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More Corrupt Land Expropriation In Barbados – Minister Gline Clarke Again Involved


The Ultimate Cruel Irony – Minister Gline Clarke In Charge Of No Compensation For Land Expropriation!

Nine years ago, Clyde Denny had his home and property expropriated by the Barbados government. For nine years, the government has ignored his pleas for payment, for justice.

The man in charge of this theft of land?

Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke – a Minister of Government who himself corruptly lives on land that the government expropriated from private ownership!

The government promised Clyde Denny compensation for taking his home and land – and paid nothing.

The government promised him a new home, and then did not deliver. The government forced him to hire a lawyer he couldn’t afford.

The Barbados Government took his home nine years ago and has paid him NOTHING to this day.

It is a shame that Mr. Denny isn’t a woman who has sex with Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke.

If he did, he might be able to obtain a new home built on expropriated land – just like the home in this photo…


(see this link for photo and Gline Clarke’s story)

From The Nation News…

Man Still Waiting After Nine Years

NINE YEARS AGO Clyde Denny willingly gave up his house and land to Government so that the Eagle Hall Market could be constructed. Little did he know at the time that it would have left him without any compensation up to this day.

The 76-year-old man who was temporarily relocated to Passage View, Passage Road, St Michael, by Government has been living with his family in the National Housing Corporation-constructed house but has not received any monetary compensation or, alternatively, title deeds to the property he now resides in.

“It is frustrating and stressful,” Denny told the WEEKEND NATION as he pointed out that for the past nine years he had been trying to find out how he would be compensated but to no avail.

He is not the only one affected.

A woman, whose property was also acquired and who was also relocated to Passage View, is in the same predicament, as well as two other people who were relocated from Westbury Road around the same time.

Back in 1999, Denny and his neighbour were informed by way of a letter that the houses in Passage View were being used as “interim accommodation for those persons dislocated by the Bridgetown Roads and Safety Improvement Project”.

They were further informed that the Ministry of Public Works was responsible for the maintenance of the buildings “until a decision is taken regarding the permanent occupancy of these houses”.

Denny, the father of eight, said he had his attorney write to Government and he himself had been in constant contact with officials at the ministry who were responsible for acquiring the land at Eagle Hall and his subsequent relocation, but all he had been receiving was “a lot of static”.

The only time he was ever given some hope was back in 2002 when as a last resort he appealed to then Ombudsman Carl Ince to assist him.

In a letter dated February 26, 2002, Ince wrote him indicating that “at a meeting with the Ministry of Housing and Lands on January 23, 2002, it was decided that the persons relocated to Passage Road who owned their house and land at their previous addresses be granted title to the property in which they currently reside”.

It added that Cabinet would shortly ratify the decision.

But once again Denny’s hopes were shattered when nothing materialised.

“I cannot understand what is going on. It seems that they have forgotten about us,” he lamented.

Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke acknowledged that the handover process for residents living at Passage View indeed had taken too long.

However, he explained that the delay was related to a shortage of surveyors as well as “technical difficulties and inefficiencies in the system”.

But he assured that a unit had been established in the ministry to expedite matters such as this.

Clarke said it was not only Passage View residents who were affected but several more persons who were relocated from other areas including in Four Square, St Philip; Dash Valley, St George and Orange Hill, St James.

He added that Government also had several outstanding matters relating to compensation for acquisition of property and land.

“We know these people have been inconvenienced and they are waiting on Government. We recognise that people like Mr Denny do have legitimate concerns, especially about their age and protecting their children’s inheritance. We will make sure that things are pushed as fast as possible,” he said.

… read the original article online link here


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Cricket World Cup Volunteer “ICC does not care about our little countries and our economies…”

Ian S Mohan, a teacher based in Trinidad, was one of many volunteers who are helping out at World Cup venues.

Here is an excerpt from Ian’s “Crushing The Essence Of The Caribbean” at CricInfo…

It dawned to me that the ICC does not care about our little countries and our economies. They are alien to the socio-economic status and the way of life of the spectators of cricket, and the culture of the peoples of the Caribbean, and even Asia … for that matter, the world. They care only about image, ambush marketing, television and money.

They don’t care about the people who keep cricket alive: us. Thousands of real cricket fans stayed away – they said they had self respect and pride and would not pay money to be treated this way. I now understand their view and feel that I compromised my self respect to be part of the tournament. We were told how to talk, how to smile, how to welcome the tourists, how to speak. We had a handbook to learn from.

The ICC twisted the arms of small island states to institute draconian laws to facilitate the World Cup. Why? We have been holding ODIs for 30 years, and win, lose, or draw, the end was peaceful. The biggest terrorist in the Caribbean is rain, as it threatens any game. We were stripped of our water, food, and our true West Indian flavor that visitors come to the Caribbean to take part in. We were told to sit quiet, not to be too loud, not to disturb the spectators … but to have fun and enjoy the game. Bull.

How can you enjoy a cricket match and not show your enthusiasm or disgust? The biggest joke was that the nuts man, who in Trinidad tosses his packs from the front row to anywhere in the stands, was told by ICC that he has to deliver in hand the packets. No one has never been hit and if so only his pride is dented for not being able to make a clean catch.

The nuts man also had to change his sales pitch – his unique call – to that of “Nuts! Nuts!”. Our nuts men also are walking comedians, giving and taking jokes, but not at the World Cup. They were censured. They took the abuse for the high prices and said meet them at the next ODI series and they would give you the answer. You could have seen the agony, instead of pride, in the nuts men at this gala event. Oh, and the nuts were TT$6 – at a normal ODI they would be half the price. We bought, only to save the nuts men from bankruptcy, for they are as essential as the umpires to cricket in the Caribbean.

… read the entire article at CricInfo (link here)


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Even After Thousands Of Free Tickets Given Away – Barbados Kensington Oval At Only 45% Of Capacity!

According to Cricket World Cup officials…

Number of seats filled at Friday’s Australia vs Ireland Super 8 = 12178

In other words, after giving away thousand of tickets to school children and church organisations, Kensington Oval was still only at 45% of it’s full capacity of 27,000.

The Nation News – Feeling The Fever


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Carnival Destiny Barbados Charter Fee – $15 Million Dollars For 350 Passengers


Photo: Some Of The Cruise Ships Are At Full Capacity!  

Remember The Headlines?

‘Cruise Rush’ – 7th April 2007 Daily Nation

‘The First crush of Cricket World Cup (CWC) will be felt from Wednesday when about 6,000 cruise ship passengers, half from the CWC chartered cruise ships, will come into the Bridgetown Port’

‘Predicted 6,000 enter port’ – 12th April 2007 Barbados Advocate

Well, Denis Johnson on today’s Brass tacks programme actually revealed the TRUE figures:

Sea Dream – 38
Galaxy (CWC chartered) – 682
Blue Moon – 675
Carnival Destiny (chartered by BTA for US$15 million) – 350
Silver Wind – 120

Total Passengers – 1,865

So where exactly are the ’75,000 cruise ship passengers’ we were promised by the Minister of Tourism?

Adrian Loveridge


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