Donville Inniss ignores his own sex-industry profits to chastize Jamaica Gleaner

Donville Inniss associated website: Pregnant women porn at

Donville Inniss associated website: Pregnant women porn at

Minister of Industry and International Business has convenient memory lapse

Barbados Government Minister Donville Inniss

Barbados Government Minister Donville Inniss

Barbados Government Minister Donville Inniss was part of the lucrative online sex business for years. He profited from websites where desperate pregnant women and teenagers performed sex acts for money.

Inniss also profited from websites showing humans committing sex acts with animals.

You know we couldn’t say this if it wasn’t true folks. Our WordPress hosting company would take us down faster than a rum disappears at Oistens on a Friday night.

DLP Democratic Labour Party government member Donville Inniss has a long and sullied history of internet sex profiteering. Mia Mottley first brought this up years ago, but the Nation and the other Barbados news media protected Inniss by ignoring the big story and only writing about the ‘Naked News‘ website in a humorous manner. The Bajan news media made no mention of dozens of disgusting porn websites that formed part of the Inniss online porn empire at the time.

The only Bajan journalist who has ever seriously questioned Minister Inniss about his online sex business is Ian Bourne of The Bajan Reporter.

You can find a list of BFP’s Donville Inniss online sex articles here: Questions about Minister’s porn business profiteering

Now Inniss has launched a “scathing attack on a Sunday Gleaner editorial” where the Gleaner supported the Nation staffers charged with child porn.

At the same time Barbados Home Affairs Minister Adriel Brathwaite reminded folks that ‘Not everyone involved in transactional sex is doing it willingly‘. That’s true: many of the men and women at the Inniss sex websites are quite desperate. It’s a wonder that Minister Brathwaite can sit in the same room with online sex profiteer Donville Inniss.

You should read The Gleaner articles at their website, but because so many news articles are taken down or changed we have to reprint the whole thing here:

‘Mind Your Own Business And Look At Rot In Jamaica’ – Bajan Minister Blasts Gleaner For ‘Political Undertones’

Gleaner, November 19, 2013

A BARBADOS government minister has launched a scathing attack on a Sunday Gleaner editorial, telling the newspaper to take its nose out of Bajan affairs and concentrate on the “rot going on in Jamaica”.

The fiery reaction stemmed from the editorial, published this past Sunday, on the controversial arrest and charge of three employees of The Nation newspaper in Barbados for publishing a story and photograph of two 14-year-olds having sex at school.

Bajan Minister of Industry and International Business Donville Inniss described the editorial as shameful.

Said Inniss, it is “one of the nastiest pieces of editorial work which I have seen in any media house in the Caribbean”.

In relation to the arrest and charge of the journalists, the editorial stated: “We hope there are no political undertones to this matter, and that it does not imply an attempt to rein in The Nation’s feisty independence.”

The editorial added: “That would be sad and a reversal of that country’s historic tolerance of, and government respect for, free and independent media.”

However, in response to The Gleaner, Inniss said: “So I say to the editor of the Jamaica Gleaner, mind your own business and look at the rot going on in Jamaica. Barbados is in good hands.

“If we cannot protect our babies and grannies, then we are not worth our existence. That is my position.”

Inniss, the parliamentary representative for St James South, was addressing the regular monthly meeting of his Democratic Labour Party (DLP) constituency branch.

He charged that the Jamaican newspaper “sought to give the impression that there was something political; some political mischief involved in the Royal Barbados Police Force bringing charges against senior staff at the Nation newspaper over a recent publication”.

The Barbados government minister stated that the director of public prosecutions in his country was not under any political dictates from anyone.

He said Barbados has a “very independent judiciary” and “under the DLP [administration], members of the DLP have been prosecuted and persecuted”.


He added: “I cry shame when I can see an editorial in one of the leading newspapers in the region [seeking] to give the impression, in defence of their colleagues here in Barbados, that there may be something political about it and the government of Barbados is seeking to stifle and muzzle freedom of speech in this country.”

Last Thursday, publisher Vivian-Anne Gittens, Editor-in-Chief Roy Morris and News Editor Sanka Price were released on BDS$5,000 bail after appearing on charges of showing an indecent picture of two minors in the Saturday Sun.

The trio were also ordered by Magistrate Wayne Clarke to surrender their passports and appear in the Criminal Court No.2 on March 11, 2014.

The charges stemmed from the October 26 publication of an article and accompanying photograph based on the Facebook posting of a video captured on cell phone of two students having sex in a classroom.


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17 responses to “Donville Inniss ignores his own sex-industry profits to chastize Jamaica Gleaner

  1. Caswell Franklyn

    Why do you think that Adriel Brathwaite or any one of his DLP colleagues would take offence and not sit with Inniss. It would appear that they see nothing wrong with Inniss’ conduct. And judging from the fact that Inniss was successful at internal party elections for the post of General Secretary, neither does the extended DLP family.


    Crooks can do no wrong,

  3. robert ross

    The fellow has lost the plot but then there is no-one more rabid than a convert. Hello Caswell…are you looking for peace and quiet?

  4. proudbajan2

    Caswell Franklyn really has no moral authority to comment on anyone’s character. I agree with Inniss view on the Gleaner’s editorial.

    I further respect and admire Inniss for ignoring BFP and their constant attacks on him and linking him with porn. Why don’t you nameless and faceless hypocrites come out publicly and say the things you do.

    Talk about the Chairman of BLP being a lesbian and the GS of BLP being gay.

    To what extent does Bajans give a shit about such.

    Get real BFP/Ian Bourne.

  5. D Oracle.

    Bajans think the majority of politicians are sleazy pieces of dog feces…we need to get a better sort involved in public life and flush ALL these runaway turds.

  6. Truth is Truth

    BFP didn’t link Inniss with porn: Inniss linked Inniss with porn. BFP published public documents including trademarks in Canada and USA showing that Inniss was directly involved with an online porn empire. Inniss chose to be involved. Inniss refuses to come clean with voters about how much money he made and if he is still involved.

  7. Truth is Truth

    proudbajan2 sound like de man Inniss himself!

  8. porn star

    Minister Inniss probably regrets his long association with the online porn industry, but not enough to fess up (not that his confession is needed, for there are lots of facts and evidence published showing his porn industry profiteering).

    How much money did the DLP and Inniss campaigns receive from the porn industry? How much of the Inniss election campaign funding come from his porn profits?

  9. Caswell Franklyn


    I would like to suggest that you publish the affidavit that was sworn by Inniss in his defence when his company was being accused of posting information on an underage girl on one of his sites. Maybe then some of the doubters would be convinced.


  10. just want to know

    proudbajan2, remember that some of your ministers are homosexuals & lesbians as well, so don’t throw stones when you have glass windows.

  11. Back in Time Jack

    Inniss is a porn king buller? Is his boyfriend M Yearwood not a slut shared by Sealy and others?

  12. Beefcake

    Both the Gleaner and Inniss are wrong, and are both probably intentionally misleading readers.
    At the end of the day, what The Nation Newspaper did was wrong in publishing that photo. The Nation could have carried the news story as a headline without the inclusion of the picture. Their use of a photograph (or even if they did a drawing) depicting minors engaged in a sexual act is child pornography by international standards. This isn’t about freedom of the press, this is about exploitation and using sex to sell copies of a newspaper and using sex to sensationalize a story.

  13. Rastaman

    @back in time jack: Please tell us more . who is this M Yearwood?

  14. Jon Holmes

    Adriel is quiet because he handles all of Pornville’s legal work for the dirty websites (which make ripping money), he lucky Bourne did not slap him with that at Cave Hill the other night! Bourney get him cruel so bad, asking for Dottin’s firing and all! LMBAO 😀

  15. Snake Venom!

    Ive had occasion to deal with Minister Innis on two or three occasions in the past. And this much I’ll say, “this guy is a bag of feathers and wool”. Talks up a good game, but I fear that he’s only real interested in his own agenda, whatever that agenda is.
    This much I will tell the goodly minister. Take a leaf out of the good ole Colonial book that we like to read and reference so much which speaks to how a businesses in Great Britain can be set up with a Credit Card, an Internet Connection and Laptop /tablet PC. If the minister really wants to show value, he can start by embracing ICT for the purposes of moving his ministry and by extension, the country forward. If he’s really serious and desirous of doing this, he already knows the companies and individuals that have been knocking at his door for sometime now who can plan, strategize, engage and deliver results.
    Suffice to say, none of those individuals are sitting in the Ministry of the Civil Service on a pseudo-gold throne, mis-managing monetary assets under the pretense of providing value,(Mr Gold and Green eyes, slithery thief!)and nothing of value has yet emerged for the last seven years!
    Donville. Put your money where your mouth is! Show value Donville! You can own your porn kingdom all you want and are accused of having, but if you are making waves in your ministry, the likelihood that Barbadians will indict you on your extra-curricular activities ain’t likely at all!

  16. Mac


    “Talk about the Chairman of BLP being a lesbian and the GS of BLP being gay”.

    Being gay is not illegal, profiting from the porn industry is. That is the difference. I do agree with you however, if it is true, it should be made public. It does make one wonder why none of the press here will touch the story.

  17. Mac

    @kentucky Bone Cracka.

    Subtitles please!!!