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Breaking: Murder at Brighton Beach, Barbados

UPDATED: December 9, 2010 4:17am Bridgetown

– Victim is Governor-General’s Brother-in-law

– Died in “frenzied attack” while out for morning beach walk and sea-bath

– Police say robbery is not motive. Victim may have seen something.

Photo courtesy of Barbados Today: Elderly man killed

Nation News: Elderly man succumbs to stab wounds

Original story…

Fred Parris, 90 years old, stabbed to death – body found at popular beach

Was the elderly resident of Stanmore Terrace, Black Rock, St. Michael murdered at the beach or at another place and then dumped on the path? Paros are not unknown at Brighton Beach during the night. Continue reading


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Please visit our friends at… Nishi Restaurant in Holetown

Click on the banner to see one of the finest restaurants in Barbados!

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Did Owen Arthur move on Mottley because PM Thompson was about to die?

The Nation covered up their own reporter’s question

“On the evening of October 18th at BLP’s HQ in Roebuck St, a reporter from the Daily Nation posed a very interesting question to newly-blooded Opposition Leader Owen Arthur of the BLP…

If then Prime Minister David Thompson was not in a severe state of illness, would Arthur and the other 4 BLP MP’s have decided that now is a good chance to change who is holding Opposition Leader post? (Prime Minister Thompson died just 5 days after the making of this video…)”

Read the whole story and see the video of Owen Arthur’s reply at The Bajan Reporter story: Nation Newspaper of Barbados ignores crucial query from their own staffer to new Opposition Leader, Owen Arthur – WHY?


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Idiots at Nation Newspaper still publishing computer game image as real photo

The next time The Nation talks about professional journalism, show the editor this article

Once again the professional editors and journalists at The Nation published a screen shot of a computer game as a real photo to illustrate a story about Barbados’ Grantley Adams International Airport. (Nation News: Cheaper GAIA)

Not only that, the Nation stole the copyrighted photo from a Swedish website and is using it without owner’s permission. We mentioned The Nation’s previous use of the same photo in our article Nation Newspaper publishes computer game screenshot as real photo of airport!

Come on guys! Send the kid out to the airport to take a few shots and use those as your file photos. The Nation really hasn’t been the same since a group of core staff quit and went to Barbados Today. Continue reading


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Barbados will never be a cheap vacation destination – but it can be a bargain.

Adrian Loveridge’s new column at The Nation makes it clear that Barbados has a reputation for being a higher priced destination and that we must do something about that.

We agree with his analysis, especially in this economic climate, and we also believe that delivering a quality product is far more important than chasing after the bottom-feeders of the “somewhere warm and cheap” market segment. As we’ve pointed out many times, there’s lots of sand, sun and water in the Caribbean and we’ll never compete with Cuba, the Bahamas or Mexico if price is the only factor.

That’s why Adrian is talking about value. He is correct that there is much that we could be doing to maximize arrivals and occupancy rates by focusing on value for the money – and he knows first hand about delivering a quality product for a reasonable price. That’s his Peach and Quiet Hotel shown at the top of the page – an establishment that has one of the highest occupancy rates in the country and a loyal fan base from around the world.

As always, Adrian’s latest newspaper article is well worth reading…

TOURISM MATTERS: Value for money great marketing tool

VALUE FOR MONEY is a frequently used phrase, but I wonder, from a tourism perspective, if we fully exploit it as a marketing tool or mission statement. Continue reading


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Remembering the old Casuarina Beach Club

Casuarina Beach Club Retrospective

The last time I was in Barbados (September 2003), I stayed at the Casuarina Beach Club. Located about ½ mile south of the busy tourist hub of St. Lawrence Gap, the Casuarina was an absolutely wonderful place and had done so much towards community tourism and safeguarding the environment. It was only 1 ½ years later (in Spring 2005) that the Casuarina closed up shop and the property was sold to Almond Resorts. In my Eulogy to the Casuarina Beach Club, I discussed my feelings towards this hotel in detail.
At this time, I would like to share some memories with you of this special hotel in a short video that I put together. Enjoy!

… from Calypso Island Chronicles: Eulogy for the Casuarina Beach Club

Our thanks to an old friend who sent us this video and said “This almost makes me cry. This clip was sent to me by a friend who used to visit Barbados in the past. They have planned to visit Barbados this winter and won’t find the ambiance that used to bring them back to Barbados.”


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