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Say nice things about the European Union: EU gives Barbados hundreds of millions of dollars in free money!

Is this really about Slavery Reparations?

I really haven’t figured out why the bankrupt European Union keeps giving Barbados hundreds of millions of dollars in grants, forgivable loans and other free money. It’s so frequent that the EU has a standard press release wording that they just drop the amount and the reasons into – complete with the standard quote from the Charge d’Affaires of the European Union Delegation to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean: ‚ÄúThis clearly demonstrates the continued commitment by the European Union to supporting Barbados, especially in these difficult times of a sustained global financial and economic crisis…”

Go ahead, Google that phrase and you’ll see what I mean!

Nor have I figured out what our leaders do with all that free money. Remember when former Prime Minister Owen Arthur balked when the European Union wanted proof of what we did with the sugar money from the EU?

Why does the EU keep giving us money, and why won’t our leaders account for what they do with the money to either the EU or the citizens?

As Father Dubin used to say, “It’s a mystery my son.”

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