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Barbados shame – Prisoner Raúl García to starve himself to death

Garcia held illegally for over two years.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart lied to Garcia, Bajans.

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Prisoner Raul Garcia vows to end his life if not released from Dodds Prison in Barbados. The stateless man completed a 20 year sentence for drugs over two years ago and Barbados has illegally kept him in prison since that time because no nation will accept him. (See the Nation News article Garcia’s Threat)

The law is very clear on what should be done with Mr. Garcia: he should be released from punitive jail.

So says the United Nations, the human rights agreements that Barbados signed, and the Barbados Supreme Court – yet Prime Minister Stuart keeps him in jail.

“The applicant has been held in detention at H.M.P Dodds pending deportation for in excess of 17 months. Counsel for the Respondents conceded that as the applicant is a ‘stateless person’, his deportation and expulsion from Barbados could not now be achieved having regard to Barbados’ obligations under the 1954 Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons.”

“In the circumstances, as the Minister Responsible for Immigration is unable to say when the applicant is likely to be deported from Barbados and as no evidence has been provided that his continued detention is necessary on ground of national security or public order, the Court holds that the applicant’s continued detention under the Immigration Act, is no longer reasonable or lawful and the applicant should be released from detention at HMP Dodds.”

Honourable Madam Justice Maureen Crane-Scott, Q.C., August 31, 2009 ruling on a similar case.

Is Freudel Stuart a man or a slimy worm?

Not only will Prime Minister Freundel Stuart not release Garcia according to law, Stuart doesn’t have the integrity and courage to tell Garcia or the public that he ordered Garcia held in jail.  Stuart lied to Garcia, his lawyer and Bajans.

Back in February 2012, Prime Minister Stuart assured Raul Garcia, his lawyer and the public that the Government of Barbados was taking all steps to comply with the law and would shortly be transferring Garcia to a military base quarters.

Stuart lied. Stuart lied so that Garcia would end an embarrassing hunger strike on the eve of the Prime Minister’s trip to New York City. Then, just a few weeks ago in August, 2012, Stuart told the press that he’s still considering what to do with Garcia.

What a slime! What a lowlife, cowardly lying politician is Prime Minister Freundel Stuart! What a worm.

Come on Stuart: comply with the law or at least have the integrity – be man enough – to stand up and tell the public what you are doing.

Say what you will about Owen Arthur. If Arthur was Prime Minister I don’t know what he would do about Raul Garcia – but at least he would have the integrity and the strength to make a decision.


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Beer: apparently a very white beverage!

“Beer: Sparkling, golden, pure, refreshing. A beverage as old as history…”

I’m surfing the web on a Saturday morning – a little hung over from last night – and I came across this 1952 beer promotional film “As we like it”.

It’s a fantastic film of the times made some 60 years ago. I love looking at the people, technologies and the lifestyles of post-war America – but where are the ‘Negroes’ ? Where are the Chinese, Indians, dark-skinned Sicilians?

According to the vision of the United States Brewers Foundation Inc., those kinds of people don’t exist.

Still, the film is worth watching for what it shows, and what it doesn’t show.



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Where will the money come from? Government to bail out University of the West Indies $150 million.

“Staggering debt” didn’t happen overnight

Pardon our cynicism, but we are headed into an election campaign in the next few weeks, aren’t we?

Promises fell like raindrops as Prime Minister Stuart and Finance Minister Sinckler assured SIR Hilary Beckles that the government will somehow shove some money to the UWI to stave off the creditors.

Free education is not so free, doan ya know?

A hundred million here, three hundred million there, seventy million over there… pretty soon you be talkin’ real money!

Further Reading

Dear readers: please go to the website of The Nation to read A hand for UWI – but you know we have to reprint the entire article here because The Nation has deleted and changed stories in the past to suit political agendas, and seeing as how our story is based upon their story, we have to reprint the whole thing… Continue reading


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