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Visitor To Barbados Asks – Why Do Black Folks Receive Worse Treatment From Other Blacks?

Our blogging friend Dennis raises one of those issues that nobody wants to talk about…

“We’ve noticed, meaning that it has happened several times since arriving in Barbados, that in many establishments black Barbadian service workers have two standards. One, with politeness and general good courtesy, is displayed for white customers. The other, often sour-faced and indifferent at best, and downright rude at worst, seems to displayed to black customers.

This treatment of black customers seems to be worse when they speak with a non-Bajan accent. This is really puzzling, especially if you hail from another English-speaking Caribbean country. I’ve never seen or experienced the same thing in Jamaica or Guyana; and I cannot speak for other islands…”

… read the entire article at Living In Barbados blog (link here)


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International Monetary Fund To Barbados – “Cricket World Cup Is Going To Hurt Big Time”


The International Monetary Fund seems to be a tad concerned that Barbados has blown it’s brains out and recklessly emptied it’s wallet over a few cricket matches.

Although the Barbados Advocate article below is horribly written (probably just cut and paste from some source), it contains one very telling sentence…

“In general, Caribbean public investment has shown a relatively weak link with growth, suggesting the need to increase the efficiency of these outlays.”

In other words, we never see a real return from government “investment” of our tax dollars. No kidding!

Also unsaid in the IMF report is how much “public investment” finds it’s way into bribes, overbillings and secret commissions to crooked politicians and public officials. Of course, without integrity and conflict of interest laws, and mandated transparency through freedom of information legislation, this kind of theft will continue.

That’s why Owen Arthur and David Thompson and all the rest have not introduced Integrity Legislation in the past.

Web Posted – Tue Apr 17 2007
By Shawn Cumberbatch

CRICKET World Cup (CWC) 2007 could hit Caribbean economies for six.

That’s the warning from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which cautioned that the estimated $500 million in construction costs alone spent by Barbados and eight other host venues, were likely to score diluted economic benefits.

Future prospects, said the Washington D.C.-based financial institution, would hinge critically on the region’s ability to market itself as a tourism destination following the event, The IMF’s projections were contained in its just-released regional economic outlook for the Western Hemisphere.

In its analysis, the organisation said CWC had boosted private and public construction across the nine host countries, helped by generous tax concessions, external grants, and public borrowing.

It noted, however, that while the positive effects on the tourism sector could extend into the medium term, there is concern that the net effect of the CWC could well be negative in light of its heavy fiscal costs and already high public debt burdens in the region.

A brief examination of the growth and fiscal effects of the 2007 Cricket World Cup by IMF economist Padamja Khandelwal said the reason the economic benefits of the event would be watered down was because matches are spread across multiple countries, and are taking place in the midst of the peak winter tourist season when occupancy rates are already very high.

In general, Caribbean public investment has shown a relatively weak link with growth, suggesting the need to increase the efficiency of these outlays. Over the longer term, prospects for growth will hinge critically on the region’s ability to continue to market itself successfully as a tourist destination, to realise incremental revenues from the additional hotel rooms that have been constructed, and to address macro-economic vulnerabilities, including high levels of public debt, Khandelwal noted.

As CWC nears its closing stages, IMF officials said essentially, the net impact of it was unclear, especially in light of the associated fiscal costs to Caribbean countries. It pointed to studies of other states hosting large one-off sporting and cultural events (such as the 2003 CWC in South Africa and the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Korea/Japan), and said these places generally find a small net positive effect.

As an illustration of the bittersweet nature of the Caribbean’s hosting the sporting event, the IMF noted it had brought strong expansion in private sector construction to increase tourism capacity, something that was expected to continue into the medium term.

However, it added, because some private investors had received generous tax concessions in most countries for such investment, this will erode the tax base going forward.

According to the institution, it was clear Caribbean countries had banked on significant economic benefits from CWC, based on the expectations of selling close to 800 000 tickets, a two billion international television audience, and about 100 000 additional (non-Caribbean) visitors to travel to the region.

IMF CWC Warning

Preparations for the CWC have led to accelerated economic activity in the region, particularly since 2005, but have been costly in terms of direct government expenditure and provision of new tax concessions. Five new stadiums were built and others were upgraded, the IMF stated.

Some of the stadiums were financed by grants. Construction costs are estimated at US$250 million and additional public expenditures were incurred on infrastructure (roads, airports, hotels and marinas). Partly as a result of this expenditure, primary balances have deteriorated in most countries, and average public debt remained over 100 per cent of GDP at end-2006 in host countries.

… read the online article at the Barbados Advocate while you can, as that paper does not maintain archives. (link here)


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Carnival Destiny Cruise Trip Cancelled!


UPDATE: Carnival Destiny did NOT sail. See our article Carnival Destiny Fails To Sail – Scores Of Cricket Fans Stranded In Grenada

Original article…

Cruise Cancelled “To Meet International Standards” …. ?

The Carnival Destiny was scheduled to depart Grenada on Monday night for a cruise to Barbados – with a return to Grenada on Wednesday morning. That trip has been cancelled, and the ship will apparently stay in port in Grenada until it’s scheduled Wednesday night to Friday morning cruise.

The “official” reason for the cancellation is “to allow for the cruise lines to meet international standards”.

Huh? (as they say in America)

The “Once In A Lifetime” cruise opportunity was announced by a desperate Barbados Tourism Board last week, so it is highly unusual that they would cancel a cruise “to allow for the cruise lines to meet international standards”.

What “international standards” came up this week that did not exist last week?

Perhaps we will get the real story, perhaps not.

But don’t worry dear, everything gonna be just fine with all that tax money that THEY spent on Cricket World Cup. Does anyone really know how many hundreds of millions of dollars THEY spent? Do THEY know themselves?

Lord, have mercy on us poor taxpayers, and our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and all the generations.

From the Grenada Broadcasting Network…


Local agents Geo. F. Huggins and Co. Ltd. has announced a change in plans for travel on board the Carnival Cruise lines to Barbados

According to Marketing Manager Denise Parke, the trip which was scheduled for Monday night to return on Wednesday morning has been cancelled.

This is allow for the cruise lines to meet international standards, and those who had planned to travel on the second leg now have the option of using the final leg which runs from Wednesday night to Friday morning.

Meanwhile people who made the first trip from Saturday night to Monday morning have been congratulated on their behaviour after a weekend cruise to Barbados.

Huggins along with the Barbados Tourism Board announced the once in a life time opportunity last week.

… read the original article at Grenada Broadcasting Network (link here)


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Murder In Christ Church Barbados. Headless Body In Brush, Woman Had Hands Tied Behind Back

Children find woman’s headless body

CBC Website – Monday, 16 April 2007

There was a gruesome discovery this afternoon in Canevale Christ Church. The body of a woman was found headless in a bushy area by a group of children.

Eyewitness say the body was discovered by a young boy trying to recover his kite.

The tail was apparently stuck in a tree and the youngster was trying to free it when he came across the gruesome site on the ground below.

Shortly afterwards while telling adults what he had seen the trembling child threw up. Some of the people who also got up close before the police arrived told CBC they saw a naked, bent over, headless and mutilated body of a small woman. Her hands were tied behind her back.

Police, with assistance from Defence Force officers, quickly cordoned off the area and combed the scene looking for the missing head but up until news time it had not been found.

Last Updated ( Mon, Apr 16 2007 )

All the above came from the CBC News website (link here). We repeated the entire article because the CBC website is very slow tonight and you may not be able to access it. Thanks to BFP reader J for the tip.


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Barbados Underground Seems To Be Another “Problem Blog” For Barbados Political Elites


Welcome to Barbados Underground Blog or the abbreviated version BU. We intend to focus on the news which does not usually make it through to the traditional Press because of the very old slander laws which currently exist in Barbados. Given the recent assault on the Barbados media it behooves each and every Barbadian to “speak-out”.

Many of the articles posted will be the opinions of my wife and I which have been influenced by our experiences derived from observation of our society and interaction with many people both past and current. We seek to stimulate discussion and at times we expect that discussions may become robust but that is fine because Barbadians are not known for speaking-out. We will be seeking to join others who have resorted to the Internet to join the fight to protect our democracy which we hold so dear…

… from the welcome message at Barbados Underground Blog

Oh Dear… More Trouble For Both The Bees and The Dems!

Our new friends David and his wife over at Barbados Underground have been writing up a storm lately, and after that little misunderstanding with the garden slugs (you had to be there) we said we’d check back – and are we ever happy we did. Lots of good things happening, starting with their new design and expanded tags and posts.

It looks like Barbados Underground is the kind of blog we like – actively protecting our freedom of speech and democracy.

Barbados strongman Owen Arthur and his gang should carefully make note of WHY the Barbados Underground came into being. David says he and his wife started BU because of the government’s recent assault on David Ellis and the Barbados media.

You can’t silence all of us, Owen!


It seems that the Barbados Underground has picked up a little information about that “campaign donation” cheque that the Prime Minister deposited into his personal account. BU has written about it and you’ll love the title of their article, because sometimes it feels so good to just say it like you want to…

David Thompson Has Owen Arthur By The “Balls”. When Will He Squeeze?

Welcome to our sidebar links, BU.

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Bajan Reporter Has News On Bridgetown Film Festival, Earth Day Beach Clean-up


Ian Bourne has information on the Bridgetown Film Festival, the April 22nd Earth Day Beach Clean-up and the earlier CARE beach clean-up sponsored by the United States Embassy.

Maybe Ian can also tell us why Earth Day is always held on Lenin’s birthday? Always a bit of irony seeing the USA sponsoring an event on a Communist holy day!

Head on over to Bajan Reporter and see if Ian knows why Earth Day is always held on Lenin’s birthday.  😉


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Barbados CRIPS – Pretenders Or Criminals Who Need Some Police Attention?


Barbados Website Has Gang Rules For Committing Murder

Thanks to one of our readers, we went to this website – which indicates that the Bajan owner who calls himself “terrorist” is a member or follower of the notorious CRIPS gang. (Wikipedia entry for CRIPS here)

Gang symbols and rules are posted throughout the website as are photos of (presumably) Bajan young men burning a rival gang’s colours.

Some other jurisdictions have laws against belonging to a “criminal association”, but I have no idea if Barbados has such a law. Whether we have such a law or not, the Royal Barbados Police Force should be all over the young men in these photos.

The second point is “Where are the fathers?”

But sadly, it is useless to ask that question in Barbados in the majority of cases. Many folks don’t think it matters, but I think they are only arguing against common sense.

Here is some of what is posted on the above website by (apparently) a young man in Barbados…


barbados-gang-7.jpg _barbados-gang-11.jpg

Copied From The “Terrorist” Website…

putting in work ranges from: wall banging, contesting territory getting money by any means neccesary. bringing weapons to the set and murder. the work you put in will go by points system amd must be wittnessed by 2 or more other members,the point system will be as followed.

Wall banging = half a point for each street you bang on.
2 points for each for you member that rides wit you.
3 – getting money, 2 points after paying dues, 2 an a half
to 3 points for paying double or more. 4 bringing weapons to the set 4 points every six weapons at one time to set 1 point a soldier. 6 = murder, threatening a set enemy.
6 points – a member needs 6 points rank b.g.


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Prescription For Cricket World Cup Wins – Training, Attitude And …

No Wives Or Girlfriends At The Team Hotel!

No wonder the Aussie and Kiwi teams are so mean… 😉

New Zealand Herald: No Sex Please, We Have A World Cup To Win

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