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Did Harlequin’s David Ames falsely accuse builder Paudie O’Halloran?

Just last June, David Ames, Chairman of Harlequin Hotels and Resorts, sent Barbados Free Press a statement alleging that Paudie O’Halloran is “spreading these lies and trying to undermine the success of Harlequin‘s resorts in the Caribbean”. This followed a November 2011 statement by Harlequin that directly accused Paudie O’Halloran of running an internet site that published information about Harlequin and Ames: obviously referring to the Harlecon.com websites.

Now Mr. Ames says that Harlequin’s old accountants are responsible.

So which is it, Mr. Ames? Was it your old accountants who are behind the now-defunct Harlecon website, or was it Mr. O’Halloran… or both? And now Harlequin’s famous “We’ll sue anybody for any reason” lawyers Carter-Ruck have started their slash and burn routine.

BFP must publish the Echo-News article here because anything about Harlequin seems to disappear faster than Owen Arthur or Freundel Stuart do when anyone says the words “Integrity Legislation”…

Southend Accountants Deny Barbados Apartments Libel

Holiday resort firm sues over spoof website fraud claims

by Jon Austin

A Southend accountancy firm is being sued for libel amid claims its senior staff were behind an anonymous spoof website which accused a luxury resort developer of fraud.  Continue reading


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