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Two Laws In Barbados – One Is For Rich And Famous Visitors…

This is a brief note about the trial (or guilty plea) of Geoffrey Knights, the violent boyfriend of British television actress Gillian Taylforth. Knights was arrested for assaulting a female desk clerk at the Tamarind Cove Hotel. (see our original article here)

Associated Press is reporting that Geoffrey Knights walked out of court and “may” have to do some community service in the U.K.

As is usual in Barbados, the details of his trial, plea or sentencing are being jealously guarded from the public by the Magistrate Ian Weekes and those at court. The victim is not talking to the press (not that I blame her), so once again everyone is left to guess at what happened in the Barbados courts.

When it comes to the rich and famous, or even just rich tourists, mysterious things happen all the time in the Barbados courts – and they are truly mysterious because the public is never told the details. Foreigners are often granted bail in serious cases and then fly away never to be seen again.

Very mysterious, those courts…

British soap star’s boyfriend found guilty of assaulting Barbados hotel employee

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados: The boyfriend of British television actress Gillian Taylforth was found guilty of assaulting a receptionist at a Barbados hotel, court officials said Thursday.

Magistrate Ian Weekes ruled Geoffrey Knights, the 52-year-old boyfriend of the actress on the long-running BBC TV soap opera “EastEnders,” was guilty of slapping a 25-year-old receptionist at the Tamarind Cove Hotel on the tropical island’s west coast.

Knights and the receptionist, Cyanda Phillips, declined to speak to reporters after leaving court.

In a statement, Magistrate Ian Weekes said Knights may have to serve community service on his return to England. He did not disclose the amount of the fine he imposed against Knights.

… read the original article at the International Herald Tribune here.


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The Only Echocardiogram Machine At Queen Elizabeth Hospital Is Broken – Barbados Health Minister Praises CWC Health Preparations

To Our Cricket World Cup Visitors – Try Not To Have That Heart Attack In Barbados!

Truth Just Doesn’t Matter To This Government

Bajans are so used to the daily disconnect between government hype and the reality of living in a society where one can’t even count on water to come out of the tap every morning that we are seldom shocked or angry anymore.

To protect ourselves from our failing infrastructure, we have developed a culture of low expectations and automatic compensation techniques.

If we can’t rely upon the water to be there in the morning, we fill a pail with washwater at night. If the roads have been in a mess for six months, no problem – we catch an earlier ZR (minibus).

So we expect little and make do a dozen different ways each day to compensate for a government that spends HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS on cricket, and hotel investment scams and fancy cars for government officials, but little on the things that ordinary people view as important.

But then we run into a brick wall when our loved one is sick and the hospital lacks even basic supplies like surgical gloves, cleaning supplies or even TOILET PAPER.

(Please excuse my shouting, but I am so very angry tonight.)

Two Stories Of Health Care In Barbados

One story is the daily government spin, and the other is reality for someone who is loved by many. Perhaps the Minister of Health or the Prime Minister can reconcile these two stories, but I can’t.

Again I have to go into work tonight with no sleep after a a couple of weeks of trying to compensate for a government that would rather paint some houses as a pre-election giveaway than to ensure the hospital has enough surgical gloves and toilet paper.

I am so very tired and angry.

Health Story #1 – Barbados Health Minister Praises Caribbean Health Preparedness For CWC

Barbados Health Minister Dr Jerome Walcott, who heads the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) sub-committee on Health for CWC 2007 … delivered the opening address at the 3rd World Congress of Science and Medicine in Cricket in Barbados.

Walcott expressed pride in the role played by the Ministries of Health in the preparations for staging the tournament. He said that his Ministry had to enhance several key services in ensuring that the health of the nationals, residents and visitors was maintained at the highest level possible…

… excerpt from Caribbean Net News (link here)

Health Story #2 – Only Echocardiogram At Queen Elizabeth Hospital Is Broken And A Family Is Desperate For A Loved One

* Excerpt from an email sent around to friends. For the information of our readers, George in this article is not “BFP George”…

My Dear Friends,

This is to let you know that on 07 April, Easter Sunday morning, our brother George* suffered a severe heart attack and now lies VERY critically ill on a respirator at the Q.E.H. George had just entered church (7.00 a.m.) with his wife Rayn, when the symptoms became more uncomfortable and was leaving in search of some pain killers, a nurse noticed that he was unwell and went to his assistance, calling an ambulance.

I had just returned (8.00 a.m.) from my Easter service when Rayn called to give me the information. Shortly after I arrived at the hospital George was transferred from the X-Ray to the STAT (the ICU of casualty) room, where is still, and receiving even better attention than if a bed had been available in ICU. The pain had subsided, and when Rayn arrived and he appeared comfortable – I returned home.

George then suggested to Rayn that she too go home and have something to eat and feed the pets as we knew that he would have to be monitored for at least a day and the tests would have to be repeated in another 4 hours.

A very lovely Dr. Harvey called Rayn at home and asked her to bring pyjamas for him. On her return Dr. Harvey met Rayn and advised that shortly after speaking with her, George had ‘taken a turn for the worse’. – Rayn called and Mary and I left for the hospital.

We were told that George again complained of severe pain, his heart stopped beating, he was revived with shock treatment, shortly after he again complained of pain and his heart again stopped, he was revived with shock treatment a second time, sedated, and put on a respirator.

The readings from the ECG’s indicate severe damage to the lower left and right ventricles and the right side wall, however, the clearer picture will not be known until an ECO cardiogram is done – and, unfortunately the one at the QEH is not working and he is too critical to be transferred to a location outside the hospital, and, a portable unit is not reliable.

However, he is receiving the best care and attention that they have to offer.


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