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Barbados Missing Persons Alert


Haven’t Been Seen In Public In Weeks

Barbados authorities have launched an investigation into the disappearance of two Barbados citizens. The two men haven’t been seen in weeks and police refuse to speculate if their disappearances are related.

“All we know is that the Prime Minister and the Minister of Tourism disappeared from public view just about the time that the last batch of Cricket World Cup tourist statistics came out. We’re terribly worried because it’s not normal for these folks to stay away from photo opportunities at major public events.”

… Barbados Police spokesman.

There were reports that one of the men was seen wandering aimlessly near the cliffs at North Point, apparently upset and mumbling the phrase “ninety-thousand visitors for the week” over and over.

Authorities are urging citizens to report any sightings directly to the Missing Politician Hotline at Barbados Free Press – barbadosfreepress@yahoo.com


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A Reader Asks “Is It Possible To Subscribe To Your Newspaper From France?”

Dear Barbados Free Press, Is it possible to subscribe to your newspaper from France? What would be the most convenient way?

Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely

Hey… thanks for the compliment, friend – but Barbados Free Press is not a “real” newspaper with a dead-tree edition. You can, however, subscribe to our RSS feed and be alerted every time we post a new article. Look on our sidebar near the bottom under “Meta”.

Once again, thanks for your support!



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Barbados In Focus Is At It Again


Some Folks Have The Eye, And Some Don’t

Our photographer friend over at Barbados In Focus is blessed with talent. We have no idea who he is or if the rest of his life is beautiful or in chaos, but we do know that he is a master story teller with a camera.

He has a new selection of photos up and it is well worth your time.

Barbados In Focus


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Soon All MPs Will Have To Vote Indirectly For Or Against Graeme Hall National Park


People are starting to realise that if an MP in Parliament votes in favour of the 2003 (Amended) National Physical Development Plan, they will be voting against creation of the Graeme Hall National Park.

This is because the proposed 2003 (Amended) National Physical Development Plan calls for residential and urban development of most of the agricultural lands and environmental buffers surrounding the actual wetland at Graeme

This is in direct conflict with, and contrary to, past Physical Development Plans that recommended nature reserve, open recreational and agricultural uses for these lands, based on historic scientific and other studies over the past 30 years.

Furthermore, according to Mr. Leonard St. Hill, former Chief Town Planner, there are substantive legal and procedural questions regarding the development and execution of the proposed 2003 (Amended) National Physical Development Plan.

Mr. St. Hill was forced to publicly itemise these legal and procedural deficiencies in a letter to The Nation after receiving no response from the Government of Barbados.

Indeed, Mr. St. Hill may be doing Members of Parliament a huge favour by alerting them to these apparent deficiencies before the proposed Plan is pushed through Parliament.

But the really interesting question is, if Parliament votes for this Plan and thereby establishes that it is also against the Graeme Hall National Park, what will be the reaction by the 6000 Petitioners in favour of the National Park?

Our thanks to BFP reader “Fuzzy” for this insightful article.


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