Is Chief Medical Officer Joy St. John sending the right message to Barbados?

And… is Minister of Health Donville Inniss the right man for the job?

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Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss: King of Pregnant Women Porn?

* Thanks to a reader for the comic. Thanks to the Barbados Advocate for the photo!


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16 responses to “Is Chief Medical Officer Joy St. John sending the right message to Barbados?

  1. 225

    The CMO is the representative face of many Bajan women…they are generally fat as hogs avoiding Hanschell Inniss’ truck….

  2. The Watcher!

    Corruption is a standard practice in Barbados.
    If the “box” were opened and a light were shone into it, you would be surprised to see how all these so called “prominent” figures in public and private sector organizations would start scurrying for cover.
    But we’re only fooling ourselves. The rest of the world that we think is sleeping already has our number and they’re soon about to come a-calling!

  3. 225

    C’ud dear BFP…which prominent Government person is sending the “right” message to Barbados? Maybe Dennis Kellman, Haynesley Benn, James Paul..who else?

  4. Only skinny people have a right? #justasking (watch the sledging now, and Maturity drop down the chute)

  5. rastaman

    What message is she sending?If she wants to be fat that is her perogative. Like most Ministers of Government seem to be these days.

  6. The Friendly Stranger

    Joy has a right to be as heavy as she wants to be. We all do. I am overweight by 40 lbs and I wish I could, but I can’t lose it. Nothing works for me. Done it all: diets, exercise, eating small: I lose 10 pounds and then well it’s probably my fault but back they come.

    However, Dr. Joy holds the position of Chief Medical Officer in a country that has one of the highest amputation rates for Type 2 diabetes in the world.

    In best practice our Chief Medical Officer should be delivering an example to everyone through their lifestyle and their efforts to keep themselves healthy. Dr. Joy is a poor example.

    Is she a poor enough example to make her unfit for her public position? How can she effectively tell Bajans about the public and individual costs to health of being overweight?

    She could do this: She could announce that she is fat, and that she will try to lose weight, and she could publiclaly document her efforts.

    In this way she could redeem herself and fulfill the duties of her position to be an example to the public.

  7. The Friendly Stranger

    As far as Minister Inniss goes though, there is no way he would have or should have been elevated to his position given his sleezy background with the international online porn industry.

    The Bajan press should have done their job but they were afraid. The evidence is there, why didn’t the news media cover it?

  8. just want to know

    the same way they don’t cover other corrupt politicians, like the politician that was discovered in USA with a million dollars taken overseas, didn’t get whether it was Barbados or US dollars, can anyone confirm or deny the amount?

  9. C. Everett Koop, or Andrew Weil – 2 prominent USA medical experts, which was skinny?

  10. 4

    Bourne, it is not healthy to be boar hog fat…there is a mountain of medical evidence to support that. So WHAT is your point? Mine is, most women bowt heh are sow fat, getting fat and done using a fork when they can use a shovel. Look around. Its unhealthy and that’s that.

  11. Asiba, is there a need to be ugly in putting your point across? Don’t you have some more calypsos to write for people to ignore as they do every Crop Over?

  12. 2

    Ah go rite ah song bowt how uh sweet young ting buy a chicken farm an eat she way into being ah behoovalah an change de name to ah hog farm…watch muh, nah.

  13. 74

    Some of the comments above show a complete lack of good taste and human decency. I am appalled to think that grown people, my fellow Barbadians, would discuss someone’s weight and appearance without a care to the pain it would cause the individual. Shame on you all. I think this video sums very well.

  14. 2

    Anonymous, your fellow Barbadians have ALWAYS displayed certain lacks in their existence… come you are acting so surprised as if its a recent occurrence? Have you seen the garbage regularly and prolifically strewn in every cart road, byway and highway? Or witnessed their interaction with each other at every level? And now you think all the hippos among us will get off easy? Cyar yuhself, do.

  15. 74

    @2 “all the hippos among us ” — In an effort to explain you have embraced the ignoramus crowd. What a pity. Please review the video link before replying. Full bodied people don’t elect to put on weight just for the sheer fun of it no more so than underweight people choose to be thin. Yes, we are a dirty crowd and many times unmannerly to boot but do we have to bullies and be unkind and insulting to others for fun? I think not, do you?

  16. 2

    74, your interpretation of my explanation is full of lard…I watched the video, singularly unimpressive. All it explained to me is that you never win against the person with a microphone. The same way that person never wins about the facts of obesity. Both are what they are. Full bodied (FAT/OBESE) people do elect to put the weight on for the sheer FUN of eating their way there. And slim people DO choose to be that way through exercise and diet. Take the fat out of your thinking, do.