Barbados Auditor General Launches Website (wink, wink)


Hi There Folks!

I’m Toothless, the official auditor puppy of Barbados. My master, Mr. Leigh Trotman, is the Auditor General Of Barbados.

My master does a really good job working for the Government of Barbados, but he is always VERY BUSY having dinners at the Bridgetown Hilton and lunches at The Savannah Hotel. That’s why he doesn’t have a website, so I thought I would help out and make one for him.

I have even posted my 2006 Annual Report at the new website…

Barbados Auditor

I hope the Auditor General of Barbados doesn’t get angry at me that I grabbed that name from WordPress. I guess he could petition WordPress to take it down or something, but then it would be a really big story and highlight the fact that he doesn’t even have a website!

But I promise… when the Auditor General of Barbados puts up a website and posts the current and historical annual reports, I’ll take mine down!

Woof woof!




Official Auditor Puppy of Barbados


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23 responses to “Barbados Auditor General Launches Website (wink, wink)

  1. True Native

    Hello, Toothless: My, you look SO cute! I could lend you an extra denture set if that would help. But would you bite the right person/people?

  2. question

    Is the paw print a canine signature or a rubber stamp?

    don’t forget the smaller the dog the greater the bark and ferocity.

  3. Old Timer

    Toothless: Call in Marabunta M to teach you how to bite.

  4. Pogo

    We think he oughta change his title to Auditor Private since all he does is follow orders.

    Prime Minister’s orders not to publish the Auditor Private’s report because Bajans wouldn’t understand it anyway.

    We’re too stupid.

    Now we are starting to think there never has been a report. Do they really exist?

  5. political pimp


  6. True Native


    Let’s have some more satirical posts – I enjoyed reading about Toothless. I don’t think many of the bloggers here have a great sense of humour. Very few have said boo (let alone bow-wow!). They’re all into serious matters, but they should realise that a laugh a day keeps the doctor away – or something like that. Anyhow, thanks for the giggle.

  7. Adrian Loveridge

    Mr Trotman…

    As a Barbadian taxpayer and therefore a shareholder in Hotels and Resorts Ltd, may I please request a copy of the latest audited accounts of this company.

    Please email to:
    or post to:

    Adrian Loveridge
    Peach and Quiet
    Inch Marlow
    Christ Church

    I also understand Senator Sir John Stanley Goddard has been trying to obtain a copy for some considerable time.

    Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

  8. J. Payne

    Why the Prime Minister website still looking so-so??? Do they need someone to donate a better up to date website???? I can whip something up that would be standards compliant. And would have all the gizmos whiz-bangs andup to date info possible.

  9. Bajan_UK

    As a prospective returning national; it seems like my birthplace now has a very corrupt government who are very autocratic. Please get rid of them soon or I may have to put off my plans of returning.

  10. ??

    Bajan_UK, Don’t believe all you read, Barbados while not perfect is still the best place to live… Ask Adrian Loveridge…. we disagree on a lot of things but threaded through his post you find a simple love for the country.

  11. Bajan_UK

    Having stayed in Barbados for the last 4 months, I have noticed that there is no proper journalism. CBC, the Nation and Advocate are a disgrace and should not be called newspapers but Government mouthpieces. CBC is not credible or balanced. BFP and other internet site seems to provide the only useful input to what is really happening here. I do hope that I make the right decision when the time comes.

  12. Jerome Hinds


    Your initial thoughts & impressions are spot – on .

    We have an AUTOCRACY in the making…!

    Unfortunately, characters such as ?? often proffer their nonsense on this and other fora to give the impression that all is well, in this once fair land !

    Hence, carefully follow this line in his most recent post above….” Barbados while not perfect is still……”


    Still what ?

    On an anonymous site like this he can only indentify himself as a ?? Question Mark….because he is scared to reveal his indentity….!

    That is the picture that usually repeats itself in Barbados in 2007…!

    Read any of our daily news papers interviewing vendors around Kensington Oval for CWC 2007….and the first thing they tell the reporter…..please DO NOT PRINT MY NAME…!

    Fear is the order of the DAY around this 14 by 21 land mass….!

    *** To ask a minister of Government , how he could buy a Million Dollar plantation on a salary of BDS $ 7,500.00 a month ( before taxes & NIS ) can almost cost you your job….!

    *** To ask the Prime Minister to account for a
    $ 750,000.00 cheque deposited into his personal Bank Account…..can expose you to the FOULNESS of his mouth…..!

    *** To ask how taxpayer funds are spent by this BLP government on the GEMS , Warrens Building etc…..can get you before the law courts of Barbados….!

    That is some of the examples of life In Barbados under Owen Arthur….!

    Just remember, Owen has not installed the REPUBLIC as yet !

  13. Rumplestilskin

    I think Julian Hunte should be first President of Barbados with power of veto over ‘Congress’ decisions.

    He has a rather imposing look, cant you just see him walking the poth up to Buckingham Palace or the White House, darkblue topcoat and all?


  14. Rumplestilskin

    Mnd you, some of the decisions made would probably be a lot sounder than those made now.

  15. Rumplestilskin

    New Minister of Tourism …’PitchUp’.

  16. ??

    Bajan_UK, just ignore Jerome and his flatulance. I agree all may not be perfect in Barbados but it is a hell of a lot better than guys like Jerome and Adrian Loveridge make it out to be. If it was that bad Adrian and his crew would have left a long time ago. Re the journalism I can’t agree with you we have balanced journalism as all international agencies have confirmed. When we get politically charged entities like Jerome and yes even Royal rumble, one has to read carefully to glean the truth in the sea of deception.

    Remember there are people outhere with Political agendas who will say anything to discredit the country, not caring that this is a worldwide forum.

  17. Get In The Action


    There are some things that I do agree with you on but you cannot be serious about your statement on the balance of journalism in Barbados. Look at the front page of the Advocate every day. Look at the parade of Ministers each night on the CBC Evening News. It is a propaganda machine that needs to be broken.

  18. Michael

    This government is corrupt and just in it to fatten their pockets. They claim to care about ‘de man in Haynesville’ and helping ‘de poor’ yet Liz Thompson could burst her Minsitry’s budget to take her husband with her to a meeting in China First Class. The two tickets alone not including per diem cost the tax payers BDS100,000! Could ya believe it?

  19. no name, no blame$sitepreview/

    hey this is the official website. it even has in the latest report. i guess you can take down yours now

  20. passin thru

    no name, no blame the url is broke. What is it?

  21. passin thru

    I did a Google search and found it.

    BFP, look for your elf the Auditor General has a website!

  22. Rumplestilskin

    According to the Sunday Sun, I see the Auditor General has raised fire in respect of the previous administration’s expenditures on the Newton building contract.

    Bit late. Nevertheless, this proves that the Auditor General should have more teeth such as being responsible for periodic audits during projects, not just report so late, after the fact.

    Additionally, he should be able to initiate a Police or Judicial investigation where necessary, without fear of reprisal from whatever administration is in power at the time.

  23. Rumplestilskin

    Today’s Nation Re Arthur appointed to PAC ”Set up to “examine the accounts showing the appropriation of the sums granted by Parliament to meet the public expenditure”, the seven-member joint
    bipartisan committee also looks into
    the “accounts of any entities in which Government is a majority shareholder
    or holds a majority interest and of such other accounts laid before Parliament
    as the committee may think fit”.

    Absolutely hilarious. The one person previously with definite power to ensure that the citizens received public accounting for major projects, fifteen years to do so and nary a thing.

    Now appointed to PAC?