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International Monetary Fund presses Barbados to devalue the Barbados dollar

UPDATED November 5, 2013

Preparing the population for devaluation?

Once again there are calls for Barbados to devalue its currency – this time from the Inter-American Development Bank.

There’s talk on the radio and in some of the local rags. How will devaluation impact me? Will more tourists come? Will imported food go skyrocketing or will homegrown food crops rise again?

I don’t trust anybody anymore. I just know that things are not going to get better anytime soon. Here’s what Marcus wrote about this time last year…

Original article published October 31, 2012…

Devaluation: How would it impact me?

“To most of us in the Caribbean, it does not seem rational to impoverish yourself to grow your economy. To us, it is obvious that is what devaluation implies. The point is not so obvious to Americans and Europeans.”

… Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados

We’ve been saying for several years that things are not getting better, and that the future on Bim isn’t pretty. The best and brightest of our young people regularly pack their bags for the USA and the UK if they are at all able – and who can blame them?

Want to know what the future will bring? Have a look at what your Members of Parliament are doing. Duguid is headed for Canada. Donville Inniss family maintains property, business and finances in the USA. Those gentlemen aren’t stupid, you know.

Bajans have been living high – way too high for our productivity. That’s true for us as individuals and it’s true for the country. Now those chickens are coming home, and they are some thin chickens.

An interesting press release by the Central Bank of Barbados that we haven’t seen in any of the local papers. Did we miss it?

It seems obvious that Bim is now under some pressure from the IMF and others to devalue our dollar that is currently pegged to the US dollar at two for one.

Should we devalue? What does that mean for me? What does that mean for my children?

“What good will devaluation do if we don’t address the lack of productivity, the degrading tourism environment and the prevalence of corruption in public service?”

Sometimes there isn’t an easy way out…

Central Bank of Barbados : Press Statement


The issue discussed at the breakfast meeting with the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and the President of the World Bank was whether devaluation was beneficial for small economies. Madame Lagarde was of the opinion that a devaluation of the Barbados dollar would make our tourism more competitive and help our economy to grow. To most of us in the Caribbean, it does not seem rational to impoverish yourself to grow your economy. Continue reading


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Rats, Round-up herbicide and Genetically Modified Corn

What is happening to our bodies?

Everybody has an agenda, but the wonderful thing about the internet is that information is no longer restricted and controlled by ‘official’ gate-keepers. As a sovereign human being I am able to examine all the information and then make up my own mind.

What do I think about genetically modified organisms? I’m not sure yet… but I’m getting nervous with the more information I receive from all sides and from the observations I make myself.

Not that it’s related to GMO corn or Round-up, I am curious about the apparent drastic reduction in the age at which females usually experience their first menses. One of the girls in our extended family is just entering puberty. She’s eight years old, just turned.

Tell me if I’m wrong folks, but I don’t think that happened twenty or thirty years ago, at least not with the frequency we hear about now.

What is happening to our bodies… and why?


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