Soon All MPs Will Have To Vote Indirectly For Or Against Graeme Hall National Park


People are starting to realise that if an MP in Parliament votes in favour of the 2003 (Amended) National Physical Development Plan, they will be voting against creation of the Graeme Hall National Park.

This is because the proposed 2003 (Amended) National Physical Development Plan calls for residential and urban development of most of the agricultural lands and environmental buffers surrounding the actual wetland at Graeme

This is in direct conflict with, and contrary to, past Physical Development Plans that recommended nature reserve, open recreational and agricultural uses for these lands, based on historic scientific and other studies over the past 30 years.

Furthermore, according to Mr. Leonard St. Hill, former Chief Town Planner, there are substantive legal and procedural questions regarding the development and execution of the proposed 2003 (Amended) National Physical Development Plan.

Mr. St. Hill was forced to publicly itemise these legal and procedural deficiencies in a letter to The Nation after receiving no response from the Government of Barbados.

Indeed, Mr. St. Hill may be doing Members of Parliament a huge favour by alerting them to these apparent deficiencies before the proposed Plan is pushed through Parliament.

But the really interesting question is, if Parliament votes for this Plan and thereby establishes that it is also against the Graeme Hall National Park, what will be the reaction by the 6000 Petitioners in favour of the National Park?

Our thanks to BFP reader “Fuzzy” for this insightful article.


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  1. Get In The Action


    Fuzzy makes some critical points on this issue. It looks like a line is drawn in the sand and you’ve got to choose between towing the party line and what’s in the best interest of YOUR constituents.

    Graeme Hall National Park has become a clarion call for the staunch middle class neighbourhoods of Ch. Ch. West. These are core BLP votes. If they are ignored on this issue I get the feeling you could be faced with a voter rebellion.

    I have said this before, I think you are one of the better representatives in Parliament. You need to come out strong on this issue, if it means breaking with the party hierarchy.

  2. John

    ….. a vote for the amended Physical Development plan will also mean the MP supports Greenland, and Apes Hill, ……. guess we know where the current interested party in Gregg Farm will put his X.

    …. and we will see if George Payne really feels Greenland is environmental madness

    …… and if Liz always felt it was wrong to go there in the first place.

    ….. then again, having broken the law for so long in not properly adopting the Physical Development Plan, I suspect Parliament just won’t get called upon to voted on it!! …. at least not so close to an election.

    The point yo make BFP is a telling point. A vote for the Physical Development Plan is a vote against:

    1) the Graem Hall National Park

    and a vote for

    2) Greenland
    3) Apes Hill

    Where will these clowns put their X’s??

  3. John

    Greenland was not on the previous Physical Development Plan and this fact was used by Mr. St. Hill in court to show that the PM had gone ultra vires in granting permissions for the landfill!!

    Apes Hill miraculously appeared in 1997 as part of the amendment!!!

  4. Justasking

    Good points John. Here is Mr. St.Hill’s letter as published in the Nation, drawing attention ot the legal and procedural deficiencies relating to THE PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN (amended 2003)

    GUEST COLUMN: Ardour gone astray

    Date December 03, 2006
    Brief GUEST COLUMN: Ardour gone astray

    THE PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN (amended 2003) for the island of Barbados, published as The Product Of The Environmental Management And Land Use Planning For Sustainable Development Project (sic) is best described by Marechal Bosquet’s remark on the Charge Of The Light Brigade – “C’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas la guerre” (It is magnificent, but it is not war).

    The elaborate product advertised at $200 per copy for public information is presumptuously unauthorised. It is not the prescribed document required by law, specifically Sections 11 and 6 of the Town and Country Planning Act Cap 240. It gratuitously presumes a revision of the Town and Country Planning Act which is clearly not in the remit of proposals for amendment of the Development Plan according to the very act.

    No reference is made or consideration given to the findings of the Commission of Inquiry appointed to hear objections and representations submitted in writing to the minister responsible for Town Planning in respect of proposed alterations and additions to the Statutory Development Plan which is in operation since March 1977 and as amended in August 1991.

    The minister responsible for Town Planning is clearly liable to censure for omission to perform the duty to secure consistency and continuity in the framing and execution of a comprehensive policy for the use and development of all land in the island in accordance with provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act as existing law.

    The Development Plan, as the comprehensive land use and development policy, makes provision for:

    * defining sites of public works and purposes;

    * allocating predominant uses to all land of the island;

    * designating land subject to compulsory acquisition for public purposes;

    * describing areas of comprehensive development for specified purposes (including slum clearance and relocation of population and industry).

    The statutory procedure for alteration of and addition to this policy is prescribed in Part III of the Town and Country Planning Act. This appears to have been studiously ignored by the “Environmental Management and Land Use Planning for Sustainable Development Project” team.

    The report of the Chief Town Planner required by Section 11 of the act has been omitted as the basis for submission of proposals to the minister for amendment of the development plan.

    The legal status of the plan is clearly defined by reference to the Interpretation Act Cap 1 of the laws of Barbados, which describes a Statutory Instrument as a scheme made under an enactment and approved by resolution of the legislature.

    The enactment (as Town and Country Planning Act) defines development plan as prescribed by Sections 5 and 6 (including the second schedule) of the act. The advertised product of the Sustainable Development Project does not satisfy or conform to the provisions of existing law.

    The foregoing observations have been brought to the attention of the appropriate authorities who have failed to acknowledge or respond.

    * This article was submitted as a letter to the Editor. The Al Gilkes Column will return next week.

  5. Pogo

    BFP. You have missed the point.

    If you examine Mr. St. Hill’s analysis carefully you will find that the Amended Physical Development Plan itself is illegal and cannot stand as good law. This is just another rush to cover up by the government and the DLP of the dirty things they are doing (last month they rammed through constitutional change in 6 days so here the betting is this one will get through in three). They are going to ram this illegal law through parliament in the same way to cover up their skullduggery.

    And then everything will go quiet until the election is over. But rest assured that because of things going on behind the scenes now they will start construction on the water park the day after the election. Doesn’t matter who wins, the fix is already in due to certain people’s pockets being filled with cash. Matthew Kerins continues to spend money on plans and designs. Why? Because he knows the start date will be within 12 months. The day after the election.

    The reason for the wait is that neither the DLP or BLP want to infuriate the 6000+ voters who have signed the petition for a National Park or the tens of thousands more who quietly support it. Voters are only there to be treated like mushrooms (keep them in the dark and feed them manure) until the day after the election when the the truth will hit that, once again, the politicians have favored payola over the wishes of the people.

    That day they will tell us that they have no choice because they must be guided by the Amended Physical Development Plan – the same one that they are ramming through right now- so unfortunately they have reluctantly decided that there is no National Park and therefore the land and the new plan mean that the Water Park is the proper use for the land.

    The good news, they will tell us, is that they will be putting a national park up there in the Greenland area. (Hold your nose please since the stench from the dump is almost as bad as the political odour).

    One way out of this mess is for our representative Dr. Duguid to do the right thing and stand up in parliament when this is being debated and ask for an honest answer regarding the water park, the National Park, and the future of the all-important Graeme Hall Watershed.

    The DLP, the loyal opposition, should do this job however they are already bought off on it because Clico, a land owner in the Graeme Hall area, is one of Thompy’s big campaign dollar contributors. And, after all, personal political contributions are more important than the wishes and needs of us voters.

  6. Feline contortions!

    It’s called..”There’s MORE THAN ONE WAY TO SKIN A CAT”

    and it’s lookin like Mr. Amerikin Water Park may YET get his water park – at Graeme Hall !!

    Like my Dad used to say
    “Bloody clever these Chinese!”
    our local equivalent may be
    “Bloody clever these BLP!”

  7. Rumplestilskin

    Fact is, the water park will not last long, Barbados cannot sustain its economic viability.

    Apart from the ruination of the area, the other concern is what happens when the waterpark fails i.e. who gets the title deeds transferred and the right, under the ‘residential license’ to develop the cheap land, thus making a profit when sold at market value?

    That is the other major concern and where the ‘real money is to be made’ from the sale of Government i.e. taxpayers assets.

    If such a time comes, we must demand to see the transfer documents and a full financial analysis and detailed explanation of how disposed of. In fact, if it ever comes to that there should be public auction of the land.

    Also, if it ever comes to that, we need to demand that Transparency International oversee the land transfer process.

    How about that?

  8. Patriot

    Feline Contortions
    That word you wrote with obvious distaste. I support the cause for Graeme Hall Sanctuary but resent your anti-Americanism. Would you please be so kind as to consider this?

  9. Rumplestilskin

    In fact, as we can appreciate that the good Ministers in Government are doing their best for the country and that situations such as this are merely misunderstandings, a better idea is that Government, to enhance its own reputation and to prevent future administrations from taking advantage of ‘beneficial’ situations, should immediately and openly invite Transparency International to review the reporting and expenditures of all major public projects, including those that have occurred in the last ten years and all those going forward.

    This action will clear the good Ministers’ names and depict them in a clear light and bring added confidence in their abilities.

    How about it?

  10. Rumplestilskin

    And further, how about the Leader of the Oppsotion coming out right now and committing to this process i.e. to have TI review all reporting and expenditures of Government projects and publish their opinion.

    How’s that for transparency and accountability and action on the part of our leaders to demonstrate their committment to the betterment of Barbados, to demonstrate that they are indeed will be a Government of the people, by the people and for the people?

    How about it?


    Comment by BFP Cliverton

    Never mind TI… How about publishing the raw supporting data under freedom of information laws so that citizens can examine expenditures themselves!

  11. Dukes Resident

    There is a group of residents in Dukes Tenantry, St. Thomas, who are objecting to a proposed plan for a race track next to the village, a drag strip, and car rally racing. We have collected over 300 signatures, and have written objections to the Chief Town Planner. Copies of all have been sent to the Minister and to Town Planning. We have not been acknowledged.

    The agricultural land plot in question, part of Vaucluse Plantation, has been made into a race track, and commercial activity is ongoing at the location, at Vaucluse St. Thomas, even though the development is illegal.

    We have objected to the plan to develop the track at the location on several grounds eg noise, dust, traffic, environmental pollution.

    No one is stopping this from happening. During the last 12 months the owners of the track actually paved the dirt track, even though the Town and Country Planning has not approved them to do this. This shows flagrant disregard for our rights, and for our welfare. They are going ahead, and who cares about the residents. They have the money, and the power to go ahead, even above the heads of government. We wonder why government is allowing this to happen?

    Since nothing was happening to our satisfaction, we wrote letters of protest to the Newspapers after they paved the track recently, but the papers refused to publish them. Nor will they do stories on us, or our plight.

    We are not middle class voters in Christ Church. We are villagers. But our case in question closely resembles Graeme Hall vs Water Park.

    The plantation in question is owned by supposedly reputable Bajan companies, one of whom is COWilliams.

    Why are they doing this to us? How can we make government pay attention and stop them?

    Can BFP help us in our plight?

  12. reality check

    The PM has the power and does in fact overrule the Chief Town Planners decision, many times based on other considerations and I can assure you they have nothing to do with the greater good of all Barbadians and the future. The Chief Town Planner has become a rather large eunuch. I hope he has been generously rewarded for his emasculation.

    The system has been seriously corrupted and the only thing you can do is demand that your elected officials from your parish take a position on integrity and accountability and throw them out.

    Keep your stories coming because apparently this site is dedicated to serious citizen concerns and not the sale of government advertisements to gain revenue.

  13. Dukes Resident

    We have taken our concern to the MP for St. Thomas, Ms. Forde, who has come out as against the establishment of the track at the site, and who says she is concerned about Dukes, and surrounding areas.

    Ms. Forde asked the authorities to stop the track. She went to the Prime Minister and asked him too. Shortly afterwards the matter was taken from Town Planning and now resides on the Prime Minister’s desk.

    This happened before they paved the track. This protest has been going on for some time. We informed Ms. Forde that the paving of the track had gone ahead, but still the other day they had an event there. All of this is illegal!

    We have tried all the regular avenues, and have come up empty-handed, which is why we are now here at Barbados Free Press. Will you please help us?

    The rights of the St. Thomas residents appear to mean nothing compared to the purchasing power of those who wish to do whatever they wish to do. No one seems to have the slightest consideration for the long-standing residential areas, and this Johnny come lately illegal development, with its antisocial, and very intrusive habits, is being put there against our wishes.

    It is not fair.

  14. Get In The Action

    Dukes Resident

    Both Newspapers regularly take story lines from BFP, so by turning to this site don’t be surprised to finally have your case published. It’s obvious that something fishy is going down if the owners of Vaucluse can feel so sure to pave this race track illegally, flaunting planning permission.

    It’s interesting that these controversial projects are happening in strong BLP constituencies (St. Thomas and Ch. Ch. West). Could it be that the top brass feel so secure about votes here that they can risk it. I get the feeling that these voters are getting fed up with being taken as a sure thing.

  15. Dukes Resident

    We have refrained from politicising this issue for approximately 12 months now. We have continued to ask Ms. Forde to re-request to the Minister, for this precise reason.

    We do not wish to seem political, and we are aware of the victimisation that happens in Barbados. We only want our rights to be protected by government- against illegal developers. It is Illegal what is happening!

    For our good manners we have received nothing in return.

  16. Dukes Resident

    Except for the illegal paving of a non-approved track, and racing with loudspeakers and super-charged cars.

  17. Citizen First

    Dukes Resident

    I share your concern. Do you share mine?

    Last night, I had to endure the loud booming of the bass of a sound system from 8:00 p.m until 3:00 a.m (approximately 7 hours). The migraine is only now beginning to go. Oh by the way, I can look forward to more loud music starting about 10:00 a.m and going on to about 2:00 p.m. (happens nearly every Sunday).

    What about the poor folks who live near the Stadium? Because of the noise from the shooting range and the noise of the various shows, the concept of peace and quiet in your home is foreign to them.

    Or the concerns of those dastardly middle class residents in the Graeme Hall area who fear the possible noise, traffic congestion etc in their area if the water park is developed ?

    Get used to it, I was told, just poor people enjoying themselves.

    Be prepared to be told that motor sport is the most popular sport in Barbados and all the wonderful things it does for us.

    My favorite, “Everyone wants to get to heaven but nobody wants to die” (said by certain Prime Minister in response to concerns made by citizens over the placing of a landfill).

  18. Straight talk

    Once Greenland is open and Mt Stinkeroo is reinstated, it will be an interesting planning tussle between Sandy Lane expansion and Black Bess’s racetrack.

  19. John

    Dukes Resident

    “For our good manners we have received nothing in return.”

    I once saw the following ” Blessed is he who expects nothing for he will surely not be disappointed”

    Raise your expectations, you don’t need to change your good manners, keep them, just raise your expectations.

    See my comments elsewhere.

  20. Dukes Resident

    In the Nation, Feb 19, 2007 in ‘Nationnews’, the Prime Minister is quoted as expecting to make a push for motor sport in Barbados after the cricket world cup.

    The article says that there is a ‘task force’ who is working with the PM on a proposal of feasibility on this, and that there will be a track in St. Philip. No one knows who the task force is.

    The article went on to state that there are presently 2 tracks; one at Bushy Park, and one at Vaucluse.

    The fact of the matter is that Vaucluse is NOT a track, as it does not have approval.

    Since the motor sport enthusiasts started to do the public relations job about it being such a popular sport for Barbados, we have seen the mass marketing of ‘sport mufflers’, so that even a regular car can try to approach the sound of a rally car. Carl Moore says the road traffic act speaks to this, but policing it is akin to entry to gated communities. Many ofyou hearethe significance of these things as you lie in bed at night time.

    By the way, I was almost knocked off the road last week by a real rally car testing itself out on the road between Content and Mangrove Pond, as it accelerated and wobbled around the two sides of the road. Then behind it a 10 ton truck, trying to keep up, was even more dangerous!

    It is without a shadow of a doubt that development of large-scale motor sport in Barbados, combined with the steel of the double-laned roads, the flyovers, and the expansion, will pave the way for increased loss of foreign exchange, and development of motor sport must also be considered within the above 2 paragragh’s contexts.

    Still, none of this helps at Dukes.

    All we want is a stop to the intrusive Vaucluse racetrack. As we understand it the track is run by Greg Cozier, and not Black Bess, but we stand to be corrected on this?

    No one cares about the residents of St. Thomas, who don’t have the big cheques. Please someone help us.

  21. John

    Do you care and what is the evidence to that effect?

    Light your candles!!

  22. The Essentials

    Dukes Resident, you will have to help yourself.

    I’m not saying this because I don’t care, I do, but nobody will care more about your situation than you and your community. You are worried about making this political, but it is already political because your political representatives are not listening to you. Start a newsletter, petition, make sure your representatives know that they better listen, or they will lose votes. Stop being so shy, because it doesn’t help your situation. Why don’t you get you and your neighbors to join one of the parties so that your vote in the party will be counted? You have to vote, and mobilize your community. Don’t ask BFP to do it for you, because all they can do is report what you are doing. Why don’t you give them events that they can report?

  23. Justasking

    BFP this Vaucluse issue seems like it deserves some illumination. Definitely a post of its own.

  24. jinx

    Last year Bathsheba residents were more than “peeved” when Government proposed to “develop”
    an area above the Tent Bay fishing village.
    They came with fancy Architectural designs and all of the excuses they could think of to convince the people that another “OISTINS” would be beneficial to the area. Strange enough when a resident asked
    the architect excactly how many square feet of the area would be developed , he said he could not answer that question…..Hummmmm???
    Will tourist travel here to see even more concrete in the shape of a glaring tourist center obliterating one of the most picturesque “look out ” points on the island? Right!
    Whatever happened to ” A quaint little fishing village” graced with a natural rugged beauty ?
    Was it no longer good enough?
    Cave Shepherd donated quite a tidy sum for this proposed ” Second Oistins” but after the newly formed committee secured the petitions against this , Cave shepherd withdrew the finances. All reports indicate that there has been no construction until present…. But for how long is Bathsheba free, until another “concerned for the people” big spender comes along? No one knows…..
    All this talk of Barbados becoming a “green country” … “Green ” clearly represents nothing less than POWER and GREED!!!

  25. Citizen First

    Are we heading to a violent response someday?

    Now I am NOT suggesting that the residents of Dukes take that route but the absense of efficient, transparent and democratic mechanisms for disputes/concerns/ competing interests to be examined and resolved may force people to go that route.

    Don’t talk about the law courts. In their PRESENT form these are slow to the extreme, expensive and less than transparent to the common man. Justice is for the rich.

    The absense of any commonly held and enforced philosophy regarding the dichotomy between the common good and individual rights allows the kind of idiosyncratic, ad hoc and ultimately corrupt management of our resources that passes for politics in Barbados (re the fatted calf comment although after the BLP there may be no calf since they are killing the cow).

    It seems the wicked and/or the powerful(and they are not all one and the same) take advantage of the placid, polite and meek nature of Barbadians .

    But every once in a while…even a mouse will bite when cornered.

  26. Hants

    Dukes Resident
    Your problem should be a warning to all Barbadians.

    Barbados is too small to accomodate any and everything.

    I love Rallying but I cannot support events like the ones at Vaucluse because of the effect the incessant noise will have on you and your neighbors.

    Racing and rallycross events are extremely noisy and should be very far away from residential areas.

    You should call Brasstacks and mention this situation every call just like the gentleman who calls in about the St.John Polyclinic.

    Also keep contributing to Barbados Free Press. At least you will get some exposure and some sincere opinions.

  27. John

    Dukes Resident

    Why don’t the 300 of you join both political parties, turn up at your branch meetings and vote the both incumbent party members out!! (Not an original idea)

    I’ll see what I can find in the Nation but I am pretty sure I saw that the election of a candidate to represent the constituency is routinely done based on less than 20 votes.

    I remember making a comment on such an election here on BFP last year. Think it was St. Lucy when O$A’s brother lost out.

    So in all probability, when you make your appearance with cap in hand before Cynthia Forde, your representative, you may very well be doing so before a person who got a few votes from her costituency branch to run for parliament and whose power base is shaky, despite appearances.

    By all means doff your cap out of manners, but do not give away the power you possess.

    Raise your expectations!!

    The people you are so wary of are cowards and cannot stand the light of day.

  28. John

    Dukes Resident

    Check this story and in particular the link to the news story!!

    The BLP represenntative was elected by the sum total of 26 people in St. Lucy!!

    Twenty five people however disagree and feel the representative should be the PM’s brother.

    That means, the BLP representative in St. Lucy can only muster a majority of 1 vote within his own party!!

  29. John

    Here is a trick question.

    Only answer this question if you have not read the above link.

    What is the name of the new BLP representative for St. Lucy?

  30. John

    ….. actually, it works even if you did read the link!!

  31. John

    ….. does anybody know how many constituents from St. Peter who are members of the BLP actually voted O$A to represent the party in elections?

  32. yatinkiteasy

    If the Water Park plan goes ahead when 6000 signatures in opposition have already been collected…I believe that any obstruction by citizens to the development (if it proceeds) is justified.

  33. Dukes Resident

    When the petition was launched we spoke to many people in the community. We discovered that there is some support for rallying in the area, especially from younger car enthusiasts; but even these individuals did not wish for it to be in the location close to us, and many signed.

    We have not finished the petition, and are expecting to cover more areas of the area concerned. We expect that we may well be able to raise another 300 signatures if we do the other half of the community.

    Interestingly, Liz Thompson, of the Environmental Protection Agency lives in Christie Village, which id dead down-wind from the proposed track. In this area there will be impacts, and we are hoping that she may help us.

    Everyone so far has said that we won’t get any help from the government. Is it wrong to pray for a miracle, where they might actually come out in support and protection of the residents?

    Or do you think we should get radical and fight? We have always held ourselves upright, and said that we would receive the governmental support, as we are correct and deserving of a peaceful community. How can we be wrong?

    On the other hand, the fact that we are here after waiting is proof that we are doubting. We just aren’t sure what to do. Some of the block men refused to sign and said that what we did wouldn’t change anything, and the racetrack people, with the big-up support would roll over us no matter what we did.

  34. John

    Dukes Resident

    Take over the BLP and DLP constituency branches by joining both, all 300 of you, very peaceful, very Democratic.

    Call on the current representatives to give their positions on matters affecting St. Thomas.

    If they give rubbish positions, one person propose a motion of no confidence in the current represendative of the party and another second it. Debate the motion and vote on it!!

    If you win, propose a member from your group to take over and back them to the hilt. Keep them accountable and you will get what you want.

    300 people will determine who gets to run for parliament representing St. Thomas kind of quick if the St. Lucy performance at the BLP meeting is anything to go by!!

    It will also encourage Cynthia and whoever the DLP representative is to take a position real quick. Remember, Cynthia may not have qualified for pension yet although she must be close to pensionable age.

    Somebody in the DLP maybe aspiring to get one too.

    On another note, do you realise that apart from Applewaithes there is not a single cane blade in one of the most productive high rainfall parish in this island? …. and this is also the catchment area for Portvale Sugar Factory!!

    Clearly somebody has a vision for St. Thomas unknown to the Physical Development Plan. Try and find out what it is and let us know!! Tell Owen too so he can get the Physical Development Plan amended to suit.

    BTW, who is the largest land owner in St. Thomas?

  35. John

    … PORTVALE replaced PORTers, VAucluse and Lower Estate sugar factories.

  36. John

    Rallying is probably the only sport in Barbados that enjoys the support of every person who still retains something of the magical fascination of racing cars and noise from childhood.

    …. it is also fun, but we need to get our priorities right here!!

  37. John

    … just a thought, if CWC could attract the number of rally enthusiasts to come to Kensington, everybody would be smiling!!

  38. Dukes Resident

    Last night between 11- 11.30 PM a rally car roared round the track and woke everyone up for quite some time.

    There is no consideration, no care, no thought to this.

  39. Citizen First

    Would it be possble to go out to the track say at 1:00 a.m. with a compressor or a back hoe and dig it up in a few places ?!

    Look don’t mind me, I know how you feel though. The resident D.J. (200 metres from my home) played at full blast from 7:00 p.m. to about 11:00 p.m. I don’t know how those closer to him put up with the noise.

  40. Dukes Resident

    Dukes residents are, perhaps unfortunately, respecting of the law. But we do understand your point of view. Sometimes I feel the same way.

    We wonder why, in a case where persons have broken the law, in constructing and developing illegally, and in disturbing our peace vengefully, that this can be allowed to occur.

    The file is on the Prime Minister’s desk, and he has the power. If only he would help.

  41. Trevor Williams

    Dukes Resident, there are laws being broken. You and your community gave the power to those in government to protect and serve, your petition and vote can take this power away if they do not do what is right and just.

    Being servile does nothing, and is harmful to the entire community.

    Asking “why” has become almost rhetorical, and does nothing to help your own plight.

  42. Dukes Resident

    One does suppose that elections are going to be held, and when they areheld, surely the residents will mark their x’s, as will everyone else.

    St. Thomas has been a BLP constituency since Tom Adams promised he would do everything for St. Thomas, even “bring the sea to St. Thomas”, and that was quite a long time ago.

    People who signed the petition were not asked which party they belonged to- only about the racetrack. So bearing in mind that many people in St. Thomas are B’s, and many are D’s, we do not declare a party affiliation.

    What we do show is which path is right, and which path is wrong. As time goes on people will come to decide which path to choose, including those who rule us.

    This is where we seek to make the change- and we wish to make it now, rather than hold the ‘x’ as a threat.

    Making threats is like using violence, which we have also rejected. We are very much fighting the cause of right, and this is why we continue to call the MP’s and the Prime Minister, perhaps monotonously requesting for the right thing to be done for US, the Dukes residents, their charges.

  43. Trevor Williams

    Dukes Resident, your actions and thoughts are gracious and I have great respect for them.

    However, experience tells me that graciousness and repeated good manners may not make a difference. You and your community are obviously the best judges of what works, as you will be living with the result. I’m an old and some say ill-mannered farmer who is not inclined to underestimate the capacity of our elected government officials to betray those who elected them.

  44. Get In The Action

    Dukes Resident

    I have absolute admiration for the integrity and dignity you display with quiet resolve. However I fear you will have to become more agressive with your complaint if you are to make a change. The owners of Vaucluse are among the largest land developers in Barbados. They are getting permissions to carve up agriculture land for residential use, all over the island. They obviously have great influence on decision making. Your community needs to embarass your representative and the companies that sponsor this race track, into action.

  45. Dukes Resident

    We don’t care about residential, although the land is good for agriculture.

    It is the race track we are protesting, as this is tremendously disruptive to our lives.

  46. Dukes Resident

    Thinking further regarding residential developments and Dukes, there is still the issue of our loss of right of way, and the water problems. But that is yet another story to tell. It is a real Dukes sandwich.

  47. True Native

    Dukes Resident: I feel your pain, as I’m sure most of us here do, but I get the impression that you’re a little “backward in coming forward”. A bit timid. A number of suggestions have been made on this blog and I think you should take them up. But you need a bit more spunk. You can’t pussyfoot around these issues. Remember what the Mullins agitators achieved? Good luck.

  48. Angonia

    I am joining the protest of the racetrack at Vaucluse. I am expecting that those voted into positions will step up to the plate and face the ball even if they make duck. They have to live with themselves before and after the money is spent and money can make you comfortable but it does not guarantee happiness and all should remember that.

    Village life used to be quiet, serene, low traffic. Today it is busy, dusty, noisy – yeah let’s emphasize noisy because at 11:30 a car can be heard going around the track at Vaucluse and I know that I was not having an out of body experience. It was real!

    It is personal. Should it not be? Can this person be stopped? Who’s going to do it? Is anyone in charge of this island or are we free to do what ever we want as long as we can buy it or pay for it? I want to know.

    The politician overseeing matters in St. Thomas often refers to a comment made about her graduating with only scripture – therefore there is no need to remind her that Jesus refused all that Satan offered him on that mount – Jesus obviously considered what he stood to lose, rather than the immediate wealth, power and personal gratification.

    Let’s think outside the box – I encourage all to look at the recent progression of things – we witness the disgrace and humiliation of our police force. The Milleniums treat the police with contempt! I say ANARCHY! ANARCHY!

    Still Agnozing

  49. True Native

    Angonia: “Is anyone in charge of this island or are we free to do whatever we want …”

    This will make the third time I am stating on this blog site that THERE IS NO ONE IN CHARGE! Anarchy? Almost there.

  50. Dukes Resident

    After reflecting about the adviceposts, it would appear that Dukes protest needs the help of a legal mind. This person would be a non-political, civic-minded individual who would have to be prepared to work for free, with a view to satisfaction in knowing that he or she has done something very valuable for a group of people in need.

    If there is anyone, please post your name and contacts. May you be blessed with peace of mind and satisfaction, and receive that which you pray for.

  51. jinx

    To Everyone concerned;

    This is not a neither a “Dukes” problem, nor a “Graeme Hall Sanctuary” problem (and the list seems to be growing).
    This is EVERYONES problem….
    How long before “it” (developments in the name of “progress” power and greed) slaps ALL of us in the face?? It is happening already!!!
    Don´t you feel a tad claustrophobic driving along the west coast these days? Where is the ocean? “Windows to the sea”? Practically thing of the past……..
    We live far enough away from Dukes not to be affected by obnoxious rally car engines but close enough to elsewhere to experience noise as a “public assault” on our wellbeing!

    These issues…. AFFECT US ALL………..

  52. Angonia

    Agree with all of the above. These problems are all ours whether we live on the west coast or central.

    What we need to do as citizens is to change our thinking/attitude towards politicians (who by the way are imperfect humans) and adopt the attitude that if they no longer work for the majority (who happen to be native and mostly poor) that they can expect to be voted out. Look at St. Lucia’s recent polls.

    Let’s mobilize and get the job done. They can start tallying their pensions.

  53. liz

    Jinx and Angonia

    “This is everyone’s problem”
    “These issues affect us all”
    “Let’s mobilize”

    Who will mobilize the people?

  54. Dukes Resident

    We have carefully read the suggestions, and are considering our actions. We do have the option of legal recourse, though we prefer a halt to the project. Don’t you know they are continuing to build those roads and pave them, widening and fixing?

    One commentator suggested suing the government. Though no one has said so, we also have option to sue the developers and owners of the land for damages. And we retain this option, if it gets to that; and we might well receive justice. Maybe they will move Dukes to Apes Hill tenantry?

    There is already a great pressure from the powers to stop this protest, but we believe that the power of right will bring the truth out.

    The newspapers still won’t help; in fact they play a role in promoting motorsport, and suppressing our efforts.

    The people are growing tired of waiting.

    The politicians won’t help, and it really is so hard to understand the motives, the whys and the wherefores. Where once we supported them, now you hear people in the parish saying they protest. Lack of action, and grass roots reaction.

    “How long?” We heard it in the 60s in the battle for civil rights.

    “How long?” We heard it in the Bob Marley song.

    “How long?” How many times do people have to put a case for righteous justice right before those in power, and receive the response of victimisation and silent condonation of the illegal?

    How long?????

  55. jinx


    I´m suggesting that if and when the Dukes Residents decide to “take action” , some Barbadians should
    drop the “it en my problem” attitude and take a stand with these people. Goodness knows we need to watch each others back in these times……..

  56. True Native

    Jinx: I agree wholeheartedly. Right now they are a voice crying in the wilderness and seem to have no one to turn to. It IS our problem – all of us – and we should do whatever we can to help them.

  57. Rumplestilskin

    ”The newspapers still won’t help; in fact they play a role in promoting motorsport, and suppressing our efforts.”

    We in Barbados now need to remember that we are ‘globalised’.

    Thus, in the same way as our corporations are ‘globalising’ we now also have the recourse of ‘globalising’ i.e. there are international papers to which we may send our stories and letters, such as London Times, Ny Times etc.

    They may not print, but if they think one worthwhile they may.

    Such may be considered unnecessary and useless, but anything to create pressure on those who refuse to listen is a viable alternative.

    The international media may also ask the question of why is this person sending letters to us, do they not have their own media…and that will start some balls rolling. And international pressure is the strongest of all, other than direct voters rights. So unless you can get around the ”it ent my problem” thing, the next best thing is international media.

    Additonally, organisations such as Transparency International could be looked at, these are becoming very important internationally and may be able to assist, if not in changing the actual decisions made, but in ensuring that any special benefits that are given to specific groups are brought into the open, to ensure that such are above board.

  58. Dukes Resident

    During the past days we have moved from a group that thought it had absolutely no support to one that realises that fair-minded community members ARE behind us. It is so very heartening.

    We apologise to the Graeme Hall group for entering your domain to promote our cause, but hope that we can receive your support. Please keep supporting us.

    Thank you to all the writers for your expressions and for your kind words. It means a great deal indeed. We look forward to building more awareness about this illegal racetrack.

  59. Get In The Action

    Keep the pressure on. Come together as a community and force the policians (both parties) and the press to recognize you. I think you can tell you have a lot of support on this site.

  60. liz

    Jinx & True Native
    Ref: Graeme Hall and Dukes and many others
    You are right – these problems involve all Barbadians.
    There are a lot of people who if galvanised will stand up and be counted. Remember the march in BTown?
    Bajans sometimes need a push.

  61. Dukes Resident

    Rally Barbados is presently running, and yesterday we had rally at Vaucluse in the evening unscheduled.

    In today’s Nation News we see the remaining schedule for the event on page 5, and an ad created by the Barbados Rally Club, sponsored by Big Bajan Business propagandising that the even raises 2 million.

    Undisputed that it raises cash for the economy I would like to insert some observations:

  62. Dukes Resident

    Hit the wrong button

    To continue with observations:

    1) Vaucluse is an illegally run track. It is not approved.
    2) Big business in Barbados is arrogant enough to support it by a full page ad, page 41 Nation. And of course there will be no repercussions, because it is understood they are above us and better than us.
    3) Big Bajan Business therefore supports illegal activities.

    It would have been just as easy to have the events at Bushy Park, which would have been legal. Dukes Residents are slapped in the face by Big Bajan Business, the Bajan business public of Barbados. SHAME.

    We are appealing to the government and the media to help yet again, and we are apealing to the general public not to go there and pay admission. Please boycott the final races at Vaucluse’ imaginary raceway.

    Go to Dukes hill and watch it for free if you have to. Williams tried to buy it but couldn’t get through.

    Enjoy the pieces of silver, all the rich rally patriots who generate this dirty money at our village’s expense.

  63. Thistle

    Dukes Resident: Apart from boycotting the event (which you know WON’T happen), what else can I, or any other citizen who cares, do to help? Is there a petition we can sign? It’s all very well for people to sympathise in comments on this blog, but I would be willing to help in a more constructive way – with ACTION. I think it is a disgrace what has happened at Vaucluse.

  64. rally enthusiast

    Many thousands of Bajans love motor sport.

    Was the “shake down” yesterday at Vaucluse unscheduled?

    Rally Barbados is a huge event attracting competitors and their families and followers, spectators and film crew from all over the world.

    I agree that the raceway, if illegal, should be closed down.

  65. Dukes Resident

    The Barbados Rally Club, by supporting the people who continue to run an non-approved track, are also “Judas” with regard to Dukes, an innocent, law-abiding, patriotic village in Barbados.

    BRC please stop doing this immediately. None of the objections have been responded to, addressed and/or concerns have been ignored by all the powers.

    We will email the petition to BFP and ask to post it.

  66. Chase

    I am a rally fanatic ,I must admit but if this track is indeed illegal then it should be closed.
    I really dont see this happening though for a number of reasons.
    This track ,with its design is one of only two in the world right now with the other in Britian.
    Secondly, with the amount of competitors climbing every year both regionally and internationally,it has become a big money earner to some therefore… talks.The international teams bring a lot of supporters with them who fill up the hotels on the south coast every year (another feather in Mary’s cap).So now there will be talk of sports tourism and visitor arrivals which adds up to foreign exchange for the island.
    While I love the sport ,I understand the fustrations of others who desire some quite…maybe somewhere we can strike a balance.
    This weekend lots of communities are going to be invaded with noise and fans.

  67. Dukes Resident

    Frustrations and anger. That is exactly what it is.

    And exasperation that no one is helping from the high places.

    It is as if we are a commodity to be bartered; and discarded; against their profit margins.

    Can this be right?

  68. Chase

    Of course it is not right.
    When the dollar is involved,right or wrong becomes a matter of how much.
    I wish you all the luck with your petition and hope you really get some action but one just have to look at the sponsors of the same rally and see what you are up against.

  69. Chase

    The people who can help you are in the pockets of the ones who are creating the problems.

  70. Fred

    Dukes Resident you are right when you say that those in authority turn a blind eye, I have been trying to get Minister Rawle Eastmond for weeks now in connection with a matter such as the barrier at Colony Club erected by Blanford and Chains / Gate at Porters erected by Fearless the barrier at Queens Fort Drive erected by Mrs Sixt but much to my regret he fails to take any calls, it is very sad when politicians that we pay to do a job for us become so arrogrant and callous that they neglect the ones that put them in power in the first place.
    It must be demonic and diabolical forces at work here preventing him from responding to our needs.

  71. jinx

    Dukes Resident ,

    Surely in ” other countries “, people opposed to such nonsense as this would see to it that the “road or route” was somehow blocked off . The newspapers would have a field day with that one. Some people might even risk being arrested for obstructing this illegal activity. (I am not suggesting by a long shot that any person or persons put themselves in physical danger), anyway, we are not that kind of people.

  72. Wishing in Vain

    where and what does William Duguid have to say regarding Greame Hall water park he is sly mongoose he is