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Barbados Tourism Authority Chairman Adrian Elcock: We’re trying to be like St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Elcock talks a good game, but what’s with the negative results in the latest tourist arrival stats?

by Passin Thru

“I think what we’ve been doing is trying to make Barbados a cool place to be…

The Grenadines is what tourism is to St. Vincent. It’s cool. You know you can go down to the cay, or whatever and have that little charming getaway. We’re trying to create that same aura here”

BTA Chairman Adrian Elcock starting at about 5 minutes and 45 seconds into the YouTube video CROP OVER 2012 – Adrian Elcock, Chairman, BTA – ZYNC TV

No kidding. That’s what BTA Chair Adrian Elcock says at about where we’re going with our tourism. Yes, he says much more than that and a lot of it is good and good concepts and ideas.

But what about the implementation? Where are the positive results?

We are in trouble.

Barbados tourist arrivals down 12% despite Crop-Over. July cruise ship arrivals down 37%


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Barbados tourist arrivals down 12% despite Crop-Over. July cruise ship arrivals down 37%

We’re in trouble – no doubt about it.

by Passin thru

Statistics might be a science, but the use and presentation of statistics is an art – sometimes a liar’s art when politicians and other government people have a stake in those statistics or results.

The tourism statistics have arrived comparing July and August 2012 and year-to-date against the same periods last year in 2011.

We are in trouble. Big trouble.

Last I heard tourism was the foundation of our economy. Last I heard, we and our great great great grandchildren are on the hook for billions borrowed to prop up the last two governments, but we don’t have much to show for the crushing debt except some photographs of parties and a useless $150 million dollar hole that was supposed to be the Greenland dump. Last I heard the current DLP government is still borrowing like crazy and it’s all going into general revenues or other supporting programmes to keep the wheels turning and the lights on. It’s not like we’re borrowing money to buy assets or to create income: it’s all going into the mist where there are no specific measurable goals and the results of the spending are impossible to quantify or even point to.

But some things can be quantified and so we come to the July and August tourism statistics.

My oh my! What a disaster.

Stats reveal some things I didn’t know before

We are always told in the news media in sort of a general way about how the UK is our main tourism market, and then Canada, then the USA etc.


Have a look at the statistics below. The USA is actually our largest single country source of tourists, or at least it was until things dropped off the edge in 2012. Canada provides less than a third of the long stay arrivals that the USA does.

So why couldn’t we keep that vital Dallas-FortWorth connection? Why can’t we load one airplane a week out of the cold midwestern USA during the winter?

Smile at tourist today where ever you meet them.

Make small talk. Bend down and tell their children you’re so happy their folks came to visit. If it works out, maybe invite them to walk or talk to them for five minutes about some little piece of history they probably don’t know. Give them something positive to remember about Barbados and Bajans that makes this place special from the last island they docked at.

I remember when things got really really tough in the late 1980s and we got behind in the payments for the truck. And if the truck went there was no job and no income. It was as simple as that. Dad announced that he was going to set the alarm clock one hour earlier, start work an hour earlier and work one hour later every day. Over the course of his six day working week that was another 12 hours of work. He said he’d have to work longer and work better too, to make it through those tough times. He had to keep his customers happier than they had ever been before.

Dad did what he had to do and we kept the truck. Barbados needs to do what Dad did in the late 1980s.

The Statistics – Read ’em an weep




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How Ikea implemented Islamic Sharia law

Women removed from Ikea Middle East catalogue so not to ‘offend’ Muslims

If you really want to know what Islam is all about, don’t bother to read what we or Muslims say about Islam and the Islamic laws called ‘Sharia’. Just have a look for yourself at how Muslim majority societies portray and control women.

Then read the Koran to see where all this oppression comes from, for the Koran is the source of the societal standards we’re talking about.

Read the Koran about how a woman’s worth as a witness in court proceedings is only worth 1/4 that of a man. Read in the Koran how husbands are allowed to beat their wives. Read in the Koran how men are allowed to divorce their wives in contrast to the rules for women wanting a divorce.

Make up your own mind as to whether Islam is compatible with a free and democratic society and the values that most Barbadians hold.

Ikea deleted women from Saudi version of catalogue

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Ikea is being criticized for deleting images of women from the Saudi version of its furniture catalogue, a move the company says it regrets. Comparing the Swedish and Saudi versions of the catalogue, free newspaper Metro on Monday showed that women had been airbrushed out of otherwise identical pictures showcasing the company’s home furnishings…

… continue reading this article at YahooNews: Ikea deleted women from Saudi version of catalogue


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