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The Sparman Affair: We print Dr. Ishmael’s letter for which he was suspended and sued.

Can Barbados handle the truth… whatever it is?

A copy of Dr. Richard Ishmael’s letter along with 16 other pages of information has been received by every newspaper and blog in Barbados and who knows where else. All anonymously sent, of course.

We’re going to start by printing Dr. Ishmael’s 3 page letter and then see where we go from there.

The letter contains allegations against Dr. Sparman, the Minister of Health and others – and also reveals a past complaint against Sparman that appears to have been covered up. We blacked out the name of a patient and the patient’s wife who both figure prominently in the story.

Remember that as a result of Dr. Ishmael sending the letter, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital suspended Dr. Ishmael and, according to many Barbados physicians, put many critically ill heart patients at serious risk. The letter raises many large and important questions, but our main concern is for the well being of the heart patients who are still at risk because their doctor is suspended.

See our previous article for some background: The strange case of Doctor Ishmael and Mister Sparman

Here is Dr. Ishmael’s letter. The downloads are about 200k each page…



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