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Spark of the Day! Trinidad’s future cricket champion

At two years and five months old, Luke strikes terror into the opposition!

Give thanks to Georgia Popplewell and her Flickr collection.

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Environmental essay contest for Bajan students 9 to 18 years

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary announces

$4,000 in Cash Prizes will be Awarded for Best Environmental Essays

The first Annual Environmental Essay Contest for students ages 9-18 was announced today by the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary.

Sponsored by the Canada-Barbados Environmental Youth Awards Programme (CBEYA), the Essay Contest promises $4,000 in cash prizes for the top six winners, plus gift certificates for Honorable Mention winners. Continue reading

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Rumours of Crimes: Sandy Lane gunpoint beach robbery

Updated: December 4, 2010

Report confirmed: Barbados Today builds on our story and gets confirmation from the Royal Barbados Police Force that two tourists were robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight on Sandy Lane beach. If the mega rich aren’t safe at Sandy Lane in the middle of the day, pray tell me who is?

How much serious crime goes unmentioned in the Barbados news media?

Here are two of the emailed crime alerts currently making the rounds in Barbados. Folks must use an abundance of caution when receiving or forwarding these types of alerts because as we’ve seen in the past some of them are bogus.

If the Royal Barbados Police Force published crime report summaries online for citizens to see instead of dishing out a few “hot” stories to the regular news media like you’d reward your doggie with a biscuit, citizens could be informed straight from the source and make their own decisions with good information.

Instead, we are forced to rely upon tweets and emails from neighbourhood organizations because the police don’t do their job and alert citizens to high crime areas… until there is a body or a tourist hurt.

Anyway, here’s today’s emails talking of crimes that were never reported in the news media. Did they really happen? We think so, but we’re only ordinary citizens so our masters at the police don’t allow us access to the truth unless it suits their agenda.

Crime #1

Sandy Lane Property Owners Association ADVISORY

This advisory is to alert all SLPOA Property Owners and Residents that a daylight robbery has occurred near our Beach Facility. Continue reading


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Please visit the Barbados Road Safety Association

Click on the banner to visit the BRSA website.

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