carrier you need to check your departure card. if it has 4 S’s on the bottom right hand corner it means that you will be searched extensively at every security point. I had to endure these searches for a while until I complained to the airlines. Eventulally I no longer received the 4 S’s

  5. Anonymous

    you musee did look terroristik!
    dum ent gyne get a chance to searchup in me
    coz i simply ent gyne up dey

  6. political pimp

    whats up

  7. Lady Tee

    I had those same S’s on my boarding card whilst travelling from the US with the same american carrier, was told it was because there was something suspicious about my reservation. Mind you, I had my 10 year old son with me, so, maybe as a black male, he was the one under suspicion.

    It helped us out though coz we were very late for flight and pulled out of the queue…

  8. anon

    lady tee

    You will be amazed about the number of people with the 4 S’s. I would like to know what experience other Barbadians have had with them

  9. DeObserver

    Well i dont know about the 4 S’s but I do know that I am fed up of the hassle of going through any international airport in the USA. I ALWAYS get pulled out of the line, even when I am travelling on work related business. I am convinced I fit some profile of these people. I wear locs on my head, that probably is one factor, (and they are saloon maintained and not rasta), and I only travel up there once a year in recent times. The last time I went my hairpins kept going off until they put me in a glass cage and had some security woman who looked scary keeping me in there until they patted me down and let me go. I absolutely hate going to the USA, but with the cost of buying anything decent here through the roof, it is virtually impossible to buy things locally.