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Marketing Barbados tourist product: Is a refreshed image enough?

Almond Beach Club tries to re-invent itself

By BFP reader Check-it-Out

The IMF’s Barbados 2011 Article IV Report includes the following – on page 17. In referring to the 2.6% increase in tourist arrivals in 2010.  “Overall the growth in arrivals was enhanced by intensified marketing, air lift capacity expansion in source markets, due partly to the introduction of low-cost carriers, and a number of sporting events in Barbados.”

It later states “Barbados needs to continue to reinvent and expand its products, while engaging more in marketing”

I am happy to report that there is a 1/4 page joint Elite Island Resorts Caribbean/Air Canada Vacations ad on page A12 of the Toronto Star today, which features 2 properties in Antigua, 1 property in St. Lucia, and The Club Barbados. The price for 5 nights at The Club Barbados in mid January, including a spa credit and 3-day car rental, is CAD$1,499.00 plus $117 taxes and fees.

So, I went to Elite’s website to check out The Club Barbados, and discovered that Elite has reinvented the Almond Beach Club and Spa as The Club Barbados.  They could not have done any major reinvention work in the short time they have had it, but it looks like they have spruced up the tired old Club; and they have presumably done some staff training so their guests will feel welcome. And, they are engaging in marketing.

As the Barbados Flying Fish logo does not appear in the ad, it suggests that BTA has no involvement. I may just book the deal – and be able to walk to the Sandy Lane beach and hang out with the rich and famous on a pauper’s budget,

It has been suggested by some bloggers that the hoteliers in Barbados should stop depending on BTA to bring guests to Barbados’s shores and their properties, and do their own marketing. It seems that Elite is doing just that. In surfing around Elite’s website I came across the following page… Continue reading


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