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Emera Inc. head Chris Huskilson makes CDN$4.8 million dollars in one day. Too bad he isn’t compensated according to the quality of Barbados power

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Controlling shareholder of Barbados Light and Power exercises options

How much money is too much to pay a corporate executive? Emera CEO Chris Huskilson is no doubt a successful corporation executive, seeing as how he earned almost 5 million Canadian dollars in one day by exercising share options awarded to him by the company.

Emera owns about 80% of Barbados Light and Power. Emera’s and therefore Barbados Light and Power’s mission is to maximize profits for the shareholders while providing the bare minimum acceptable product to Bajans at the highest possible price.

Dirty Power harming electrical equipment

Bajans know about the widespread outages we’ve recently experienced, along with the raised rates and extremely dirty power that has harmed electronics throughout the island. Talk to folks and you’ll see that it’s not just you with the blown TV set or fried refrigerator… it’s everywhere!

So here’s a suggestion: next year Mr. Huskilson should be paid on the basis of the quality of the Barbados electricity supply.

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