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Who is in charge of the Royal Barbados Police Force?

Two policing factions have been at war for years over which group calls the shots at the RBPF. On any given day the factions of Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin or his sworn enemy Deputy Bertie Hinds might be on top. Crime fighting strategies have given way to court battles over who appears on the promotion list. And the sad fact is that the retirement of Dottin or Hinds wouldn’t solve the problem: we’re talking factions, groups – not two strong personalities who can be removed to solve the problem.

Now the court has had to step in and order Commissioner of Police Dottin to not proceed any further with the latest list of officers to be promoted.

Repeat after me, class: “Banana Republic”

The people of Barbados deserve better than this.

Here’s an idea for the court and the impotent DLP government: promote whomever gets rid of the Boscobel Toll Gang, and fire the rest.

So who’s in charge of the Royal Barbados Police Force?

I don’t know. See if you can figure it out yourself.


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