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France considers emergency ban on Monsanto’s genetically modified corn after study links cancer

Eating GMO foods dangerous?

by Green Monkey

In light of the recent news from France that Monsanto’s Roundup Ready variety of corn has been linked to significant increases in cancer in long term animal feeding trials (which Monsanto itself refused to perform).  I think it is important for Barbados Free Press readers to be fully aware of the risks they are potentially running by eating corn or processed foods from North American food manufacturers who now use large quantities of genetically modified crops from Monsanto and other GMO suppliers in their products.

Green Monkey

France to prove study linking GM corn to cancer

France has asked its national health body to verify a study released this week linking Monsanto’s NK603 genetically modified corn to cancer in rats, saying the results of the probe could lead to an “emergency suspension” of NK603 imports. Continue reading


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Champion mountain bike racer Jaymie Michelle Mart passes at 31 years

‘Barbadian Bullet’ took silver in the 2010 World Mountain Bike Masters

There is no word on how Jaymie Michelle Mart died. Jaymie held dual UK and Bajan citizenship through her mum, and she raced wearing Barbados colours from 2004 through 2006.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jaymie’s family and friends; especially mother Paula, father David, brother Adam and John, Emma and Rachel Shepley.

The Southern Reporter: Tragic death of young entrepreneur and mountain bike champion

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