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Son of ADR: Solving the court case backlog by throwing out unresolved cases. THIS is a solution?

Justice trashed…

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Regarding the recent “pronouncements” from on high, inter alia: how to use Alternative Dispute Resolution  – ADR – to clean-up the back-log, and more lately “Son of ADR”: how to forcibly “throw-out” or “discontinue” all the most embarrassing old cases…

Wait a minute! Better is to come: to get a feel as to whether these are good ideas, the boss is asking the Bar Association.

What’s their take on it? No, we don’t wish to ask all those plaintiffs who have paid their attorney’s fees already how THEY feel, (maybe, several payments). We’re now about to ask the same guys who – on many instances, wrap the whole process up in sticky tape thereby contributing to the legal arthlesclerosis which now threatens a key  pillar of our constitution!

Judging (sorry the pun) from the above correspondence, the boss was about to lay down the law (sorry etc), but the latest attempts to cut the gordian knot of this systemic mess of legal ineptitude, seems to indicate that the boss is running up the white flag! Whaddawedo next? Get a new boss?”


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