Choose the Top Barbados News Stories for 2010

UPDATED: January 2, 2010 3am Bridgetown

We’ll leave the survey up until 7pm, Monday, January 3, 2011 – then we’ll speak to the results.

Time to vote!

We’ve based our survey choices on the discussions over the last few days, and now it’s time for you to vote for the finals.

Pick your top 3 stories that matter to Bajans…

Original story…

What makes a story important to Bajans?

As we think back on the past year there are big news stories that immediately come to mind: the untimely death of Prime Minister David Thompson, the Campus Trendz fire deaths (above), the CL Financial/CLICO disaster and a few other happenings.

There is a saying in the news business: “If it bleeds, it leads”, and these big stories reflect our interest in compelling stories of disaster, tragedy or single momentous events.

It is also true that we give less attention to good news, no matter how important. The recent development of new tourism markets through direct flights to Brazil and Dallas, Texas is a huge piece of good news and reflective of very positive changes in the management and promotion of our tourism industry. The Brazil/Dallas story is tremendously important to our economic foundation and future, but it does not draw our interest and our emotions as much as a single case of mass murder in a robbery gone bad. That is reality because we are human, prone to emotion, empathy and sympathy with others.

Big stories draw interest, but we shouldn’t forget that there are many smaller stories that, upon examination, are part of a larger picture and that’s why they are important.

A single lawyer found guilty of stealing money from offshore clients is an interesting story of the day. By the time the fifth lawyer in six months is arrested, we realize that something bigger is happening. When the head of the Barbados Bar and the Judges start trading verbal punches in the local newspaper, you know that there is a huge story: all facets of our Barbados legal system are in big trouble.

We sat down last night and in about three minutes listed the following news stories that came to mind. Now that I’m about to publish the list, I see a few omissions, duplications and smaller stories that are part of a larger picture. Pay that no mind – we’ll publish the list and invite our readers to add to it. We’ll then make a final list and let our readers vote.

What are the top news stories of 2010 that matter to Bajans?

In no particular order, here’s our draft list…

– CL Financial / CLICO Collapse, Bailout & conflicts of interest, Failure of government regulations, Missing Billions
– Failure of the DLP Government to implement Integrity Legislation, Freedom of Information Act, Conflict of Interest rules.
– Political Corruption
– Lack of civilian oversight and accountability for Police. Secret withdrawal of bribery charges against Sgt. Paul Vaughn.
– Failure of government to hold corrupt officials accountable
– Death of Prime Minister David Thompson
– Economic Crash & Tourism Industry fallout.
– Six die in mass murder fire at Campus Trendz Boutique
– Price of food.
– Road Deaths, No Breathalyzer laws, inadequate traffic enforcement.
– Too many cars for our small nation.
– Barbados sells its UN vote to China.
– Flooding due to failure of the drainage system
– Expansion of Tourism into new markets in Brazil & USA
– Chief Justice SIR David Simmons resigns, BLP Loses control of Supreme Court
– Investor Concerns, Lack of shareholder rights, lack of transparency, hidden agendas by insiders, unfair land expropriation
– Broken Court System
– Police Corruption & Incompetence
– Broken Hospital and Health System
– Environment: no environmental legislation, wholesale development without putting Barbados first.
– Haiti Earthquake, Refusal of Barbados to take medical cases, refugees.
– Lack of truly independent professional news media
– BLP Leadership Fight – Mottley vs. Arthur vs. ?
– Crimes against Tourists
– Violent Crime Rise
– Police wiretapping, abuse of authority.
– Need for a serious 3rd political party


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19 responses to “Choose the Top Barbados News Stories for 2010

  1. d'truth

    #1: Fire downtown 6 die.
    #2: PM Thompson dies.
    #3: Crime.
    #4: Over development.

  2. passin thru

    1. Crime increase.
    2. No anti-corruption laws.
    3. David Thompson passes.
    4. BLP leadership fight.
    5. Tourism numbers down.
    6. Cost of living, food, energy.
    7. Queen Elizabeth Hospital falling down.

  3. “2010 – The Year That Was: Equestrian, Healthy Fast Food, Barbadian Crime – plus a Mini-Glimpse at 21st Century’s 1st Decade”

  4. Politically Tired

    1. No anti-corruption laws.
    2. David Thompson passes.
    3. Cost of living.
    4. Queen Elizabeth Hospital .
    5. No Breathalyser laws.
    6. Tourism.

    Ian Bourne! you having a laugh surely.

  5. @Pol. Tied; What are you referring to?

  6. Flavour of the Month

    By election is January 20th 2011

    Owen Arthur
    where are you ?
    are you in Barbados ????

  7. BFP

    Hi Ian,

    Over the last few days we’ve noticed your website going up and down like the skirt of one of Clive’s old girlfriends. Can’t get in right now (8:32pm Bridgetown).

    Do you know about it?

  8. Working all today & now, just checked – the server had to be rebooted yesterday, may need too reconsider who I use as a Server again? Sigh! When I am not sure I go here…

    For Politically Tired (BTW), my stories I reviewed are based on Comments, Youtube hits and Facebook shares – not using tired old formulae of month and year etc.

  9. bajandave

    Here are my choices in no particular order.

    1: Campus Trendz fire and murders.
    2: Prime Minister David Thompson’s death.
    3: Owen and Mia’s power struggle in the BLP.
    4: Sam Lord’s Castle fire – a piece of Barbadian history goes up in smoke and no one seems to care.
    5: Continued inaction at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – an environmental disaster waiting to happen.
    6: Still no breathalyser testing in Barbados.
    7: Jippy Doyle’s prison sentence coming to an early end.
    8: CLICO drama.
    9: VAT increase for the holidays.
    10: Alleged gun incident at Parliament.

  10. Jack Bowman

    Aren’t you forgetting …

    Elderly Cleric Says Youth Must Strive (always a front-page exclusive)

    Man You’ve Never Heard Of Visits Barbados For Two Days And Gives Unremarkable Speech At The Hilton (usually saved for page 3)

    Kid You’ve Never Heard Of Does Something Marginally Interesting At Sporting Event For Children (tends to be a below-the-fold front-page teaser with big pics on page 3)

    Woman You’ve Never Heard Of Gets Award From Company She Works For (you’ve never had any contact with that company, but it’s “news” anyway)

    MASS MURDER IN TOWN! (always front page, please turn to page 14 to learn that the town is actually in Mongolia)

    “Be True To Yourselves”, Says Elderly Cleric You’ve Never Heard Of To Group Of 11 Year-Olds (guaranteed front page, more details inside)

    Man In Suit Says Something Dreary That Everybody Knew Anyway (tough one; could be a front-pager or could be page 4, depending on whether it’s a slow news day and who bought the full-page ad for page 3)

    Martians Land, Plan To Take Over Earth. Human Life Doomed (page 29, after the sports section, and definitely after “Somalia Airways Considering Direct Flights to Barbados! Airlift UP!”)

  11. bajandave

    I forgot to mention earlier, the Bjerkhamm shooting incident. What’s the latest on that?

  12. BFP

    @ Jack Bowman

    I love it! Good smile, Jack. Thanks

  13. Politically Tired

    @ Jack Bowman as BFP love it! @ Ian Bourne, didn’t mean to sound insulting! but that list is not your choice then? what is your list?

  14. My 3 main stories for 2010 is – David Thompson’s early death, the Campus Trendz 6 Tragedy and how this has changed Barbados’ crime scene & the Gang of Five’s behind the back maneuvering to remove Mia Mottley – the MP for St Michael North East – as Leader of the Opp…

    (If Owen was not REALLY looking to be Opp Leader again, then he could have simply told Mia Mottley what Payne, Toppin, Marshall & Gline Clarke were up to and quelled the move instead he chose to go with the flow with poor Mr Thompson’s health as a possible incentive – see my video with Wade Gibbons’ question the Nation never published)

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  16. travler

    CLICO…number 1 story in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013,2014, 2015…..because every person in Barbados going to be paying and wondering for a long time why they are paying so much tax.

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  18. repeat visitor from Canada

    I’d said crime is NO. ONE. When we arrived two weeks ago there was an armed police operation around our modest seaside villa at about 10 pm (think of camou-sway-cops with giant submachine guns) and no explanation about what was going on except that we were to stay inside (of course). The next day the overturned boat and motor on the sand were the only signs that “something” had happened. Nothing in the media. Two weeks later the motor is still there in the sand. But this afternoon when we were sitting in front of our villa someone snuck in, a big guy with dirty feet, due to what I saw on the carpets, and managed to steal my blackberry, money, camera, etc. RIGHT IN FRONT OF US (or in back of us because I was sitting 8 feet away reading a book). The front door was locked, but why do we have to lock the back door when we’re there? I think the operation took two minutes. The whole incident smacks of lawlessness, which no one can protect themselves against. Do we have to stay in some gated place or go to another island? This is the first time in 20 years anything like this has happened. The beaches of Barbados are crumbling and so is the social fabric and security. Not just for repeat visitors like myself but for Bajans, too. What do you think? I’m really angry tonight, what a beginning to 2011. We’ll have to cut our stay short due to the money that was taken too.

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