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Salt: Tastes great while it’s killing you!

How much sodium are you consuming? The answer will shock you.

by Robert D. Lucas, Ph.D.
Food Biotechnologist

Recently, on prime time Caribbean Broadcasting Television (CBC –TV News at 7pm); a public notice about the adverse effects of salt in the human diet has been given extensive coverage. The gist of the message disseminated, was the need for a reduction in the consumption of salt in the diet. This is a very laudable effort on the part of the authorities, to educate the consuming public. I will now give a critical review of the notice, as-well-as indicating the function of common salt in the human diet and in processed foods. This is of some use, since there is a high incidence of hypertension and diabetes locally. Continue reading


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Spark of the Day! Why are these Haitian girls smiling?

Daphna, Lysemene, Fabienne and Loudia can’t stop smiling

Look at them. You know what’s happened in Haiti this year and it’s a wonder that anyone can smile, but these girls have good reason to be happy.

Go ahead: take a moment, click on the photo and discover why they are smiling. You know you want to!

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Sarah Palin and Larry King praise Ian Bourne’s Bajan Reporter!

All we want to know is how we graft the heads of Owen Arthur and Mia Mottley onto these characters and let ‘er rip!


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Kammie Holder asks why Barbados has no regulations about foreign ownership of land, water and national institutions

An alarm sounded too late?

by Kammie Holder

I am no Messiah or seer. I am no saboteur or maverick. I am but a Barbadian who seeks to exercise his right to free speech and provide feedback to those entrusted with governance. Some scoff at me for challenging the status quo rather than following the crowd blindly. My honesty is not for hire or rent just to maintain a social invite. It`s better to stand alone like a rough diamond, than stand among hypocrites like autumn leaves to be found everywhere.

We became independent 44 years ago because we felt self rule was better for us rather than governance by our former colonial master. But have we been strict craftsmen of our fate? Sadly, Barbados’ land mass of 166 sq miles with its population of approximately 300,000 persons is being lost to foreign ownership and control. Continue reading


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