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Viral video: Christmas flash mob sings at Canadian shopping mall

Give thanks to a friend for sending this Christmas video. It was just the lift I needed today.

Large shopping mall in Canada. Food court with a couple of hundred people munching away at lunch.

And then…


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Barbados Jazz Festival cancelled. Barbados Tourism Authority last to know.

“It’s all over but the crying”

The 18th annual Barbados Jazz Festival has been canceled, but no one told the Barbados Tourism Authority. The story is breaking over at Barbados Today.

“No comment. I will be issuing a press release shortly and that will speak for itself.”

…Gilbert Rowe of GMR International Travel Inc., sponsors of the festival, said tersely on Friday afternoon.

“My relationship with the producer of the festival is such that I would think he would let me know,”

… President and CEO of the Barbados Tourism Authority David Rice.

The website of the Barbados Jazz Festival is still up and making promises, but according to Barbados Today, it’s all over after 17 years…

Barbados Today: Singing the blues


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