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New Trini law allows Piarco Airport scoundrels to escape justice!

by Afra Raymond
The Joint Consultative Council for the Construction Industry – JCC – is completely opposed to the recently-proclaimed provisions of the Trinidad and Tobago  Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) Act 2011 which have the effect of creating a loophole to allow the high-profile persons accused in the Piarco Airport scandal to escape trial.The Bernard Commission was an expensive and critical Enquiry into the Piarco Airport scandal which revealed evidence of massive corruption, bid-rigging, bribe-paying, back-fitting and other practices which amounted to a series of criminal assaults on our nation’s Treasury.  The JCC played a leading role in calling for and submitting evidence to the Bernard Commission which exposed abuse of power and corrupt practices in some of the highest offices in our country.  There have been high-level convictions and imprisonments arising directly from the Bernard Commission, yet there has been no action on effectively prosecuting the accused parties in our own Courts.
“The effect of the new laws which were proclaimed would have been to create a legal means for those accused persons to escape a trial and oblige the Court to have made a verdict of not guilty.  The JCC deplores such an intended result in this matter as being contrary to good order and seemingly intended to promote the notion that white-collar crime pays.”
The JCC is calling for immediate corrective action by the Attorney General and the Minister of Justice, including repealing the recently-proclaimed sections of this Act, to ensure that the trials of the Piarco Airport scandal accused can proceed as promised on several occasions to the public.Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.   Continue reading


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