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Loveridge Asks The Guardian Newspaper – What Is The Truth?

Dear Sir:

On Wednesday 18th April, the Guardian published a story entitled ‘Supporters are left all at sea as Destiny fails to sail’.

The writer, David Hopps, went on to state ‘scores of English and South African cricket fans were stranded in Grenada after their cruise liner to Barbados was cancelled without explanation at the last minute’.

Mr Hopps went on to quote sources confirming the story, including, as he says, Denise Parke, the marketing manager of George Huggins and Company, the shipping agent and a cricket fan, Paul Heath, 23, from High Wycombe as saying ‘I had to find emergency accommodation in Grenada’.

From statements subsequently released by Laurence Duncan, Manager Services division of George F. Huggins it now appears the Mr Hopps article was totally erroneous and he confirmed ‘the reports in the media are incorrect and quite misleading. The Carnival Destiny has not cancelled any of its scheduled calls’.

It is difficult to understand why an esteemed and respected publication like the Guardian would deliberately try and mislead the public and I believe some sort of explanation and/or apology is forthcoming.

Adrian Loveridge

From Caribbean Net News – Letter: Stranded In Grenada

Also see Barbados Free Press: CORRECTION: Errors In Original CBC – Guardian Story – Destiny Apparently Did Sail – But Questions Remain


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700 Yachts For Cricket World Cup? Errrr….. Make That 30!


But Don’t Worry… “More Are Expected This Week”


The Nation News – Yachts Come Up Short For CWC


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CBC Publishes Outrageous Humour!

Historic Air India Charter Lands In Barbados – Really, That’s What CBC Says!

In light of the Air India charter cancellation and the abandoning of passengers in Barbados, did the editor write this article with a certain tongue-in-cheek black humour… or were they serious?

Who knows!

From the CBC (link here)

Historic Visit By Indians

Local tourism officials are targetting the Asian market for business.The plans were revealed moments after the historic visit of a charter from Mumbai, India in time for the finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup.

The just over four hundred passengers and crew flew nearly nine thousand miles on the chartered Air India plane as the Cricket World Cup is about to reach its climax.

It’s a first for Barbados and according to tourism officials represents the dawn of a new era as the island tries to tap into the Asian market. India has a population of just over one billion and Kuoni, the travel agency, believes more people there are interested in visiting the Caribbean region.

Tourism Minister Noel Lynch has welcomed the visit describing India as a hub for the rest of Asia.

He says it also opens opportunities for develop business links with other countries like China.


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Selling Barbados Short – Where Is Our National Honour?


We loyal sons and daughters all, do hereby make it known

These fields and hills beyond recall are now our very own

We write our names on history’s page with expectations great

Strict guardians of our heritage- firm craftsmen of our fate.

To Be Bajan

The level of brilliant inspiration that would have resulted in these lines being penned and subsequently selected to be the chorus of the Barbados National Anthem cannot be over emphasized. They clearly, concisely and effectively detail the core of what it truly is, to be ‘Bajan’.

That some of our former leaders clearly understood what being a Bajan is about is clearly reflected in their speeches and actions as leaders.

Right thinking Barbadians are therefore at a loss to understand how our ‘pride in nationhood’ is reflected in the macro policies being espoused and implemented in Barbados in the twenty first century- as articulated in recent budgets etc.

In the first place, the Government’s apparent obsession with Barbados being seen as a wealthy country and one that is adjudged to be among the ‘most developed’ is in itself NOT a core Bajan value.

The Best We Can Be

What our national Anthem and real national spirit actually espouses- is a country that is “proud to be the very best that we can be”. Naturally, depending on our level of success, we may indeed be among the most developed in the world. However, even if our best collective efforts failed to achieve that level of development our pride as Bajans would not be diminished…as long as we are doing our best.

What we have heard from the Budgets and indeed from the ‘Powers that be’ recently, is some need to attract the best foreigners to come to Barbados – while ignoring and in many cases bypassing what we have to offer locally. The goal seems to be “to bring the best of the world to Barbados.” Rather than “to make the best of Barbados” and to ignore Bajan issues and Bajans who fail to fall in line.

So then

* We attract foreign Capital as a matter of policy and ignore local production.
* The Budget is designed to attract rich foreign entrepreneurs
* We Use foreign Consultants, Architects, Engineers etc so that Barbados begins to look like ‘anywhere’
* Our best lands, Views, Hotels, Banks, Insurance Companies etc are sold off to rich foreigners
* And our best institutions are handed over to foreign management.

All this is touted as a means of earning valuable foreign exchange and justified as prudent and enlightened management. Where is the pride in industry?

Where is the national honour?

Are we not selling ourselves short? The case of the beautiful teenager raised carefully by loving parents who then, identifies a way of quickly accumulating large amounts of ‘foreign exchange’ by swallowing her pride and selling her most endearing assets to the highest bidders?

If we were to carry this logic to its natural progression, then we would also invite foreign management into our political life and import leaders who understand the national vision and who can actually get things done. People who can run transport systems; solve traffic problems; plan world cup events; get public Sector Reform to work; etc.

In the same way that we would obviously not want this to happen to our cherished and respected leaders, surely we can see that our artisans and labourers also want to be respected and cherished.

As in the case of the beautiful teenager selling her assets, this initially does appear to be spectacularly successful, but it does not take long for the true fruits to be realized and for the endearing assets to lose their appeal.

Government Courts Foreign Experts While Ignoring Our Best & Brightest

How could our leaders steadfastly refuse to consult with local experts who were educated and trained at Government’s own expense – and now espouse a policy of seeking to attract “world class entrepreneurs” by offering tax benefits to foreign ‘experts’ that are not even available to equally competent locals.

Where does it promote “pride in industry” when we sell our best silverware to foreign interest while justifying such actions by pointing to the improved performance under foreign management? Is this not the ultimate self-condemnation?

How does our policy of sale of land to rich foreigners at prices deliberately inflated out of reach of the average Barbadian, support the concept of ‘these fields and hills’ being our very own?

Where does the CSME concept of changing the actual laws of the country to remove all Bajan birthrights and any advantages that Barbadians have IN BARBADOS over non-Barbadians, promote the core value of national pride?

To the extent that a Government of Barbados can find itself justifying the need to cater to NON Barbadians to the detriment of local interest. And to do so at the cost of our national pride while seeking to have us buy into that policy- is short sighted and dangerous.

And any attempted justification for such pride swallowing on the basis of economics and developmental gains lowers the traditional high standards set by Bajan leaders.

We must return urgently to our national values of respect for God and Self; to Pride and Industry and to ‘writing our own names on history’s page’

Government’s role is to facilitate, encourage, protect and promote the tried and tested concept of Barbadians being the best that we can be.

It is NOT about selling our pride, assets, bodies and children’s future while becoming lackeys of rich Twenty first Century colonialists.

Bush Tea


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Did The Barbados Tourism Authority Send A Press Release To BFP?

Where Did The Air India Press Release Come From?

Hi Folks

Several readers have commented and written us emails asking how Barbados Free Press received a copy of the Barbados Tourism Authority press release on the Air India cancellation. (You can read the press release here)

Did the Barbados Tourism Authority send us a press release?


One of our insider friends at The Nation News sent us a copy of the press release. (And they didn’t do it from work, so the Nation’s IP guy shouldn’t be so eager to look at the email records!)

Free The Barbados Media NOW!


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