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Neighbours cleaned up for filthy Almond Casuarina Beach Resort

A legacy lost as Almond Resorts says goodbye to sustainable tourism and hello to piles of garbage.

Back in 2005, the National Geographic Traveler wrote a super-positive article about the Barbados Casuarina Beach Club and the sustainable tourism award they won the previous year…

“The Casuarina Beach Club, profiled below, won the 2004 World Legacy Award for General Purpose Hotels and Resorts. A joint effort of National Geographic Traveler and Conservation International, the World Legacy Awards encourage sustainable tourism.

Experiencing a sun-kissed, palm-fringed Caribbean beach for the first time can be like getting religion. Little wonder, then, that resort hotels are a dime a dozen in the island-dotted Caribbean region. Not so common are resorts that help protect their coastal environment, and even less so resorts that engage the authentic life of the island. Casuarina Beach Club, on Barbados’s south coast, does both…”

…from the 2005 National Geographic article Barbados Resort Treads Lightly, Artfully

That was then. This is now…. Continue reading


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CL Financial, CLICO bailout: The rot is deep, the corrupt keep their Code of Silence

“There was no agreement.  None at all.  For a loan exceeding one billion dollars

Just imagine the Chairman who presided over the meeting of Clico Investment Bank’s Board which approved that loan… attempting to explain just what they were doing dispensing with depositors’ funds in that loose fashion.  I can scarcely wait.”

by Afra Raymond

Testing the Code of Silence

The Code of Silence has formed the subject of several columns in this series.

I am referring to the unwritten agreement amongst the leadership group in our society to maintain silence in matters of white-collar crime.  The guiding principle of the Code being that the members of that group must never be exposed to the same scrutiny and penalties as the common criminal.

That Code of Silence is poisonous to the progressive development of our society.  Unless we can bury the notion that white-collar crime pays, our society is doomed to lurch from crisis to crisis.  White-collar crime will never be truly challenged until the Code of Silence is tested to destruction.  I welcome anything which would dismantle the Code of Silence.  Literally anything.

The Commission of Enquiry into the various financial collapses which have beset us – Clico, British-American, Clico Investment Bank, Caribbean Money Market Brokers, the CL Financial group and the Hindu Credit Union – was announced by the Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister in her 1st October address to Parliament. Continue reading


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Please visit our friends at… Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center

(Click on the banner to visit Enoch and Licia and all the angels. They do the best they can with what they have.)


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