700 Yachts For Cricket World Cup? Errrr….. Make That 30!


But Don’t Worry… “More Are Expected This Week”


The Nation News – Yachts Come Up Short For CWC


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34 responses to “700 Yachts For Cricket World Cup? Errrr….. Make That 30!

  1. MaffiaMatix

    It’s only a few zero’s…duh!
    Whatchy’all carrying on ABOUT?

  2. Straight talk

    We are concerned about a few incompetent zeros gambling with taxpayer’s money.

  3. Wishing in vain

    One has only to take a drive along bay street and you will very quicly notice that they are no more than 20 yachts in the bay they may appear to be more than this however the majority that you will see in the bay are locally owned.
    We are yet to see the arrival of the remaining 680 but I am sure that the 90,000 vistors will notice them when they actually do arrive not to mention the other 75,000 on the cruise ship will see them also as their ships come in to dock.
    Lynch you ought to be fired forthwith so to Mottley and so to Owing you have cast your evil spell on the World cup and now you are sitting back and lying lie even you should be ashamed of yourselves for destroying our islands image abroad.

  4. Jerome Hinds

    Nation news of 2007 – 04 – 23 on the Back page

    ” acknowledges Barbados gov’t payment of BDS $ 30 million…..but now for 3 Carnival cruise LINERS ! ”

    What a spin…no longer one ship …but now 3 !

    So local hotel owners & bed & breakfast entities were never to be part of the plan of CWC 2007….if this ridiculous story is to be believed !

  5. Jerome Hinds

    How many miles & how many hours would it take for the Yachts to come from India & Pakistan for CWC 2007 ?

    So would Lynch blame the paucity of yachts on India & Pakistan being knocked out EARLY from CWC 2007 ?

    I believe the PATHOLOGICAL liar he has shown himself to be he is working on his – new maths as I Write….!

  6. Wishing in Vain

    Yachts coming from India would have left nearly a year ago, maybe we ought to name MM lynch the divide by 10 minister but mutiply by a 100 for his draw backs and his commissions.

  7. rastaman

    The latest seems to be 75,000 visitors to view Concorde. I wonder where these figures come from. Mr Stuart Layne should also be ashamed of himself to say “give us 5 years and we will see Indian visitors by the 1000’s
    They might have to become Nationals of Barbados cause as I see it there is no way for them to get back to India

  8. Anonymous

    oh no…not more indian immigrants..

  9. True Native

    Anonymous: Sshhh!!…. not in front of Samizdat – he has a problem with words like “Caucasian”, “Jewish” and probably “Indian”! I have many Caucasian – sorry, “white” – friends and I have never once heard them object to the word “Caucasian”. Glad the Jew was called a Jew and not a Yid!!

  10. Happy

    In Montreal ’07…we just finished paying for the ’76 fiasco called the “Big Owe” or Olympics….Gas, Smokes, Personal…and other assorted taxes….Good Luck Barbados…
    Start holding your Gov accountable…ergo…vote the current out…with a mandate towards accountabilty NOW…..for any Gov official to be depositing monies into personal accounts is a wake up call….Most tourists l knew/know of didn’t book this years trip…because your Gov press Nat/AD….told us it would be too busy….Good Luck…and what a great little Island you all have…except for the bad/gov/press…

  11. Jerome Hinds


    Thanks for the warning….those who have ears let them hear…!

  12. bajejun

    I wonder what next Mr. Lynch will promise, maybe he can get the U.S government to ship New York our way, and while he is at it how about the British Government.

  13. True Native

    Oh, PLEASE – not the British Government! They have totally destroyed that country. The Queen may soon have to vacate Buckingham Palace in order for it to be turned into a mosque. Nothing can save Britain now. Not even the British National Party.

  14. Bajan George

    Oh, PLEASE – not New York’s meglomaniacs! They will want to put in a public transport system, a Central Park and a theatre district, and then we wouldn’t have an excuse to leave the island to visit Auntie Celestine, because she would be here already.

  15. PoopNets

    And what of the poop-nets??
    Was this just a proposition, or did “we” (taxpayers!) go ahead and buy 10,000 running yards of ultra-special poopnetting to span Carlisle Bay, at goodness knows hummuch per running yard?

    Can D.Man at SSA shed any lights on our poop-nets and what will be done with them NOW, now that they seem destined to languish in deep storage for some time to come(assuming such nets were indeed purchased)
    – personally, I’m hoping it was merely a proposal, and got no further than that, but I wun’t be surprised to hear that Barbados actually went ahead and bought them.
    Enquiring Minds need to know?

  16. Wishing in Vain

    Anyone looking at cricket today on TV have you noticed the empty seats at the CWC semifinals this is amazing.

  17. Justasking

    PoopNets – I think the nets were just a pooposal! Probably by the #2 person in some Ministry!

  18. Lady Tee

    I can only shake my head in total disbelief….

    In the last 2 weeks I have received numerous emails and calls at work from visitors seeking flights to Grenada and St. Lucia for the CWC matches. We all know the status on flight availability. In addition to my full time job, I also manage a property for short term visitors. Two of my current guests had tickets to the last game in Grenada but had no flight. I told them there were no flights available but I did recall seeing a very small ad in the Nation offering cabins to Grenada for that very same match. Upon calling the travel agent, they informed me that there were plenty cabins available at a cost of $530 bds pp. Needless to say, my guests were very happy and reserved a cabin immediately. Upon their return to B’dos, they also booked another short cruise at $ 630 bds pp to attend the semi-final match in St. Lucia.

    What I find so hard to believe is that the government are fully aware of the shortage in airlift to these islands. They are the same government who have paid $15m to charter this ship from Carnival at a cost to us tax payers.

    How much more would it have cost them to get their agents to place an ad BIGGER than 1″x 3″??

    How much more would it have cost to get this offer out via the BTA/BHTA to hotels, guest houses etc. to disseminate this infomation to their guests??

    I bet it would have cost a lot less than the propaganda that they’ve been playing on our airwaves re the current and predicted revenue for this fiasco we call CWC 07. Mind you, I’ve only hear it on the CBC stations, so maybe they didn’t pay a cent!

    I spoke with some visitors today who told me if they had known about the offer they would have definately gone, but because they do not read the local papers, there was no way of them knowing about it. Go figure….

    Dear BLP members, please make note (coz I know you read this site):

    It’s always wise to have a PLAN A, but it’s much wiser to have a PLAN B!!

  19. Wishing in Vain

    Lady Tee
    These people are lacking in all areas of CWC they sought to rob the locals with extremely high ticket cost they have robber the vendors they have robbed the taxi drivers and they have robbed us the taxpayers with their wild spending they just do not give a damn as for Lynch he spends so much time making himself up as pretty boy that he has no time for the peoples work he is a hopeless case and a waste of time in the ministry he has under his wing.

  20. Adrian Loveridge

    Lady Tee……

    Couldn’t agree more.

    I have just waved off one quarter of our hotel guests (4.30am) who were booked on a DAY TRIP flight to St. Lucia with Cricket Logistics and are paying US$500 return with Caribbean Airlines.
    Presumably, this includes airport transfers.

    When I saw the ‘ads’ in the newspapers last Sunday, I immediately emailed The Travel House
    to get further details for our guests.
    Sadly they did not respond, but some guests
    who hadn’t already booked flights, booked passage with Carnival Destiny anyway.

    If the Government or its agencies including the Barbados Tourism Authority were really serious about attempting to reduce the US$15 million taxpayer subsidy for the charter of Carnival Destiny, of course they would try harder to offer
    empty cabins to cricket fans and others.

    After all they issued a media release about the cancelled Air India flight from/to Barbados/Mumbai!

    As with everything else, its not THEIR money, its ours. And if they waste and squander it, who will be accountable?

  21. Royalrumble

    Haven’t you heard, the rush is on to George Street for the “Battle of all Battles” between the two Davids, Thompson and Estwick.

    It appears that the elders in the DLP handed down a decision to the puppet- string leader not to comment on the World Cup while it was in progress. The MPs were all instructed as to the elders request. But as you recall Phillip Greaves and Sleepy Smith are part of the elders committee and you know how Estwick feels about them already. He has absolutely no respect for them.

    Estwich is reported in the daily to have spoken to the issue at a branch meeting now Thompson wants his blood. Estwick is not scared though and has challenged the “little red boy” to do something about it. I wish I could be a fly on the wall for this one. It is going to be Bacchanal at the butcher stall in George Street. Looks like no fatted calf for Estwick.

  22. Wishing in Vain

    Royal idiot if you were to visit the DLP website you will see the same speach featured, if there is so much wrong at the DLP how then do they feature it on their site?
    Your problem is that you are a dishonest bastard just like the rest of your party of thieves, you would not know the truth if it were to slap you in your face.
    You are very much like that those liars Duguid, Lynch, Owing, Clarke, Liz Thompson, Mottley atherly etal birds of a feather flock together has never be more true.

  23. Wishing in Vain

    Royal idiot see below as per the DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY website -:
    What could be further from the truth but your suggestions, sometimes I wish that you and you lot would refrain from lying to the public as you do so often.
    April 23rd, 2007
    The Cricket World Cup is wining down and there will ultimately be a post-mortem. The Democratic Labour Party is not questioning the infra-structural development, which was developed as a result of the CWC presence in the region. It was the madness and insatiable spending spree, which engulfed our country that must be examined. The Democratic Labour Party is committed to the examination of the monies spent and where. David Estwick points to his impressions thus far on the CWC-Barbados

    Published on: 4/23/07.




    That was the message Dr David Estwick told members of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) at a St Michael West branch meeting yesterday, as he claimed the Caribbean might get less then 25 per cent of the millions regional governments spent on hosting the 2007 Cricket World Cup (CWC).

    Estwick, the shadow minister of economic affairs, said the DLP would take “a wait and see attitude” until all the numbers were crunched after the tournament’s final here in Barbados on April 28, before speaking to the country.

    However, he reiterated yesterday that he found it ridiculous that regional leaders could now be saying they signed onto something they fully did not understand.

    “People have been saying we were taken hostage by the International Cricket Council, and based on what I’ve seen so far, I would tend to agree with that assessment,” Estwick said at St Leonard’s Boys’ School.

  24. Margaret Knight

    Hi Folks (and Chase),

    I’ve just logged on here because someone told me that Chase was enquiring about Patrick Porter earlier. Patrick is awaiting a date from the hospital for the op. on his lip. He’s staying away from this blog for now because he gets very emotional and its not good for his heart! Patrick loves Barbados with a purple passion and he is agonizing over what is happening to the country. He sent me a copy of a letter he wrote to a Toronto newspaper, so he’s still active, but I have a sneaky feeling that his wife and family are keeping him away from this blog for now! I will tell him you enquired, Chase, and that you’re looking forward to some beers at X’mas time when he comes down.

  25. John

    Hi Margaret Knight

    Say hello to Patrick for me.

    I figured he would get himself put under orders sooner or later.

    But it is for the best.

    There are enough level heads to stop the rot.

    Turning it around will be very hard, but it could do, as a Bajan would say.

  26. Margaret Knight

    Thanks, John. I will pass on your message to Patrick. Boy, I sure hope you’re right with your last sentence!

  27. Jerome Hinds

    Royalrumble a.k.a Judas,

    Is to be ignored by all rational thinking persons !

    He is on his political ” deathbed ”

    The nail on his coffin is this :

    In the year 2007 under the “great economist ” Owen Arthur, Barbados has a negative 12.0 % deficit of GDP.

    In essence, as Owen Arthur has disclosed…..Barbados cannot borrow for the next 5 years !

    In Roebuck street is where this information is creating the butcher stall…..!

    Many BLPites are not please !

  28. anon

    wishing in vain

    If i built a house and rented it out and got 25% of my initial outlay in the first year i would feel great.

    dont you think David Estwick is complaining about the 25% return because he is in opposition

  29. Lollipop

    Jerome Hinds says Royalrumble is to be ignored by all rational thinking persons. Huh? I seen somewhere where it said the RR creature is not human, it is sub human. It should be ignored PERIOD not just be right thinking persons.

  30. John

    Margaret Knight

    What is the alternative? …. it better had do!

  31. Margaret Knight

    Lef ’em so den!

  32. John

    Not fuh h**l

  33. John

    Apologies for the h word!!

  34. Wishing in vain

    Please be aware of the levels that we have reached in allowing our polticians to steal from the treasury.
    I think Mr.Estwick is sincere in his outlook and summary of this event we have made tremendous errors in our management of this event from day one and now that we are coming to its conclusion we are struggling to put a brave face of our mismanagement and do not fool yourselves Mottley, Lynch and Owing are the three major players in this disaster zone and they ought to be censored by us the ones that will be paying this huge bill.
    We have no hope of recouping the $ 300 or $ 400 mill that this event has swallowed up nor do we have any real hope of recovering from the loss of hotel bookings during our peak season even if hotels filled up right after CWC because all the rates are now at half the price or position is in dire straights created by the BLP vultures in office at this time, Mottley, Lynch and Owing owe the country an apology rather we will get their load of nonsense in spin telling us we spent very little in CWC (really we spent between $ 300 and $400 mill) on this event and all the hotels and ships were overfilled for this period.
    Just you wait and see if my outlook does not come to pass.