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Winnipeg Canada police arrest 55 drunk drivers since December 3rd. Barbados police arrest…?

Traffic Division Inspector Blades: How many drunk drivers did Barbados Police fail to stop?

With about double the population of Barbados, the city of Winnipeg, Canada makes for an interesting comparison when it comes to arresting drunk drivers.

Since December 3rd, the Winnipeg Police have stopped 1,422 vehicles in their annual month-long Christmas crackdown on drinking and driving. So far they have arrested 55 drunk drivers, of which 51 were male. The average age is 34 years old.

During the same period the Royal Barbados Police arrested this many drunk drivers… Continue reading


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Tourism Matters: New flights to Barbados from RedJet, WestJet, JetBlue, GOL/Varig and American give hope for 2011

Let’s target some new markets and work hard in the New Year

by Adrian Loveridge - Small hotel owner

Fair competition is a wonderful thing and personally I don’t think it’s anything to fear. Hopefully soon the necessary operating licences will be granted and the prospects of seeing some reduction in the cost of intra Caribbean travel will become a reality.

And how exciting to see the international aviation registration of 8P emblazoned on a Barbados based aircraft and the generation of new on-island employment in this sector.

Even before REDJet takes commercially to the air, the limited competitors have already been galvanised into action. The Trinidadian carrier, Caribbean Airlines, taking half page newspaper ‘ads’ pointing out a choice of seat classes, complimentary drinks, meal or snack, in-flight entertainment and the fact that you can earn miles, amongst other possible differences or benefits. Ultimately, the consumer will have a choice, as to whether they prefer more affordable travel or the once almost standard perks. Continue reading


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