St. John by-election January 20, 2011 – Will Mara run for David’s seat?

Mara Thompson probably will, but where is Owen Arthur?

Governor General Sir Clifford Husbands dropped the writ today for St. John. Nomination Day will be January 5th and the vote will be January 20th. The Parliamentary seat has been vacant since the death of Prime Minister David Thompson.

A few observations by Clive, assisted by a goodly tot of Bim’s finest dark…

  • Will Mara Thompson run? I wouldn’t bet against it.
  • If Mara does run, anyone else is fish bait. Even if she doesn’t run, the seat is still safe for the DLP. “BLP sacrificial candidate, please step forward.”
  • Where is Owen Arthur? Memories of when the Cricket World Cup turned into one big rotten fish head, “Goin’ wid Owen” looks like the Invisible Man lately.


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15 responses to “St. John by-election January 20, 2011 – Will Mara run for David’s seat?

  1. rasta man

    She would be foolish to run for the seat seeing that she has three daughters to look after by herself.Politics is nasty business

  2. Anonymous

    I rather agree..

  3. jack spratt

    The tot of rum talking….

  4. Crabbie

    I would be rather disappointed if she does run for the St. John seat just ask ourselves who next keep the seat for her daughter next … think the people of St. John are still in the dark ages or as my grannie also said BACKWARD people you telling me that we CANNOT find in Barbados one person that born and navel string buried right here to run in St. John what does that say for them …not much because he was a good man his wife will be the same think again.

  5. Lady Anon

    I would be disappointed if Mrs. Thompson does run for the vacant seat in St. John. Coming from a family with a political background and being married to a politician, Mrs. Thompson has first hand knowledge – I think better than anyone – how politics entrenches itself into the fabric of one’s existence.

    There are other candidates, I believe, who would be able to sacrifice all that is needed for a successful political career being the representative for St. John.


    St. John people are so ignorant that the best they consider for themselves is the wife of the late PM so that their daughters can inherit the St. John seat. Talk about Cawmere crew ruling things and nepotism. Bajans just plain stupid and this government spoke of all the ills, corruption, underhanded deals and look what them doing, THE SAME SAID THING, non of them politicians different, NDP, BLP or DLP

  7. Flavour of the Month





  8. dawgster

    If she runs and wins, the people of St John and Mara deserve everything that happens after that.

  9. David G. Brooks

    The number of people from St. John that I hear from – usually over-heard from strangers – that they are feed up with the DLP not doing much for St. John over the years, I have to wonder about the voting results or the calibre of the average St. John voter.

  10. David G. Brooks

    Just browsing past election results back to the 60’s and St. John has voted DLP by no less than 3,000 voters (well one year was a few less than the 3,000), but the point is that for half a century that has been the case, even at times when there have been major swings away from the DLP nationwide … no other constituency (DLP/BLP) can boost that level of support for one party consistently like that.

  11. Liberal

    To Mr Brooks,I have always been amazed at that point that they complain that Barrow and the DLP did very little to develope the constituency in keeping with the rest of Barbados but turned out in their numbers to vote for the party.You can ask what do they really want?As I said AMAZING nowhere else in Barbados could this happen.It is passed on from generation to generation.Maybe the present Minister of Youth Sports and Family,himself a St John man can explain.

  12. Anonymous

    i am happy too know that maria thompson won the seats of st john. she has the knowledge and god will give her the strength and will to perform . god’s blessing and strength to her.

  13. hi mara this is one of your d.l.p voters in st.john

  14. crabbie

    What has happen for the St.John people so far nothing Mara is going to enjoy all that clico money that her husband left for her and the children.