Naked News: The documentary. Barbados Health Minister Inniss about to become world famous?

New television series features part of Barbados Government Minister’s online porn empire

by BFP staff with a tip from ‘Miss Delicia Delight’

The porn industry connections of Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss are about to be thrust into a worldwide spotlight with the upcoming television broadcast of a new eight-part documentary series The Naked Truth: The Naked News Uncovered.

Health Minister Donville Inniss

The documentary looks at Toronto-based Naked News, an internet news channel that bills itself as “the news program with nothing to hide”. The news channel has a simple formula for programming: Beautiful women take their clothes off as they read the day’s news stories.

The AllScreen Entertainment documentary films production is already sold and scheduled for Canadian television broadcast in 2013. Award-winning producers Allan Novak and Barri Cohen say “With a crazy cast of sexy women, an overbearing (and ex-nude anchor) boss and an oddball crew of directors, writers, editors and designers, The Naked Truth: The Naked News Uncovered is sure to be an entertaining half-hour full of humour, drama and (naked-but blurred out) truths.”

BFP’s source, ‘Miss Delicia Delight’ says…

“Those dramatic naked truths could include how Naked News and the porn industry connections of a Government Minister became an issue during three Barbados general elections – including the one about to be called by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.”

By a strange coincidence the documentary will be in production during the coming Barbados election. Already there are rumours in Bim’s film community that the Naked News girls will be ‘vacationing’ in Barbados when Minister of Health Inniss is in campaign mode.

The naked un-blurred truth about Donville Inniss, Naked News and Barbados Politics

During the run-up to the 2008 election campaign, BLP Member of Parliament Mia Mottley raised Naked News as an issue as DLP candidate Donville Inniss ‘had been’ the founder and sole director of EGalaxy Incorporated in June 2000, the company behind with the Toronto-based Naked News production. DLP Democratic Labour Party supporters minimized the damage and sought to deflect the Barbadian news media in a number of ways that combined humour and a “nothing to see here, folks” message with not so subtle threats under the nation’s strict defamation laws.

“On May 4, 2001, Mottley said Inniss disclosed he was resigning right away (from EGalaxy Incorporated & Naked News) but in fact he did not resign until March 1, 2002, ten months later.
 Against this background, Mottley said (DLP leader) Thompson had endorsed Inniss as a DLP candidate and was talking about morality and integrity and calling for integrity in public office.

“I say to you that as leader of the DLP, his mere endorsement of a candidate whose involvement was stated in THE NATION newspaper, prior to his becoming a candidate, tells you that it is all talk and all about winning power in this country,”

… from the January 4, 2008 story in The Nation: Mia: DLP last to speak on values (full article under ‘Further Reading’)

The issue died during the final days of the 2008 campaign because most folks thought Naked News was more humorous than pornographic, and voters believed that Donville Inniss had left Naked News behind in 2002.

Donville Inniss associated website: Pregnant women porn at

The Dark Side of the Porn Industry: Human trafficking, money laundering, sex with animals

As it turned out, Donville Inniss was involved in much more than Naked News. A series of articles published by Barbados Free Press showed that as late as 2011 through his companies and under his own personal name, Donville Inniss was still part of an international online porn empire that was far different from his original Naked News.

Barbados Free Press documented in 2011 how Donville Inniss and his associated businesses were still involved in the creation and internet broadcasting of video porn and live porn performances under a host of different categories including teenaged girls, pregnant women, group sex and people having sex with animals.

How much DLP Campaign funding was porn industry profits?

Barbados Free Press found that fees collected by Inniss internet sex businesses like flowed to many offshore banking centres including Switzerland. This international flow of funds by Donville Inniss associated companies in Barbados and elsewhere raised a potential for money laundering.

“Did Donville Inniss and his associated businesses properly declare all internet porn revenues in the various countries where the revenues should have been declared?

Have any profits from the Inniss-associated porn empire found their way into the DLP’s election campaign funding?”

Those are good questions that, unfortunately, the Caribbean news media has never asked.

Sadly, either through fear of lawsuits, loss of government advertising or other reasons, no Barbados legacy news media has covered the Inniss porn empire story even though Barbados Free Press has posted copies of business records online that prove every word we’ve written about Donville Inniss and the porn industry.

Barbados Free Press has challenged Donville Inniss on several occasions to explain or refute our stories. Like anyone who wishes to comment upon our stories, we would publish a response from Mr. Inniss with full prominence and no editing. So far Minister Inniss hasn’t taken us up on the offer.

We’ve also mentioned that Mr. Inniss has not approached our internet hosting company WordPress to demand that our articles be taken down. Mr. Inniss will not do that because he knows that everything in the articles is backed up by the business records we collected online, and that those records are still there in the internet archives for serious researchers through internet archives.

Will the Naked News documentary television series cover the story that twelve years later, one of their original founders is having to explain his porn industry association to voters in Barbados? Will the Bajan news media continue their cover-up of the history and extent of the Donville Inniss porn empire?

Let’s see if the Bajan legacy news media has any integrity left.

Only one named journalist in Barbados has had the courage and integrity to ask Inniss directly: Ian Bourne of The Bajan Reporter, and Inniss responded with an attack.

Further Reading

AllScreen Entertainment (television series producers)

BFP, July 16, 2012 Barbados Health Minister attacks journalist over questions about Minister’s porn business profiteering

BFP, July 2, 2011 Barbados news media covers up Health Minister’s teen porn connections

BFP, June 27, 2011 Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss: King of Pregnant Women Porn?

Here is The Nation story from January 04, 2008…


THE DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY (DLP) has no moral authority to talk to the Barbadian people about values and integrity.

Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley stressed this during her address to a large crowd gathered at the Bay Street Esplanade for the official launch of the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) 2008 campaign on Wednesday night.

She said DLP leader David Thompson’s endorsement of St James South candidate Donville Inniss was testimony to the fact that the DLP did not really care about values and was power hungry.

Stating that people in Barbados seemed to have short memories, Mottley said she wished to remind them of an important event back in 2001 when Inniss, as a businessman, was identified in the operation of an Internet website that featured nude broadcasters.

Holding up an enlarged copy of a 2001 SUNDAY SUN newspaper article, Mottley said the story dealt with a Barbados-based offshore company, managed by Inniss, that operated

She said the site had an average of six million visitors per month, and was among the world’s fastest growing Internet sites, but the operations of the Canadian company EGalaxy Incorporated, managed locally by Inniss through his own company Global Overseas Limited, had come under scrutiny.

“When questioned about the site, Donville Inniss would only say: ‘I am not privy to disclose any details about EGalaxy Inc.’

“He didn’t say he didn’t know. He didn’t say what it was about, he just said that he was not privy to disclose details,” Mottley told the crowd.

She said Inniss was the sole director of the company which was formed in June 2000.

On May 4, 2001, Mottley said Inniss disclosed he was resigning right away but in fact he did not resign until March 1, 2002, ten months later.
Against this background, Mottley said Thompson had endorsed Inniss as a DLP candidate and was talking about morality and integrity and calling for integrity in public office.

“I say to you that as leader of the DLP, his mere endorsement of a candidate whose involvement was stated in THE NATION newspaper, prior to his becoming a candidate, tells you that it is all talk and all about winning power in this country,” said Mottley.


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21 responses to “Naked News: The documentary. Barbados Health Minister Inniss about to become world famous?

  1. Anonymous

    I’m really upset Inniss did not use my dog in his films…just for that I ent voting for he.

  2. 23 years

    I belive you bfp when you say that you have the business records etc to show that Inniss was or is seriously involved with the porn industry. The money laundering is a given after that if you say payments for the websites went to Switzerland.

    You think Inniss reported that Swiss income on his Barbados income? Not a chance my friend. That’s why I say the money laundering is a given.

    I believe you too when you say that if what you wrote is not 100% true Inniss could have it taken down.

    The big question in my mind is why the Barbados news media don’t report this and do the research themselvess.

    Glad I live in the USA for 23 years instead of Bim.

  3. caribeye

    In the early 70’s The Nation Newspaper made its name and earned a reputation for serious reporting, on its founding, by investigating and pursuing stories that brought to light the secret stories behind the news in Barbados. The Nation, as a result of its agressive and fearless reporting (they faced plenty lawsuits and lost many too!) quickly became the number one read news sheet in Barbados and in Bajan communities abroad.

    That’s why it is now ironic that here’s several stories that can be investigated and, if the BFP is telling the truth, can be backed by documented facts so the fear of litigation against the news medium is minimal. For example:
    Story 1. A politician who is a member of the Cabinet of Barbados may be dodging income taxes at a time when Govt. needs to increase its tax revenues. How? By not declaring revenue offshore in accounts in Swiss and other banks. Cheating the public purse? Hypocrisy? Do as I say, not as I do?
    2. Fraud. By declaring only some sources of revenue and not others said politician is declaring and submitting fraudulent tax returns.
    3. The said politician is part of a Cabinet that makes and sets policy on moral issues fir the collective good of the country but owns or has investments in pornographic websites of which, according to the BFP, documented evidence exists.
    4. Human trafficking, of which Barbados is a sovereign signatory to the abolishment of this trade that captures and sells boys, girls (minors) and young adults is a major source of the participants or :actors” in these film productions. (Read “Illicit” by moises Naim. Get it at or similar). Said Cabinet member forms part of a Barbados Government that repudiates publicly this trade in human beings. Conflict of interest and morality?

    We could go on with more story angles but it is very hard to see a now mainstream Nation News not follow thru on these and several related story angles and by their pursuit and follow up bring down this politician who represents the health of our people. Do the actors in his business films wear condoms and/or practice safe sex, for example? In most other western democratic countries the media would outdo itself to bring to light the politicain’s shameless hypocrisy and tax avoidance. What happen Nation? Advocate, you frighten of repercussions too? Even with documents to prove what you report? Let me hear some other views please.

  4. Divine Appointment

    Are you saying Donville is a pimp?

  5. de jay

    The porn industry is like anyother, if he is involved and no laws are broken…what is the issue. the other media houses don’t report it..mainly because no one CARES!!

  6. WWMLKD?

    Yes Mr. De Jay: The online porn industry is like any other business that engages in human trafficking, the degradation of women and money laundering.

  7. 'andyandy

    Caribeye makes a lot of sense but in his final paragraph asks if the actors practice safe sex using condoms – I’m not sure that sex with animals is ever going to be safe, condoms or no condoms!

    de jay’s comment that ‘no one cares’ is a little presumptive, surely most decent people, regardless of their interest in porn, must agree that it cannot be right to have a minister of the government actively involved in profiting from sex with animals or youngsters.

    The porn industry is and should be associated with immoral people doing things that are innappropriate in public, and in a lot of cases inappropriate in private as well – not government ministers.

  8. Anonymous

    This news never makes it to the main stream media ??? WHY ???

  9. Divine Appointment

    Are you saying his is a sleasy pimp?

  10. 2

    Donville…my dog is blessed with a massive member…call me nah.

  11. Observer

    So Donville made his money as a Director of porn companies based in Canada, his wife was also “employed” by them. He rich rich so what. He got money so he can be arrogant…

  12. Class

    Donville wife has some money in Florida. Wheres else? The money from the porn goes all over the world and none to Barbados that I see. Go to his Orgasm website and pay some money it goes to Swiss and Panama for some service. Not Barbados.

  13. Proud Bajan

    I find this whole saga so dispicable. Since 2001 the BLP pimps have been after Inniss over this crap. Do you really believe that anyone, especially someone who was so opposed to the BLP could have been involved in such business and be allowed to survive jail under Owen Arthur,

    I watched this same crap played out during the last election. Obviously Inniss and his family must be made of very strong stuff to have ignored BFp and the BLP on this bullshit.

    If BFP has credible information, why not share it with the DPP or the Police?

    Tell us about Mia beating women; tell us about OSA and the millions he owes his wife for divorce settlement and the houses he has around the place. Tell us about Johnny Chentleham and his deals. Tell us about David Simmons and his corrupt practices. Tell us about Sandra Husbands and her lesbians. Tell us about David Thompson and his estate or about Johnny Tudor and his land deals.

    I dont know what Inniss has done to the anonymous folks behind BFp, but it obvious very personal. Why dont you reveal the skeletons in your closet BFP? I admire Inniss for staying focussed and ignoring his detractors. If you have the proof, come public and stop hiding behind fictitious names.

  14. we have no recourse in the caribbean against perverts, predators and pedophiles since they so deeply embedded in the system and bajans seem to delight in keeping these evil activities secret even when they perpetrated against flesh and blood. tine to jail them, they get jailed everywhere else. glad to see clarke exposed, even old age has not deterred him since he got away with it for so long. wake up people.

  15. Rastaman

    @proud bajan:You seem to know a lot.Please enlighten us morons.

  16. Rastaman

    @BFP :Is there a problem with my comment?

  17. BFP

    Hi Rastaman,

    Found it in the spam bucket. Don’t know why but I gots it for you.


  18. can smell political low lifes and douche bags from miles away. the truth is starting to make the nest of vipers writhe in discomfort. so many names called, so many more to call. keep up the pressure and expose the morally corrupt retards.

  19. island

    not cool

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