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Spark of the Day! All smiles in Kenya

Children are the same anywhere, or rather they should be. These cuties in Kenya were playing and laughing and being children when Naddel photographed them in 2009. You can check out his other Africa photos here.

Spark of the Day! is our reminder to pause once in a while and enjoy The good, good Earth.

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Have an Eco-Christmas in Barbados… or anywhere!

How to Have an Eco-Christmas

By Lani Edghill – Green Business Barbados Coordinator, Future Centre Trust

Throughout our daily lives many of us have been consciously trying to change our habits in order to live more sustainable lives. Some of the things that many Barbadians are getting more used to are; recycling, using reusable shopping bags, reducing water and energy consumption in many ways and also educating their families and friends on ways they can do the same. In this festive time of the year it is still important to think about how we can conserve precious resources and reduce our overall carbon footprint.

Some of the ways that you can become part of the solution this Christmas; Continue reading

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Please visit our friends at… Free the Slaves

“There are more people in slavery today than at any other time in human history.”

Disposable People…

Yes, we mean real slavery. People held against their will, forced to work and paid nothing.

Sometimes the slave holder ‘pays’ a few grains of rice to keep the slaves alive, or uses a bogus payment that the slave holder reclaims at the end of the month. But the end result is what slavery is today and has always been—one person controlling another and then forcing them to work.

Through Free the Slaves’ research, first published in Kevin Bales’ Disposable People, our conservative estimate is that there are 27 million people in slavery today. This means that there are more people in slavery today than at any other time in human history. Slavery has existed for thousands of years, but changes in the world’s economy and societies over the past 50 years have enabled a resurgence of slavery.

… from Free the Slaves: What’s the story?


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CL Financial debacle: Did Caribbean Money Market Brokers (CMMB) collapse or not?

The big question for me is how come the chiefs of CMMB, a financial institution which is reported to have failed on this scale, can be permitted to open another one?

We are acting as if we have no capacity to learn from our errors.  Just carrying on as though nothing happened…”

Some chickens never come home to roost

by Afra Raymond

The headline was an arresting one – ‘Investment pros set up new business‘ at page 10 of the Business Guardian of 9th December. It was reported that a new investment house, KSBM, was launched and it seemed that they were profiling.

Given that all four of KSBM’s Executive Directors are ex-CMMB chiefs, there is an inescapable question…“Did CMMB collapse, or did they not?”

Our society’s level of development will be limited by our capacity to reason and learn from that reasoning.  The Code of Silence must be destroyed if we are to progress. Continue reading

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