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Harlequin posts H Hotel construction video – “Seven guys trying to look like a busy mob” ?

by Doing Alright

The ongoing saga of Harlequin Resorts property developments in the Caribbean and Asia long ago became a contest of dissatisfied and worried investors claiming that the progress of various Harlequin projects doesn’t match the millions upon millions of dollars ‘invested’ vs. Harlequin’s efforts to calm fears and show satisfactory progress. When projects are years behind schedule continuing excuses and blaming local governments for holding things up only goes so far.

Barbados Free Press recently featured some photos of Harlequin’s H Hotel project on the island that showed little visible construction progress. (See here and here)

In apparent response, Harlequin posted the above video on YouTube. I count seven construction workers throughout the video and few wide angle shots that would reveal the true extent of worker activities at the site.

Have a look for yourself, but my sense of this video is that it is seven guys trying to look like a busy mob. I have never worked in construction but this doesn’t seem to be a healthy and vibrant construction worksite to me. I wonder if BFP’s readers have any other interpretations of this video.

Barbados Free Press Editor contributes…

Harlequin’s sales representatives Assets International recently published H Barbados Update for October that says the following…

“We recently visited the hotel site in Barbados (11th October 2012) – below are our photographs for you to enjoy – currently onsite there are 54 construction workers with supervisors and architects – the current construction is on sections A, B and C. Huge amounts of underground work has been carried out with deep piling for the existing structure and new phases, in all this will be one of the leading hotels on Barbados and in our opinion the “leading boutique hotel” on the island. The site is on schedule for opening in 2013.”

“54 Construction Workers” currently onsite ?

Have a look at the photos and you’ll certainly see progress from the above video that was posted in September, but whether the progress is reasonable for ’54 Construction Workers’ currently onsite, we’ll have to leave to other more knowledgeable people. The update promises that H Hotel will open in 2013. As recently as January 2012 Harlequin was promising a 2012 opening.

What is the truth? Once again we at BFP are no experts, but we remain unconvinced that H Hotel can be a functioning resort anytime in 2013.

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