Did The Barbados Tourism Authority Send A Press Release To BFP?

Where Did The Air India Press Release Come From?

Hi Folks

Several readers have commented and written us emails asking how Barbados Free Press received a copy of the Barbados Tourism Authority press release on the Air India cancellation. (You can read the press release here)

Did the Barbados Tourism Authority send us a press release?


One of our insider friends at The Nation News sent us a copy of the press release. (And they didn’t do it from work, so the Nation’s IP guy shouldn’t be so eager to look at the email records!)

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9 responses to “Did The Barbados Tourism Authority Send A Press Release To BFP?

  1. Hants

    BFP…. Why are you revealing your source. Nation News management will be hunting down your operative.
    Hope he is under deep cover.

  2. BFP

    Don’t worry Hants

    They have been trying to find her for a year.

    Or is it, Him?

    Darn, we forget!


    Don’t forget… the vast majority of Bajan journalists are on our side….

    Some might even know who we are. It is a small island, you know!

  3. John

    The powers that be must be going bananas …… and so they should given the path they chose which is rapidly leading towards banana republic status for Barbados!!

    Why don’t we import some expats to do these jobs which O$A and the boys are making such a mess of?

  4. No - Name

    Maybe BFP and the Nation Journalist is one and the same! Who ever you are thank you for givvvieng us the opportunty to deal with Owen and Lynch and Mia in this manner!An Opportunty to deal with crooks without the threat of being fired as civil servants.

  5. Marcus2

    Have no fear we know who they are!

  6. Jerome Hinds

    April 23rd, 2007 at 8:55 pm
    Have no fear we know who they are!

    Your knowing that makes no difference !

    The tide is getting high…..the BEES will be drowned !

    How do you think Owen cheque & bank account details get exposed !

    People are prepared to speak up & speak out….!

    No more squeaking….Mascoll now in you camp….!

    This is what you and your BLP party hacks said about him then !



    Read it carefully and remember well…..!

    For whom the bell tolls….!


  7. Adrian Loveridge

    Did I hear it correctly?

    That Dennis Johnson stated on Down to Brass Tacks yesterday that one person that had booked the cancelled Air India flights Barbados/Mumbai/Barbados had their monies refunded TWICE?
    Who refunded it twice, the BTA?

    How many people had booked and what is the financial loss to the BTA (taxpayer)?

  8. ??

    Adrian l,

    Why would you suggest the refunds are from BTA, The agency you pay the money to is usually responsible for the refund, I am unaware of monies paid to BTA for flight are you show the facts, check Going Places Travel, I am sure Mr Weatherhead or Mr King can give you true position, Its just like when you refund guests at your hotel. Your attempt to discredit the BTA at every turn in unbecoming and basically makes you look like a sulking brat – no doubt sulking that you are not on the board. I understand from a reliable source that you once said that you would stop the provocotive statements if you had a place on the board. Stop trying to mislead the public with your FICTION.

    You claim no political affiliation but admit working on DLP tourism Policy……GUILTY by association.

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